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I never thought that finding that object in the Everfree Forest would be turning point for me. I am Discord, Spirit of Chaos and one of this worlds many Protectors!

Being lost in another world without most of your magical power would seem like a curse. For Discord however it was a blessing in disguise. In this new world with a clean slate he finds himself becoming one of this worlds protectors. However the road to being a Hero is not a easy one.

He will raise above his past and into the future as Discord, Spirit of Chaos!

Crossover with DC Comics, and Spiritual Reboot to Chaotic Will.

Note: Issue based Chapters, I do not own DC Comics or MLP, in need of cover art.

Now being Rewritten

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Is Discord using his powers to hide his features? Still will be tracking this story.

6580407 kinda, though more of he is wearing a lot of cloth.

Very interesting i look forward to seeing where this goes.

A Church? Hmm Spectre might be not that far. And then Discord you will sense what a thrue deity feels like....... as long as Presence/Lucifer daddy is not a dick.

I thought about putting Discord in the DC or Marvel universe before, but it would have just been him messing with everything. This is a much better idea. Tracking.

6581405 Now why would you think that? Ok I admit I thought of his Comic outfit but I tossed that out.


Don't really think a costume is needed here. After he regains enough power he can just change from Draconequis to human whenever he wants.

This has waaaay too many grammar issues. I'm sorry, but you should probably find a good editor before uploading more chapters, this is too hard to read. Even with that, if the church was an obvious hiding place, wouldn't that mean the officers would be more likely to search there? Did Discord leave the metal thing behind, or did he take it with him?

6581846 he hid as he went out.

Also I have a hard time getting an editor.

This is a good story in the making:raritywink:
I will follow, favorite and like this:twilightsmile:

So will Sombra be Discord's Joker?

Good chapter. Look's like Sombra is also in the DC world too. Will you have Discord go through any DC cartoon/comic events?

Any chance of Discord fighting the version of Klarion from Young Justice?

Hmm this part with Magic might be right. Since in Dc universe a lot of Godwave was sealed in form of the Gods and to an extent in White Entity.

I spotted a few errors in this chapter, but this story is interesting

6583132 Discord will be apart of many events, and before you ask the Justice League has not yet formed. Take that for what you will

6584666 if you must know some of MLP's villains have somehow made it to this world because of different reasons, is Chrysalis one of them? Perhaps.

Can you make Discord at one moment punch Sombra in the nutsack?

6587443 While you're at it may I suggest a DBZ reference?

Discord: "Fool! This isn't even my true form! *reveals Draconequis form*

6589818 come on when haven't I added a reference with Discord?

6591341 Umm, I don't know. This is the first story of yours that I've read.

6591344 well yes I must besides it's Discord! He must make at least one reference!

I'm not too familiar with the New 52 universe. The most I know is from the two animated movies.

Hmm, I will suggest the aliens that invaded Mars and later Earth in the old Justice League cartoon. They weren't actually Martians themselves, but they were instead a race of psychic predators. Now use the New 52 JL instead of the old DCAU ones, you have a unique story.

Most people who write a cross with the old cartoon just follow the story as it happened. Using a different JL makes it different and unique!

6598718 How about if it's the New 52 JL, but the flow of events is more similar to the DCAU? Obviously with your own ideas here and there. And Discord. :pinkiecrazy:

I would vote for an invasion. Using Darkside is like bringing out nuke for WW 1. An invasion would be a good starter group and have them all meet a common foe.

6598729 I was going to use elements from New 52, the TV shows, movies and the comics pre-new 52 with Discord.

6599184 Well in that case my favorite version of Aquaman is the barbarian king from the 90s cartoon.

I kinda like how Superman was portrayed in Justice League War, with the cocky attitude. However I LOVE how Justice League Unlimited had him show how he had been holding back the whole time. Basically I like the idea of him being cocky because whoever he's fighting doesn't know he's holding back.

Just my two bits.

Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, and whoever else you use I am less familiar with except for the DCAU versions, so I anticipate the surprise of seeing what you do with them.

I advertised this story on my blog.

6582090 i could hug you but i am on this side of the computer :pinkiehappy::twilightsheepish:


6600267 you need a fanfic trailer i got someone that can help you if you want i will give his link to youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/ActionMovieBuff

6603192 Don't worry I'm working on the next chapter as I speak.

Discord walked by him. “Well yeah I’m pretty sure being blown to pieces from a city empowered love blast should have killed him.” They all looked at Discord with looks of confusion. “Trust me even I found it hard to believe.”

Nice work, well done.

They all turned to him. “Think about it. None of us could possibly have stopped this alone. Trust me. I have seen what teamwork can do against impossible odds.” Discord resisted the urge to wink at the memory of being imprisoned in stone by Celestia and Luna, as well as by Twilight and her friends centuries later.

Hehe yeah experience thought him well... :pinkiecrazy:
So I take he kind of took the Martian Manhunter place in the DC universe?

They all turned to him. “Think about it. None of us could possibly have stopped this alone. Trust me. I have seen what teamwork can do against impossible odds.” Discord resisted the urge to wink at the memory of being imprisoned in stone by Celestia and Luna, as well as by Twilight and her friends centuries later.

Learned from experience... :pinkiecrazy:
Good work.

we need a superhero theme song for him.

Sitting on a cloud a miss matched entity looked on as a celebration accord in the city below.

6583368 I think 'Occurred' is the right word.


I think this would fit.

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