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A working guy in Greece who has invested himself in the consumption of as many stories as he can gorge himself with. Yum!

Writing Status

Chapter 39 of the Lunar Guardsman

Chapter 40 of the Lunar Guardsman
21k words so far. Done
Editing right now.
Needs sketch.

Chapter 15 of the The Twilight Years

The City Under The Mountain
A Cadance/Lyra/Daring Do story. Horror mixed with adventure.

Continuation/reboot of WHITE.

The Lonely Mother
Still in planning stages, a young woman finds one day that everyone else is gone. She spends weeks searching every house one by one, hoping to find a clue what happened to everyone else or her.
One day, she hears someone crying, and the second voice of a very young girl calling out for help...

My ideas/prompts are:
Night Light - Sharing a drink
Blueblood - A Mark's guidance
Twilight, Celestia - Night terrors
Shining Armor - to serve and protect
Spike - Birthday
Twilight - Fighting boredom
Night Light, Twilight Velvet - Establishing dominance
Feel free to let me know if you want me to work on one in particular or have your own suggestion.

Crimmar, Crimmar, where art thou?

For anyone caring, you can find me at Discord. I'm basically logged in all the time. My name is Crimmar#9985 and I am available to talk and trade fart jokes. If you need someone to talk to, for whatever reason, I'll gladly share what little time I have, text or call (if you can stand my accent). I am logged in the fimfiction server as well, so you could find me there as well. Just make sure you ping me or whatever to get my attention.

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Latest Art For The Lunar Guardsman

Darkness fluttered across the camera lens, and iron glimmered for a moment. The owner of the camera fell. The camera kept recording, but not at the killer’s direction. At the sergeant’s direction Jackie noticed the reflection on one of the shards of glass. It was distorted by dirt and angle. An indistinct shape like a cloaked man stood over the corpse. It moved, as if it was looking around, and then the darkness or the cloak flapped harshly in a sudden wind, and the figure vanished. One moment it was there, the next it was not. The video went back to the last frame where the figure was visible. Text written in bright green at the bottom shared a terrifying info.


The Fourth Leviathan - Charybdis - · 10:48am Aug 18th, 2016

The Fourth Leviathan - Charybdis -

A thousand and one existences away, separated by a sliver of thought, an unimaginable distance away covered by a single bound, a world is dying.

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No i seriously was not paying attention to the author.
Eeeeeyes it was in the difference. I really was not expecting that.

It was the difference in tones, wasn't it?

YOU MADE LUNAR GUARDSMEN!!!? Okay im officially dumbstruck. I was not paying attention to who made that book and i stumbled onto you from Eldritch Horrors or whatever it was abduct a orange yokel.

You can be sure that you aren't the only one :twilightsheepish: That came quite out of left field!

I find it amusing how your latest updates have sparked a quickly devolving debate on child discipline in the comments xD

Oh there we go! haha sorry about that

That's probably because you have the View Mature option turned to off. Look at the top menu next to the Fimfiction logo. If you hover over the "settings" option the "View Mature" option will pop out. Turn that sucker on and you will be able to find the story in search, shelves, my user page, and stories.

What happened to the Lunar Guardsman? I can't find the story anywhere on fimfic now? O_o

Thought we would pm this. Ok a few good quotes. At least my oc isnt a red and black alicorn, so i at least have that going for me.

Your character is still a total Gary Stu. Look at the Stu-ness of those quotes, mate. You're Stu-ing up the place with your Stu!

Here are a few more suitable quotes for Mr Edge I can think up off the top of my noggin:

"She is my princess! It is my duty and obligation to provide her mine aid whilst I am yet able to stand! I'll hear it only from her, and not until she sayeth I am unfit will I concede."

"Fret thee not, friend. Such privation is par the course in mine own experience in the ranks of the Lunar Guard. 'Twill become more bearable as the days pass."

"For all thy bluster, for all thy posturing, at the end of the day thou cower at the first sign of danger. And thou sayest thou art a stallion! Look thyself over in the mirror and decide whether this be the profession for thee."

"Wherefore doth my princess forsake me? Where have I erred? I have been nothing but loyal and duteous. I must see her face again, to know that I am not alone in this strange new world..."

"Well, when I am not... was not in my forge, I partook of tea and cakes on the hearth. There wasn't much to my life outside of smithing, but I never minded that. I reveled in it, in fact. And those quiet moments between projects, fleeting as they were, were the most soothing in memory. I truly wish I had appreciated them more."

"I must say, I understand the basics of the weapons I craft, but I am by no means a master in the art of warfare. I forge weapons; I do not fight with them."

"Prithee, hold this. See how the hilt is heavier than the head? In a mace, that is no good. Thou cannot make a proper swing. Reheat the furnace; this one is a failure."

"My skills were among the best of their time, I assure thee. But with so much having changed... I shall take to smithing once more with fervor; then, I shall be the best of two millennia!"

"This here axe shall be henceforth named 'Sunny', in memory of my treasured work and my family, rest their souls."

Notice that being 'cool' is not the focus. Instead, building up sympathetic qualities (losing his family and naming his axe after his mother; waking up a thousand years into the future; a stubborn refusal to give in to the circumstances; etc.) and displaying a vulnerable side is what makes him bearable as opposed to the weapon-wanking and cries for senseless violence.

Hey if you have the time, can i toss a few ideas, a few flaws and quirks in my character with you, to addon or point out in the stories duration, just so everyone doesn't think my oc is a gary stu.

