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When Starlight meets Sunburst for a date at an amusement park in Las Pegasus, it makes for a day of fun and romance. What they don't know: Trixie and Maud are are in Las Pegasus as well to play secret matchmakers for plenty of awkward and warming moments. Will Starlight get her first kiss from Sunburst?

Author's Note: A very special thanks to Dr. Indy for all his help in editing and making this story happen!

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Looking good so far. I look forward to seeing the rest. :pinkiehappy:

I can't believe this hasn't gotten more views, or comments. You have a good plot, decent dialogue, nice grammar and structure, easy to read. The pairing's been done before, but this is an unconventional setting, with emotional challenges to overcome from their past creeping in as antagonists. Everypony seems pretty much in-character so far.

Plus, ya threw in Trixie, Maud, and even Luna as supporting characters (both in the fact that they are there as supporting characters in the story, and to help support Starlight).

You have updated frequently, and there's good progression, even though we really haven't encountered any real challenges yet (but it's obvious they will come).

It's an overall fluffy and heart-warming fic. Congratulations and keep it up please!

Thank you for your kind words! I'm able to update quickly because I already have this story finished, I'm just uploading it in bits at a time.

I was originally going to have it be just Trixie following them, but my editor suggested that throwing Maud in the mix as well would make things more entertaining and that her flat demeanor would clash well with Trixie's flamboyance. They did make a fun pair to write for!

Starlight put her hoof to her chest, closing her eyes proudly. “The Great and Powerful Trixie goes big or not at all!”

I think you meant Trixie here.

This is a great story so far! Let the ship sail!

Fixed, thanks.

The ship shall sail far and wide!

Heh, went with the classic "Lady and the Tramp" troupe here, huh?

I wonder what happened with Trixie and the Tartarus sauce (great name, by the way...I'm kinda surprised there isn't a real sauce with that name)? Will we find out next chapter, maybe? I bet Maud could actually take it no problem...she does eat rocks after all,

Based the name off of a hot sauce I saw in North Carolina called "Hot Sauce From Hell." :raritywink:
The waiver signing is a real thing in some restaurants that have spicy challenges, such as hot wings in excess of 100,000scu. (By comparison, a jalapeno is only about 1,000 -3,000)

Of course, Lady and the Tramp is a classic!

As far as Trixie goes... no spoilers!

Another cute chapter.

In addition to the fluffiness and hijinks, there was just a hint of Starlight's self-doubt creeping in when she talked about how her ideas backfired. Though she may have meant it jokingly, she has had plenty of good ideas, of course; she led Trixie and the others into the changeling hive, and she was right about forgiving Stygian, and she's encouraged Twilight plenty of times. Hopefully Sunburst will remind her of this, depending on when in the timeline this tory takes place, that is.

Haha this was certainly adorable 😊

Thanks! They certainly make a cute couple, don't they? :rainbowkiss:

Heh, is that a Dragonball reference I spy?

Also, the biggest kite emporium in 300 miles. This implies that there are large kite emporiums at least every few hundred miles in Equestria, with possibly smaller emporiums in-between. Starlight is apparently not the only kite-obsessed pony.

I guess I probably should have made that distance a bit longer. 300 miles isn't really that far when you think about it. That place is right up Glimmy's alley, though. :raritywink:

That was wonderful!

Adorable! And you added more world-building! ...Around kites! Probably a world-building subject nobody in the fandom has put any world-building detail into before!


Also, there just happened to be a brochure for a wizardry store? :trixieshiftright: What an astounding and purely coincidental coincidence! :moustache: Hehe.

Given how fast this fandom works, I'm sure I'm not the first person to capitalize on Starlight's love for kites in this manner, but I do appreciate the praise. :twilightblush:

I really like their dynamic!

Amazing! I'll be awaiting more updates

Thank you for your kind words! :pinkiehappy:

Yay, you upload consistently! I apreaciate that

Another cute chapter. I wonder where they will store all these kites and books while at the amusement park?

Also, if Starlight can store ten kites in her saddlebags, maybe that means she's using a pocket-dimension spell. Or Pinkie logic. Whichever works. After all, Spike uses it all the time to produce parchment and quills, and even seat belts while flying on Twilight's back. :pinkiegasp:

I'm loving the matchmaker trixie, it's really nice.:twilightsmile:

Heh, Sunburst and pinballs; who knew? And he doesn't even have a pinball machine in his home (hint-hint Starlight, come next birthday). Maybe he thought he'd spend so much time on it that he'd never get any work done. Then again, we didn't know about Starlight's kite obsession until the episode where she met Maud.

