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The cast of Uncommon Bond come together to play a different kind of game... one of the Pen and Paper Roleplaying variety! As the Gamemaster, Sunburst soon discovers a clear disconnect between the player's mindsets and the game world he's created for them. In other words, playing with these ponies is a total pain in the neck.

Meet Moromane the Demon Hunter, Peach the Oni-Blooded Brawler, Roku the Rock Farmer and Sakura Petals the Courtesan as they explore the fantastic world of Ninja Adventures In Neighpon.

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of imagination

I sang this in Gene Wilders voice.
Not what I expect from Smut Extraordinaire, Frocto himself.

So Sunburst and his potential waifus come together to play Ogres and Obliettes?

Which is a canon pen and paper game on the show, btw, been featured a few times.

Well, if Trixie insists on month-long rests after every encounter, then Sunburst definitely has a lot to work with. "Around week two of your wait, demon-sorcerers assume control of the capital. By week three, the families of every demon Moromane slew have been released into the Material Plane and seek vegeance. By day twenty-eight, they find it."

In any case, looking forward to seeing where this goes. Hopefully Twilight will help Sunburst when he really needs it.

Yeah, it's a bit of a departure for me! But we'll be back to our regularly-scheduled smut right after this.

Thanks! Trixie's character, and her invitations of punishment by the GM, are based on an old friend I used to play pnp with. That said, I don't think this story's going to have a happy ending.


Why are their characters humans? This is Equestria

"I have no idea why TSR decided to come out with their big human-supplement book just a few months after my first trip through the mirror." :twilightsheepish:

That is a great start, I was going to say I have heard gamers with characters...

But please let's all to nice (up to the point those players get bothersome...)

"Having assisted the local innkeeper with some bullies, you’ve been offered free rent and board for as long as you stay in town."

:facehoof: Oh, Sunburst. You know not what you do.

... Oh! Well. That degenerated quickly. And hilariously. I can only imagine where it goes from here.

I mean, they could've tried looping around and going with the flow of the stream...

But yeah, not exactly the most ninja of party compositions.

"and access ramps for disabled Mountain Oni, too!"

I am expecting to hear this in some future podcast.😂

i don´t think Sunburst was trying to make anypony swim in poop water I think he just used the first waterway he could find.


Starlight cracked her knuckles.

WHAT knuckles?

I'd have expected Twilight to put up more of a protest to all the backstabbing and to just murdering the bandits.

Oops, my bad! Fixed now, thanks.

Glad you're enjoying the story!

Suddenly, Gamemastering again didn’t seem so bad.

As long as it's not this group...

Hilarious madness from start to finish. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:


Would be delightful.

Is it bad I want to remember some of this for one of my games?

“32d6 damage...?” asked Sunburst.

Ha-HA, I haven't seen that happen since a 10man Volkite Culvarin squad went after a militia squad.
*sigh* good times.

Please treat your GM better than these guys do! I'm a forever-GM IRL so I definitely have the most experience with Sunburst's position here.


Heh, no worries there. I'm pretty much the main dm for my group because I'm probably the best at pulling stuff out of nowhere for when the party inevitably derails or ignores what was planned.

Oof. I was confused at first the tag things didn't say "romance" because I forgot not everyone realizes that episode was clearly a romance episode. :duck: :rainbowlaugh:
(that was a joke, in case anyone thought I was trying to offend)

Interesting start, i can already see how dysfunctional this team is going to be, this is going to be fun.

Wow i didn't think it would deteriorate that quickly but there you go, Trixie/Peach really had that coming, and in truth really should of seen that coming, then again she didn't seem to of fully thought that though and was just targeting on the fly. Either way it's down to Maud/Roku the rock farmer and Twilight/Sakura the courtesan, well unless Sunburst lets Starlight and Trixie make new character's.

So i am a little confused, is Trixie playing Peach again or a arm and legless mountain oni?, she really seems fixated on the latter, and of course Starlight just had to remake her character, good thing Roku kept the sword in his bag or we might of had another debacle like last chapter.

You know Sunburst really should of realized that no one on that team would be able to sneak, i mean Peach use to have some skill but Trixie seems to of switched to playing a disabled ogre, though i have to say that Sunburst really should of thought of a few other ways in, it would of helped avoid the unfortunate implications of the canal and the girls assumptions of his motives.

I got to say that i loved this, Maud was MVP all the way thought this story, while sadly Twilight's one chance to do anything was ruined by Trixie (who did seem to go back to playing Peach it seems), overall i think the "battle" with the Oni and Tengu statue was my favorite part of the whole story, out of the box thinking like that is very fun to watch unfold, anyway's i have to say you did a great job with this story and thanks for writing it.

Glad you enjoyed the story! And Trixie stuck to playing a second Peach, yes, Sunburst vetoed the mountain oni idea.

Maud, you wrote a self insert. The point is to come up with a character different from yourself! :twilightsheepish:

Maud looked sad. "Sure, but..."

I'm surprised Maud looked to have any visible emotion.

If it was the cast of "Uncommon Bond" then Kathleen Barr, Ian Hanlin, Kelly Sheridan, Tara Strong, and Ingrid Nilson should be there. What was i thinking XD

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