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If you find an instance of me being wrong, that's non-canon.

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I haven't updated this for a while. Let's do this!

Chapter 51 of the Lunar Guardsman
August 27th, 2019 - 2.500 words so far.
August 28th, 2019 - 3.500 words so far.
August 30th, 2019 - 4.500 words so far.

Crimmar, Crimmar, where art thou?

For anyone caring, you can find me at Discord. I'm basically logged in all the time. My name is Crimmar#9985 and I am available to talk and trade fart jokes. If you need someone to talk to, for whatever reason, I'll gladly share what little time I have, text or call (if you can stand my accent). I am logged in the fimfiction server as well, so you could find me there as well. Just make sure you ping me or whatever to get my attention.

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Latest Art For The Lunar Guardsman

Darkness fluttered across the camera lens, and iron glimmered for a moment. The owner of the camera fell. The camera kept recording, but not at the killer’s direction. At the sergeant’s direction Jackie noticed the reflection on one of the shards of glass. It was distorted by dirt and angle. An indistinct shape like a cloaked man stood over the corpse. It moved, as if it was looking around, and then the darkness or the cloak flapped harshly in a sudden wind, and the figure vanished. One moment it was there, the next it was not. The video went back to the last frame where the figure was visible. Text written in bright green at the bottom shared a terrifying info.


The Fourth Leviathan - Charybdis - · 10:48am Aug 18th, 2016

The Fourth Leviathan - Charybdis -

A thousand and one existences away, separated by a sliver of thought, an unimaginable distance away covered by a single bound, a world is dying.

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Also, Crimmar did get three warnings, actually, he got multiple warnings, for many months, including the last time and he got the temporary ban after El Dorado found a way to eliminate the "entering and leaving" thing back in October.


Also, El Dorado already gave you a temporary ban of less than a day when you were screwing around


When? :rainbowhuh:

In October, he told me.

Just letting you know that Time Reaper is lying once more.

Also, by his words, you'd think that if he barely has time to read threads and instead uses what free time he has to refresh his duplicated feeds of his subscriptions to everyone else on the group, he really is a bad choice for an admin.

3245686 Haha, good one.

There shall be nothing of the sort.

What you deserve is a long, thick tentacle.

I expect my Award will be coming in the mail.

And I expect my award is going to be an animal dildo coated with gold paint and glitter.

3245683 Regardless, getting banned from Unsafe Space should be an achievement. You've accomplished the impossible.

I didn't even know I was banned. Dude wasn't even up to the task of giving notice. He just took the whole "good, act like an admin and establish and keep thresholds," as "ban me" which obviously wasn't. No wonder, since he really obviously dislikes facing opposition. There's a good reason he keeps asking for sources so he can shut them down for "that one is biased since it's not one of the youtubers I follow," and piling fallacies accusations.

Did I say good? I meant dishonest.

Oh, it was just some stuff about how that is basically colorblindness and used as an excuse when the real stop will be when people stop caring rather than talking about race. All that crap. You didn't miss much. The rest was basically EnergeticRider talking about Chauvin, how being anti-racism is responsible for everything bad ever, and started posting Powell videos because fuck us if he doesn't get all hypocritical about how everyone else looks to "certified experts" but rush to revere the guy with the greatest cherrypicking as an idol because he says all the things he likes. Then he started telling the OP what the OP's opinions and beliefs are based on what ER wanted them to be since he didn't agree at once with him, etc, etc. Same shit, different thread.

I'm sorry, some jerk deleted the thread:
so I didn't see your response. You can say it again here if you want.

Edit: Turns out Edelgard deleted the thread.

Nope. I do appreciate the sentiment if someone means to, but I'm doing fine monetarily at this point in life, and there are other people or charities who could do with the money better than I would at this time.

You take donations?

No worries.

But you do know you don't have to dedicate yourself on one thing entirely and that you can easily have a career and read a pony fanfic every now and then? :pinkiehappy:

He, hey! He's back. Weren't you gonna depart permanently? :rainbowlaugh: Seems like someone regretted his decision. :unsuresweetie:

Comment posted by KingSombraTheTyrantRuler deleted Nov 11th, 2021

We don't celebrate Halloween in Greece. We do have a very similar thing, but it's more like a couple of weeks of masked festivals—more alike a Venetian Mask Festival crossed with Halloween—, done in September-March. Last time I dressed up was when my group of friends was close together—everyone's moved away for jobs now and we meet very rarely all together again—and we all dressed up as women. We found a group of women dressed up as men and they kept groping us. Fun times.

I feel ya man

I have sooo many story ideas and yet all I struggle with is my fricking procrastination xD

But yeah I’m good. I was just checking up on you since the argument about a poorly done film review with you know who.

I'm in a bit of existential dread because Monday is approaching fast, but other than that I'm super peachy. Even got out of a writing corner and finally progressing a chapter. How about you? All good?

Aye yo

You doing good?

Yeah, yeah. I already know you're an alt and whose alt you are. Here's the door. Bye, bye!

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