1) I can fix anything as long as its not a steaming pile of slag.
2) Anything can be a weapon, because sometimes you just have to make do.
3) My tomahawk has a name, its hawky.
4) Steel smash.
5) some may say a wepon is only as good as the one who weilds it. In truth the weapon and weilder must be equal one and the same, if your weapon fails, then you failed first, for you should know your weapons imperfections so you can use it to your advantage, in order to trully be one in mind, body and soul.
Some flaws in my character are basically being antisocial, and lack of a sense of humor, all he thinks is how to be the best soldier possible, so he lacks a more organic side, and is more like a machine. If you have any input id like to hear it.

So I just read the last of TLG. I retain the opinion that this is one of the best fics on the site. I am very much looking forward to more.

Thank you! I'm looking forward to hearing how you like the rest of it, and keep in mind that even if you don't I'm always welcome to critique, no matter the kind, whether good or bad. I hope you have fun and enjoy it as much as possible. :pinkiehappy: Thanks for reading!

Currently on chapter 4 of TLG. Pretty hype. I really like the human and the powers he possess. He feels like an actual character so good job on that. I'm looking forward to reading more.

Lunar guard oc.

Name: Steel Edge
Race: Thestral / bat pony
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Weight: 222 pounds
Height : 6ft build like Big Mac just princess size
Fur: Gunmetal Grey
Mane/Tail: Iron Black

Cutie Mark:
Email me for the pic of the cutie mark.
Blue shield with a sword with a smithing hammer as the handle and a spear with a scythe blade for its handle crossing mid sheild with Thor's hammer crossing behind those 2.

Cutie Mark Talents.
A proficient weapons smith both in the forge and the work bench Steel hasn not only mastered every weapon known, but can fit any type of being with the perfect armour and weapon that suits them, he is a master tactician. While he is a proficient warrior he does try to settle things with talking first. If that doesn't work or isn't fit for the situation he will attack with all his might. Though known for his monstrous strength he is quite gental to his friends and allies.

Character: A colt born by Sunny Smithy and Night Wings Edge. He was born and raised in a small village in the frozen north. From a young age he took to the forge and weapons like a stallion possessed, even creating things others never would have thought of, such as automale prosthetics. Day and night he trained in both weapon smithing and martial skills.

One day Princess Luna visted his village to recruit soldiers for monster hunting. Steel elected to go and serve his princess. While exploring a cave Luna, Steel, and a dozen other ponies were attacked by monster worm like creatures as steel and luna fought side by side they were separated from the other ponies who perished by the monsters. In a last ditched effort luna tried to cast a time spell and a teleport spell, but as she was casting both she was knocked back by one of the monsters and the spell went haywire it engulfed luna and steel. Unknown to luna she had been flung free of the spell that was supposed to take her and steel 1 minute into the future outside of the castle of the 2 sisters. She was flung out of the spell vortex and landed in the castle's courtyard but Steel wasn't anywhere to be seen. He was lost to time.

Scene where Steel is found. This scene would take place after chapter 31. There is a massive influx of magic energy at the castle of the 2 sisters. When out of a vortex flys an unconscious Steel Edge. Luna sets out with her guard to find the sorce of the magical disturbance, upon arriving at the old castle Leaf Stream finds Steel and calls everyone to her location. From there luna orders that Steel is brought to canterlot to be medically treated.

From there you decide his story with some input.

Reason why he wants to serve: He swore the day he joined luna's crusade against monsters he would stay by her side as her knight till he dies.

1) Smart but allows his size to fool his enwmy to think he is all brawn no brain when he is really a tactical genius. 1A) Bonus is he is very dense with muscle so it is hard to physicality move him.
2) Is very creative and can create anything given time to make working models and designs.
3) Very gentle for his size when he wants to be, but can rival a monster in brutality if pushed far enough.
4) Loyal and honest.
5) Capable of turning anything into a weapon to suit his needs. Ex: Can coat hooves in clouds and use them as electric punch glooves able to either stun or kill depending on his mood.

Wouldnt mind if he was a love interest for Leaf Stream. Just tginking her attitude might change if she was being courted by a stallion who could give her working automale wings.

If yo u have any questions concerning my OC let me know.

2372877 Fellow Greek Bro-hoof! Remember to visit elsewhere than just Athens though, us country bumpkins need some love too!

I'm greek too! I love Athens and I'm going this summer:twilightsmile:

What inspired me to join the Brony community? Well, apart from liking the show, I think the greatest reason was Derpy.
I found the fandom depiction of her... well, inspiring would be the best suited word here. The fandom took an animation error and gave her an identity and a name. But not just any simple thing. They didn't make her an idiot or a superpowered pony. No, what they made Derpy into was a single mother who was fighting through her everyday problems and disabilities with a smile, a pony that gave everything she had into her daughter. The idea that so many people got together and decided through their stories that yes, this is Derpy, this is our mascot, this is what she is about... How could I not join?

As for the Lunar Guardsman... I've read a lot of stories (or started to before giving up) where the "hero" is the edgy guy who knows the rough side of life, the bitter dude, the one who has been through so much... and it turns out to be a first world teen. So, I decided to make my own version of a guy who has really gone through a lot and it utterly broke him so much that while his brain knows what is right and wrong he can no longer properly understand it in a deeper level. The story grew from there by asking myself questions. Why would he care about the ponies then? What broke him? What does he want? Everything in the story is interconnected because of that way of growing. For instance, the kidnapping of Twilight or the fight in the arena will keep having repercussions even beyond the point we have reached as of now. Every action has a ripple and it will almost never stop affecting everything.
Though in reality the first scene I ever imagined with the character that later became Raegdan was a human terrorizing a pony by threatening to eat it alive and meaning it. I asked myself, "what kind of utter bastard would be able to do something like that?"
And thus the story began.

What inspired you to join the Brony Fandom, and create the Lunar Guardsman story?

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