Wow, a pinball machine based on Sombra! And the Crystal Empire only reappeared a few years ago, so the game must be pretty new. (Better not show up in any Crystal Empire arcades though, lest the crystal ponies go into shock over bad memories.)

Hehe, Starlight's got some moves of her own! Player in the pinball arcade, baby!

The Great and Powerful Shipper strikes!

Fun fact: I originally didn't think of this chapter until I found out that the Pinball Hall of Fame is in Las Vegas. I had an opportunity to go there recently and just had to add this bit in as an homage to it. I based the Equestria Pinball Museum off of the Pinball Hall of Fame, which has literally over a hundred different machines.

Another fun fact: I based the Sombra game loosely off of "Medieval Madness", an actual pinball game regarded by many to be one of the best ever made, which does have a castle you hit the ball into to destroy it and get a big bonus.

Hahaha! I got back from a trip to Disney World about a month ago so I can totally relate to Sunburst's reaction

Awww, they're adorable

Ah, and the truth is revealed! To be honest, I almost thought that they'd stay hidden until the climax, but there was some good dialogue here, and the visual of an upside-down Trixie hanging from a tree was pretty cute.

Woah, I'm addicted to this fic, keep it up! Its so good

Yay! This is fun to read

Don't worry Starlight, you've got an air-tight alibi; I've had women use the restroom for waaay longer than ten minutes, especially when there's a line. 😉

"...and I would really, REALLY want to be friends with you, forever."

Heh, imagine Sunburst inadvertedly sending Starlight to the FRIEND ZONE :pinkiehappy:

Sooo sweet! 😍 This chapter had a good build-up, and the bit with the heart plushie was a nice twist to bring it all together. At the same time, I almost expected things t be even more dramatic; like some last-second obstacle that would keep them from expressing themselves properly. However, that's a pretty common troupe, so I can see why you would avoid it.

I presume there will be an epilogue of sorts? Or is this really just the first act of a much grander story?

Nah, not a part of anything grander, I just wanted to do a Starburst ship. Thin, dorky betas like Sunburst and myself deserve to get the girl once in a while. All the other young stallions we've seen in relationships so far aside from Mud Briar have been big, strong alphas.

Not quite finished yet, though. We've yet for the golden moment Trixie and Maud are waiting for. :raritywink:

I hope its not the end, this fic is too good to end!

Starlight dropped to her haunches, face-to-face with Sunburst, who sat down as well. “I had fun today, Sunburst. Though I think it went a little better in my dream.”

Sunburst knows Starlight has dreams about him? :rainbowderp:

That aside, this was great chapter! More than a bit cliché, but that's kinda their whole relationship in a nutshell, and I doubt Starlight would have it any other way. After all the stress and past mistakes in her life, she probably desperately wants a "traditional" cliché, almost puppy-love relationship with her childhood sweetheart to bring some sense of stability into her life. True, she's afraid of losing him, but having him is a great stabilizing factor for her psyche. Still more to come, I hope?

Where does it say there that Sunburst knows about Starlight's dreams?

I'm not sure how cliche this is. It's no perfect Hollywood romance like "Perfect Pear" was, with the perfect guy and the perfect girl who've loved and stuck by each other from the first time they met. Starlight has her mental and self-control issues, and Sunburst is no romantic, hunky alpha. You don't see the beta dork like him get the girl too often.

Almost done here. Just have the epilogue to work on and it'll be finished.

Well, she said to Sunburst, that she thought it went a little better in her dream, so that pretty much admits to him that she had been dreaming about him.

I guess there really isn't enough "scrawny-geek-meets-great-girl" examples out there, huh? Maybe Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, but that's pretty much all I can think of off the top of my head, as far as American stuff is concerned. It's a bit more popular in anime, though.

Still, I am a sucker for the puppy-love cliché, I must admit, so I'm really likin' this story right now.

Very cute.

10/10 chapter.

Very enjoyable story thus far.


So now they see Trix and her performance?

Then I'm hoping for some snuggles :pinkiehappy:

It's rare to find a good Starlight & Sunburst fic and you have nailed it out of the park thus far. Keep up the awesome job and I hope this story doesn't end as soon as I think it might..

Thank you for your kind words! :pinkiehappy: Glad you enjoyed it.

There IS a Tartar sauce, the name is similar, but it’s not spicy :p

AAAAAWWWW :heart::heart::heart:
*dies of cuteness*

The story is still marked as incomplete; are there more fluff-filled chapters inbound, per chance?

Yeah. Had a bout of writer's block recently. Working on the epilogue.

Good! I really enjoyed this fic, you made a great work

Thanks for the Starburst Fic, it was a wonderful read.

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