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If you find an instance of me being wrong, that's non-canon.

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I haven't updated this for a while. Let's do this!

Chapter 51 of the Lunar Guardsman
August 27th, 2019 - 2.500 words so far.
August 28th, 2019 - 3.500 words so far.
August 30th, 2019 - 4.500 words so far.

Crimmar, Crimmar, where art thou?

For anyone caring, you can find me at Discord. I'm basically logged in all the time. My name is Crimmar#9985 and I am available to talk and trade fart jokes. If you need someone to talk to, for whatever reason, I'll gladly share what little time I have, text or call (if you can stand my accent). I am logged in the fimfiction server as well, so you could find me there as well. Just make sure you ping me or whatever to get my attention.

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Latest Art For The Lunar Guardsman

Darkness fluttered across the camera lens, and iron glimmered for a moment. The owner of the camera fell. The camera kept recording, but not at the killer’s direction. At the sergeant’s direction Jackie noticed the reflection on one of the shards of glass. It was distorted by dirt and angle. An indistinct shape like a cloaked man stood over the corpse. It moved, as if it was looking around, and then the darkness or the cloak flapped harshly in a sudden wind, and the figure vanished. One moment it was there, the next it was not. The video went back to the last frame where the figure was visible. Text written in bright green at the bottom shared a terrifying info.


The Fourth Leviathan - Charybdis - · 10:48am Aug 18th, 2016

The Fourth Leviathan - Charybdis -

A thousand and one existences away, separated by a sliver of thought, an unimaginable distance away covered by a single bound, a world is dying.

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I'm going to miss you Crimmar, thank you for the wonderful two years my friend!

Hello Crimmar, how are you doing? hey, I just came here to give you my final goodbyes before I depart from Fimfiction permanently early next year. I again want to say thank you for everything ever since I’ve joined this site as well as joining the human in Equestrian group. I enjoyed our conversations either on your user page or in certain threads in the human in Equestrian and positive ponies group. Either than that, I wish you a Happy New Year as well as a happy, healthy, and safe life with your friends and family. You are awesome!

Hello Crimmar, Merry Christmas! I wish you a wonderful and magnificent day with your friends and family on this beautiful festival! May you and your family have a happy and healthy life!

Hello Crimmar, how're you? And hey, I just want to say thank you for the wonderful two years in this site. I sure enjoyed our conversations either in your user page, or some Human in Equestria threads.

Again, I wish you a happy and healthy life and may you achieve your goals.:twilightsmile:

You're awesome!

Hello Crimmar, how are you doing? And hey, I've got something sad to tell you. That is, by early next year, I will be leaving Fimfiction due to me having a career to fulfill in my life meaning that Is I'll no longer be in this site anymore.

I just want to say that you're awesome and I enjoyed the conversations that we had either on your user page, or group threads in the Human in Equestria group. And I apologize if some of my comments seemed aggravating towards you.

You're awesome and I wish you luck in fulfilling your goals as well as having a happy and healthy life.:twilightsmile:

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We don't celebrate Halloween in Greece. We do have a very similar thing, but it's more like a couple of weeks of masked festivals—more alike a Venetian Mask Festival crossed with Halloween—, done in September-March. Last time I dressed up was when my group of friends was close together—everyone's moved away for jobs now and we meet very rarely all together again—and we all dressed up as women. We found a group of women dressed up as men and they kept groping us. Fun times.

Hello again Crimmar, how're you? And hey, if you don't mind me asking, did you had a fun Halloween?

I wish you a happy day with your family.:twilightsmile:

I feel ya man

I have sooo many story ideas and yet all I struggle with is my fricking procrastination xD

But yeah I’m good. I was just checking up on you since the argument about a poorly done film review with you know who.

I'm in a bit of existential dread because Monday is approaching fast, but other than that I'm super peachy. Even got out of a writing corner and finally progressing a chapter. How about you? All good?

Aye yo

You doing good?

Yeah, yeah. I already know you're an alt and whose alt you are. Here's the door. Bye, bye!

What is this drama
this is litteraly smack dab in alot of peoples comments.
Kme Crimmar the blue em2 the dumb alts (snow tyran lion flutter ect ect.)
I think another place else but idek.\
Im not but okay.

Thank you very much. We must do all we can to uproot this sort of nonsense.

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