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New Story: My Life as a Teenage Sex-Pet · 6:03pm September 15th

I'm back again this week to let you all know that my latest story, My Life as a Teenage Sex-Pet, is now complete! Read on as Twilight Sparkle tells you all about her loving, albeit unconventional relationship with her big brother Shining Armor and his wife Cadance.

[Adult story embed hidden]

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I have had a Starswirl idea on my list for a while, actually. Hopefully, I find the time to write it sometime soon.

You stay snuggly too!

I expected something else when i read the name.
Hope you might make a story with Starswirl as main character.
He has a few interesting things going for him. In Canon, Fimfiction, Fan art etc etc.

Stay snuggly :twilightsmile:

I'm happy to hear that! I hope you enjoy my future works just as much.

LOVED Mommy's Little Girl and Apple Bottom Dreams, fantastic stuff!

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  • Viewing 19 - 23 of 23
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