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A working guy in Greece who has invested himself in the consumption of as many stories as he can gorge himself with. Yum!

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I haven't updated this for a while. Let's do this!

Chapter 51 of the Lunar Guardsman
August 27th, 2019 - 2.500 words so far.
August 28th, 2019 - 3.500 words so far.
August 30th, 2019 - 4.500 words so far.

Crimmar, Crimmar, where art thou?

For anyone caring, you can find me at Discord. I'm basically logged in all the time. My name is Crimmar#9985 and I am available to talk and trade fart jokes. If you need someone to talk to, for whatever reason, I'll gladly share what little time I have, text or call (if you can stand my accent). I am logged in the fimfiction server as well, so you could find me there as well. Just make sure you ping me or whatever to get my attention.

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Latest Art For The Lunar Guardsman

Darkness fluttered across the camera lens, and iron glimmered for a moment. The owner of the camera fell. The camera kept recording, but not at the killer’s direction. At the sergeant’s direction Jackie noticed the reflection on one of the shards of glass. It was distorted by dirt and angle. An indistinct shape like a cloaked man stood over the corpse. It moved, as if it was looking around, and then the darkness or the cloak flapped harshly in a sudden wind, and the figure vanished. One moment it was there, the next it was not. The video went back to the last frame where the figure was visible. Text written in bright green at the bottom shared a terrifying info.


The Fourth Leviathan - Charybdis - · 10:48am Aug 18th, 2016

The Fourth Leviathan - Charybdis -

A thousand and one existences away, separated by a sliver of thought, an unimaginable distance away covered by a single bound, a world is dying.

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Thank you! This is appreciated. Evidence that I'm not evil is always nice to have! :pinkiehappy:

Brief reminder that you're a cool dude who says cool things.

Alright, this is pretty awesome. I am loving this.

I think you'd like Teen Titans Go.

It's chapter 8. Your probably missed it because it does that thing where it starts with the visit having happened and then it jumps an hour back and shows the visit. So, if you're looking for the visit itself and don't remember (which is certain) that the chapter jumps back in time after, you're gonna hop a chapter back, fail to find it, and think that either the author's crazy or you.

It's me.

I can no longer find the chapter where Luna and Raedgan visit leaf stream in the hospital

Comment posted by Pamcake King deleted June 26th

I assume you mean what I like about writing the story (you missed a word there, I think)? Hmm. I'm... not sure. Plenty of small stuff, probably. I think it might be the moments when the characters just speak out of their own. I like it when I have threads of conversations and themes and events, and I manage to get them all make sense in a chapter. The fact that sometimes things happen I didn't plan but make sense. That's always fun. Like Charybdis, who was supposed to be a giant sea serpent at the beginning. Or Leaf Stream who was never meant to have a name or be there for more than the arena. Luna was supposed to remain hardened against change, but she mellowed out far more quickly than I expected. Raegdan was never supposed to like the rest of the main six that much. The Janus soldiers were not supposed to come to Equestria. But it all just... came together. I love that.

So, what do like writing about the Lunar Guardsman?

Buddy, I'm not gonna repeat myself over and over, until you manage to loop yourself out and find a way to "do my best to explain how there was a misunderstanding in an attempt to protect my standards." That's your only priority, make yourself out to be the sensitive, misunderstood boy. The notion of being wrong hasn't entered your head, despite your words, because that would require you to be sorry or accept you're not the boy-king of pity that gets off free out of everything.

So, no, there is no misunderstanding when you say "Bad Dragon, change your comment. You too, Crimmar." You gave a command and an ultimatum. Fuck you. The only offensive thing here is you and your mindset of being king of all by virtue of being pitiable. I, for one, am not taking your standards as mine. You don't want to use words, don't. You have no fucking right to go to a public forum and try to act holy because you don't use "dirty" words while your entitled ass stinks of hypocrisy and lies.

Did I say fuck you? Oh. And just so you know? You do that shit again, I ain't stopping. This ain't your playground.

