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Dame Georgia, a knighted noble of Vedina, visits her marefriend's home for the first time to meet her parents.

...All six of them.

Winner of the 2023 Quills and Sofas Queer Speedwriting Contest

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I need to get around to playing Hearts of Iron at some point. Come to think of it I need to get around to playing Europa Universalis, too...I've played Crusader Kings and Victoria and Stellaris, though.

Anyway, this was fun. I like that it ended just a tad ambiguously - "we might work out after all" - but also very clearly hopefully. Georgia's going to put in the effort, and that's really all that can be asked.

“So,” Dead’s voice makes me jump. She’s right beside me. “These are my parents. My three dads, my three moms. And the reason we won’t work out.”

Wait, which one's the 3rd dad?

smolder got bored of being called mom i forgot to add that in


i was going to ask which flavor of Gender were we going to get. they're all very good always anyways. never stick to a single hc bc they're All Good

delicious as always, thank you so much ;-;

That was really fun and how things progressed with them are immensely funny and entertaining to watch! Yeah, I can't imagine how would their household be like, except for being chaotic harmony~

I mean, literally every type of parent is there (I think), and I can't even begin to think what could their kid be like…

Also "Dead Reckoning"? Did Smolder come up with that? Hearing her name as just "Dead" for the first time made me pause a bit and think "what"?

Good story, keep up the good work, their poly family dynamic is great!

So which of the student six do you ship

Semillon: Yes

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