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I am an Eldritch Horror that likes gay horses.


Starlight Glimmer is many things. Master of the arcane arts, Headmare of the School of Friendship, Savior of Equestria, and a truly fantastic friend to those she holds dear. Apparently, according to Trixie and Sunburst, she's also an awesome marefriend. There is, of course, one big problem with that theory: How can you be an awesome marefriend if you don't even know you're dating your best friends in the first place? Starlight may or may not need to add "Romantically Inept Doofus" to her list of titles.

Edit: Hung on the Featured box from February 10th to the 13th! Y'all are amazing!


Absolutely adorable art by the awesome Doodle-Mark! Big thanks to him for letting me use this piece!

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Startrixburst for OT3! :pinkiehappy:

You know it! I didn't always ship it, but now that I do, it's totally gonna be a staple ship of mine.

How interesting!!

I like this!!

Thank you! I am always happy to hear that people are enjoying my stories!

Two things. How are you maintaining a relationship with two people. If I read that AN correctly, that’s impressive. And I’m flabbergasted.

Two: good story. I very much so enjoyed.

Well I suppose it's a matter of mutual love, respect, and trust between the three of us. We all started off as just friends, but over time we grew fond of each other and bonded deeply via shared interests. We are however, still very different people, and I think that helps the relationship a lot. The more we learn about each other, the better we understand new perspectives and help each other grow into better people. We love each other enough to stick together in both good and bad times, respect each other enough to enjoy our own time alone when we need it, and trust each other enough to always be able to fall back on each other when we can't stand on our own. I was dating my boyfriend long before my girlfriend showed up, but I think her inclusion has made the relationship much, much stronger overall. He and I used to have the occasional spat, but since she joined us just over a year ago, we've been more harmonious than ever thanks to her fresh ideas and perspectives. I can confidently say I will spend the rest of my life with them.

That said, I'm glad you enjoyed the story! I very much enjoyed writing it.

Are Sunburst and Trixie also dating? This story was beyond adorable!

That’s great! I’m happy for you even though I don’t know you! (I can do that right? Human to human?) anyways I look forward to reading more of your content. Stay happy, and always be joyful in the lord. For you are beautifully and wonderfully made (you don’t have to believe in the lord Jesus Christ if you don’t. I’m not one of those Christian’s and i would cast myself to hell if I started shaming folks for just trying to live life happily. We may ALL be sinners, but God wants all of us to be happy. And I am a full believer in abundant love for all. As well as unconditional love.) you have a great day or night. And I’m glad I could talk to you some. God Bless You and your Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

Yes. It did say they fell for each other during their contest for Starlight I do believe.

Yep! They are all dating each other, and are all in love. Sorry if that wasn't clear, but I'm happy you enjoyed this!

Oops I accidentally skimmed past that part.

Part of me kinda wishes they never told her and just waited to see how long it will take for Starlight to figure things out.

I feel like after a year, it's no longer a matter of "When will she figure it out" and more a matter of "When will they slip up in front of her."

You know Starlight, sleeping together might not always be romantic, but it's definitely not platonic. :-p

Absolutely. Only trio closer to canon, as pointed out in the story, is the CMCs.

Starlight will never again trust her own judgement of what is and isn't "platonic" behavior, because clearly she doesn't even understand the concept of it.

11502915 Looking forward to reading whatever stories you write with these three from now on. :pinkiehappy:
11503349 Oh, most definitely! :twilightsmile:

Maybe the marriage proposal.
Unless she thought it was for tax purposes.

Sounds like how I will eventually end up with someone, I just miss certain things. Love this cute fic. (hope you three are doing well in these...interesting times)

I'm sure you'll find someone you click with. If you want to find love, you will eventually. It just takes time is all. Thank you for your kind words, and I wish you well too.

Added to GlimTrixBurst, the group explicitly made for this OTT. :V

Oh, thank you! I'm not super familiar with the hundreds of groups active on this site, so I'm always happy to have my stories shared beyond my sightlines. If I make another story featuring these three, I'll definitely add it there too. :twilightsmile:

Wooo poly <3

I have a fiancé, a girlfriend, and a long distance partner, so I always love to read poly stories. This was insanely cute and you did awesome!

Well considering that my own poly relationship inspired this story, I'd certainly hope that I captured the vibe! I'm happy that you enjoyed it!

Ooh, nice! Startrixburst! Definitely one of my favorite MLP ships. I think at first I thought of it as Starlight x Trixie + Starlight x Sunburst, but I could totally see Trixie and Sunburst really getting along and liking each other too.

I’m sorry for being a total idiot, you guys. When you two started being more affectionate, I just thought it was another kind of friendship.”

I mean, she's not wrong; being in a romantic relationship is another type or level of friendship.

Pushing aside her befuddlement, Starlight gave the pair an incredulous glare through squinted eyes. “How could I possibly be dating you both without realizing it? Isn’t that something that typically requires, you know, consent? I don’t see how we can all be dating if I was totally unaware of it.”

they say that if you are doing it right you never realize it is happening.

A fun and cutie little story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

I'm dating two of my best friends, so yeah, it checks out. Can't imagine dating someone that I'm not friends with.

In that case, I suppose they were right: Starlight really is an awesome marefriend!

Of course! I'm always happy to share my silly stories with the public! Giving a little bit of fun and happiness to the world is always worth it. :pinkiehappy:

Yeah I couldn't imagine that either. Before my girlfriend and I started dating, we were very close friends that met on Discord.

Funny, but I honestly hoped Starlight would have more ground to argue from. Kissing with tongue is pretty hard to argue against. Still, nice bit of fluff.

Eh, I whipped up this story in about half an hour for funsies. It was supposed to be silly and I didn't put too much thought into it, but if I write this ship again, I'll definitely put more time and effort into it. Still, I'm happy you enjoyed it regardless.

Wait we're dating?

Starlight, we've been married for 5 years

Hello there! Here's the review you requested. Rather cute and with pleasant characterisation. Skates on thin ice occasionally but broadly gets away with it. A good-natured fic with a nice ending, too.

Duly noted. Thank you.

You're very welcome.

Howdy, hi!

This was super cute. Definitely a warm and lighthearted read with a really pleasant homey feel. Definitely nailed the slice of life feel with this one and comedy was solid for hitting the really cute feel to the whole thing. Thanks for the read!

I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Slice of Life Romcoms are my favourite to write, so I'm always happy to hear that I'm doing it justice!

I like how the story turned out. It's weird since all of them are the kind of ponies to get dramatic easily, but it's great that everything remains so light-hearted and sweet~
(also a shame that it can't take part in The polyship contest, but nice to have read this before the deadline. Made me appreciate such things more.)

I love a good Starburstrix scenario.

Dedicated to and inspired by my wonderful girlfriend who thankfully only took two weeks to figure out she was dating me and our boyfriend. Thanks for keeping my life interesting, love. :twilightsmile:


Awww that was so sweet. Well written too. It made me realize how much I ship these three together

Hahaha, oh jeez. Poor Starlight. Or should I say lucky Starlight? n_n

The repeated mention of the pancakes cooling was a really nice touch to add to things.

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