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Open-Access Discord Server · 3:16pm Feb 19th, 2023

Hey guys, bit of a PSA today: I've decided to open up a new open-access discord server for everyone today, in addition to my patron-only one. This is intended for people who want a reliable avenue for being informed when I share new content, but you can also chat about my writing or anything else you wanna. Rules and rooms will be a WIP for a bit.


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About Me

Hi, I'm Frocto, I like to write about ponies and also other things. My main fetishes revolve around canon females, excess, harems, world-building and unrealistic scenarios. I am generally pretty happy to chat with fans, as long as they're not really strange.

I have a NSFW Tumblr, which can be found by googling HFFrocto.

Public Discord: https://discord.gg/S7TrNs5pMQ


Q: Do you take commissions?

A: I take commissions and can provide more info about them by private message. But I'm a lot more expensive than the average ($110 per 1,000 words right now) and I'm also pretty slow at finishing them, so you should only commission me if you really want me and no-one else will do.

Q: When is "_________" getting a new chapter?

A: I write/upload 1-2 stories a month, and I let my Patreon backers vote on what gets updated. If your favourite story doesn't have new chapters, it usually means something else is getting updated instead.

Q: Why do so many of your stories have genderbent canon females?

A: This is largely due to MLP having a shortage of compelling male characters I can relate/identify with, and my generally finding the women more interesting. I know making them futanari would be a more obvious solution, but that isn't ideal for me.

Q: Why don't you use the fanon names for rule63 ponies? I.E. "Dusk Shine" for a male Twilight Sparkle.

A: I prefer to keep canon names where I can. It makes more sense in a story where, say, a female Twilight is interacting with a male Twilight, but it's a lot less necessary if it's just a straight genderswap. To me, changing them feels too much like writing about someone else's character.

Q: Favourite characters?

A: My favourite MLP characters are Gabby, Gilda, Pinkie Pie, Princess Luna, Rarity, Sonata Dusk, the Spa Ponies, Sweetie Belle, Trixie and Twilight Sparkle.

Q: Favourite episodes?

A: My favourite episodes are A Canterlot Wedding, Filli Vanilli, Lesson Zero, Luna Eclipsed, Rainbow Rocks, Rarity Investigates and Sweet and Elite.

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I think Full Moon chapter 1 might have one!

Do any of the kingdom of twilight sparkle stories have boobjobing in them?

Comment posted by 23 KM To Nerdiness deleted Mar 18th, 2022

Aw, thankyou!

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