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A group for the two greatest Draconequus's in the land.

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The way I interpret Eris, is that she is the original master of chaos. She originated in the G1 universe, formed at the beginning of time, like Aku in Samurai Jack.

She left the multiverse in ruins before a surviving pony named Harmony found a way to ascend to the level of a goddess, to be able to fight Eris. Only just occured to me that she might have absorbed the Rainbow of Light's power.

After a long battle, Harmony was on the verge of defeat. The remaining inhabitants of the multiverse (which had been merged into one due to Eris destroying the primary timeline from which all the others originate) willingly gave up their life-force to empower Harmony. She used this power to make one final attack on Eris, which succeeded in rendering her powerless.

However, just before her defeat, Eris seperated a fragment of her essence. This somehow found its way into the new multiverse, the Harmonyverse, which was formed from Harmony's memories and dreams, both good and bad.

The fragment fed on the chaotic energies stemming from the times before the three pony races united, and in time became self-aware. Naming himself Discord, he set out to make his chaotic mark on the world. The rest, as they say, is history.

I have finally found it!

I've been wondering if anpony would "summon" the great Goddess of Chaos to Equestria!


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