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Twilight Sparkle is at her laboratory, underneath her castle, a place she considers free of distractions. A place where she can experiment and push the boundaries of physics and magic.

Pushed, she did. She wanted to see if there was more. Now she knows there is.

The wall shatters. And it shatters her.

Made for the Rage Review's 16th contest of F*** THIS PROMPT (A character breaks the fourth wall)

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Twilight has a brand new theory. She has theorized that it is possible to create pocket dimensions and a way to enter them. Facing the ridicule of the rest of the theoretical magic community she has set forth to prove them wrong. She will construct a portal and enter it.

She does. Inside, she finds a field of empty white.

The story now has a dramatic reading by MrSnarky. Visit his channel on youtube.

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Eldritch abominations from outer space abduct an orange yokel. The country bumpkin is fine. The aliens are not.

Trigger Warning! This story contains:
- Applejack just telling the truth when asked.
- Space.
- A nutshot.
- Looting.
- Attempts to be funny.
- Celestia sneezing hard.

*Reached the top of the Feature Box! Nowhere else to go now but down!*

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There is a war going on. A Civil War.

Celestia believes there could be a lesson hidden about friendship in there.

Luna believes she can totally take on Ironman.

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Constant Diligence starts his first day at school. It doesn't begin as he hopes and it gets worse each year until one single thought crawls in his mind. A small story where we see one single event from each of this little colt's school years, each of them a common, daily occurrence for him. Except the last one.

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When Rainbow Dash came to Ponyville she built her own house to live in. A cloud house. The only one of its kind in Ponyville. Just like her owner, she said.
Maybe she should have given more thought as to why no other pegasus had a cloud house in Ponyville. Or take a bigger loan and spend a few more bits on it.
Now, every winter, her bad decisions come to take a bite out of her frostbitten flank.

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Twilight Sparkle has a special guardian while under the tutelage of Princess Celestia. A creature that turns intensely violent at the slightest threat against his charge. A creature that will maim and kill without concern if it has to, that will do anything to keep those it loves safe.
These are not these stories.
These are the stories from the inside. The stories that make a makeshift family work. The small moments. The little secrets. The normal life.

Short stories about Twilight's and Spike's life before the events of the Lunar Guardsman. Maybe a little funny, maybe a little sad, maybe a little sappy, certainly not on any chronological order. Chapters posted whenever I am taken by the mood to write one.

This is a collection of prequel stories to The Lunar Guardsman, an M rated story currently in progress by yours truly.

Many of the chapters are worthy of the Comedy tag, some of the Sad tag, and a couple of the Dark tag.

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