I posted no such content in your page. Stop making shit up, you mentally disabled baby

I know you didn’t I’m just telling you not to.

Oh, sweet heavens, it's almost... it's almost as if when it's done to you, you don't like it as much as when you order people around and make ultimatums!

I’m not ordering any one to do anything, from my point of view your the one demanding that I throw my standards out the window so you can walk all over me like you’re doing now and conform to do what you want me to in order for a more ‘adequate’ apology. If you tell me how I have been

manipulative, threatening, hypocritical, and a liar,

I will do my best to explain how there was a misunderstanding in an attempt to protect my standards (which we all have in case you didn’t know) from the very being.
I am legitimately trying to work with you here but you’re not making it easy to do. All I was saying is that I don’t want to be affiliated with inappropriate content I find offensive no mater how hilarious you think is it, on my home page or in my posts. Can you allow me to try and work this out with you or not? Being a ‘disabled baby’ I can only understand yes or no are you able to post a one word comment? I can it’s not that hard.

Make an actual apology for being manipulative, threatening, hypocritical, and a liar, instead of trying to delete evidence of your stupidity and then trying to pass it off as being "apologetic". You're not half as smart as you think you are.

Stop telling me what to do because it sounds like your trying to force me to do something I don’t want to

Oh, sweet heavens, it's almost... it's almost as if when it's done to you, you don't like it as much as when you order people around and make ultimatums! What a fucking shocker!

so don’t post inappropriate content on my page

Also, fuck you. I posted no such content in your page. Stop making shit up, you mentally disabled baby.

I deleted it as an apology (fat lot of good that did) because I thought you didn’t want that kind of stuff on your home page I didn’t want to ruin your reputation. Your saying it was stupid of me to apologize? If your telling me I can’t even do that right then I’m not worth two cent.
I have no control over what you do any more than you have control over what I do. What I can control is the content I’m around and on my page and what I post “you do to.”
the fact that you are spending this much time to contact me saying I’m wrong, which I am as we both agreed upon but you can’t seem to understand, only means you have nothing better to do than harass other users.

now let me make this clear.
Stop telling me what to do because it sounds like your trying to force me to do something I don’t want to

No, buddy. According to you I'm a horrible being that destroyed your self-worth by daring to not allow you to prevent me from doing stuff. No. You basically said that this is worth reporting but you are not doing it because you're a "good guy." No, report me. Go ahead and make an ass out of yourself, even worse than you already do. Report me for not allowing you to emotionally manipulate me and blackmail me. Fucking report me!

which is what you're accusing me of, and I'm saying you can post whatever you want, “around your friends” I’m not your friend. so don’t post inappropriate content on my page if you do I can and will delete it. I’m not going to report you, you can’t make me and
How about you grow up and act as mature as you claim to be (check your notes you did say that, if you have all of them that it)
and Leave...Me...ALONE! :ajbemused:

And you deleted your comment like a coward. Fortunately, because I'm a smart boy and I know you're an idiot, I keep screenshots. So yes, your shame and idiocy will remain posted for everyone to see (and yes, I do have screenshots of everything you posted or I did. No cookie for you).
Say hi, dumbass.

So much for your plan to honestly say you don't know shit, huh?

Okay, I'm done with you. You're a dumbass.

now I’m very confused, what am I blackmailing you with? That thought didn’t even cross my mind and If anyone asks me I can honestly say I don’t know because honestly... I don’t.

and a more reasonable thing to report me for at this point is for not reporting you.
I’m not going to do it.
leave me alone.

Okay. Then should I report you for trying to manipulate and blackmail me?

I'm not wrong. You are, but I'm not. You SAID that exact thing. Or are you proposing that when you posted a picture of a man hanging himself and saying that is what your self-worth is worth to me, you meant "I like happy flowers?"

Shhh... Do you hear that? That's the sound of you being in the wrong and me being right.

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