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Open-Access Discord Server · 3:16pm February 19th

Hey guys, bit of a PSA today: I've decided to open up a new open-access discord server for everyone today, in addition to my patron-only one. This is intended for people who want a reliable avenue for being informed when I share new content, but you can also chat about my writing or anything else you wanna. Rules and rooms will be a WIP for a bit.


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Scammer Warning: Rexxy#1987 · 8:52am Jul 31st, 2022

So thankfully this doesn't happen to me very often, but recently I had a commissioner welch on payment, and they seem to be a bit of a serial offender when it comes to this so I thought I would put the word out.

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Rakuraizer Artist's Status/Patreon · 2:33pm Jul 9th, 2022

Hey everyone, hope you're doing well. This is probably a bit out of the blue, but I thought I'd put out a general notice that my friend and the artist for my Rakuraizer story, ReiDuran, has hit a bit of financial hardship recently and could really use some attention for his Patreon page here: https://www.patreon.com/reiduran

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The Pink Circle Fanfiction: The Pink Circle: Fetish Soldier · 7:51pm Mar 11th, 2022

Hello again! Once again we've been blessed with another fanfic of a fanfic, The Pink Circle! This one is by FLBPfan and is hosted on Hentai Foundry, working as a continuation of the story from after Fluttershy's calendar shoot. It's VERY titsy focused, to the point where reading some parts I felt like I was looking at some of my own writing. So if you're looking for more of Hootershy getting exploited, please give it a look!

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"Mean Twilight"-inspired Story From A Friend · 8:10pm Sep 25th, 2021

My friend Infatuation recently put out a new story I really liked, Cleaning Duties, inspired by the Mean Twilight series. If you liked that one, definitely give it a read!


Beginner's Guide · 10:52am Jun 29th, 2019

Hey guys! I decided to throw together a Beginner's Guide for people curious about where to start with my body of work. As the number of stories expands it can get hard to tell where you should start, so this list will hopefully give you all some direction in where to take your reading material from.

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On The Pink Circle Ending · 7:44pm May 29th, 2019

Copied from my public Patreon post here.


Well, this story definitely exceeded my expectations with how long it ended up being... It's a behemoth, it's huge, it's long, it took over four years to finish... and as of today it's done. I'm grateful to the people who stuck with it, enjoying Klein's near-superhuman levels of perversion... as Twilight herself puts it:

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Not to alarm anyone... · 4:02pm Mar 14th, 2019

But I've posted a new story, and it's not smut. I know, crazy, right?

Anyway, I was reading some stories like Roll For Initiative recently and while I really enjoyed the concept I thought those sorts of things were a more cutesy take on the whole premise of pen and paper games. So I wanted to write something a lot more dysfunctional, and a lot closer to my personal experiences playing tabletop RPGs.

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Crossposted From My Tumblr: Cancelled Stories · 6:20am Jan 22nd, 2018

So for anyone interested, a few more of my ongoing commissions have recently been left in the lurch, due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control. Unless circumstances change, the stories below won’t be getting completed.

A few of these have already been paid for in advance, so some will continue to be written for a bit longer.

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New Borealium Story! · 8:11pm Dec 22nd, 2017

So fellow horse-writer Borealium decided to be amazingly generous and sweet and wrote a Christmas-themed Pinkie/Maud fic for my birthday. You can read it here... and I thoroughly suggest you do!

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