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Featured on July 15th and 22nd!

After escaping his birth family and an emotionally abusive lover, Gallus becomes homeless in Griffonstone. Grampa Gruff offers him a new place in Ponyville in exchange for becoming a student at Twilight's new School of Friendship. Gallus discovers new friends, fun hobbies, new romances, and a mother in a pony he never expected. Retelling of Seasons 8-9, and onward.

Contains bisexual love triangle, prominent themes of toxic and abusive behavior from family members and former partners in flashbacks, self-discovery, falling in love, and much more! New dark tag added!

Cover art commissioned by the very talented Snow Quill 😃

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Good story so far. Looking forward to seeing how it goes. Good luck :-)

Looks promising, I'd love to see more of this! <3

Happy Birthday!!!

Also, this seems like it could be an interesting story. I’m excited to see more.

Promising start! I'm looking forward to reading more.

This looks really interesting. I’ll track, but please don’t ship Gallus and Sandbar.

I don’t know why, but it’s only the M/M shippings that make me uncomfortable, especially these two characters in particular. I don’t know, I’m fine with M/F and F/F, but just not M/M

So... the actual idea, not a bad one. The execution however... whilst the actual writing is technically sound, that... was a bit of an info dump, which eh... could be good or bad depending on the story and how it'll be executed.

However, I do have a problem here:

After Gallus managed to explain his situation to the authorities the morning after the fight, they let him off with a warning.

"And I won't have to see her again?" Gallus asked.

"Nope, so long as you avoid talking to her. And we'll tell her to do the same. You should be good." the officer said.

Gallus blushed at the memory he had of hugging the officer and flying away. It was the last good memory he had. Now? He was homeless, never keeping a job for long. Either the managers would refuse to employ a homeless creature, or word about his incident with Sheila would reach to them. They'd tell Gallus that they didn't want a "troublemaker" or a "threat to females" as an employee.

Gallus felt like he was running out of luck, barely finding enough to eat each night. The only miracle was that he never saw Sheila again.

He was sleeping in an alleyway far away from her hut when he felt something prod his head.

"Up, you hobo bird!"

Show Griffonstone looks like it's collapsed, with no authority or law being present... my suggestion would just have him be on the street, nobody really accusing him because Sheila seems a bit nuts, but griffons giving him a wide berth in case he was being crazy, except for Gruff (because he's old and cranky).

Also, just telling us "he's homeless"... yeah kinda loses a lot of impact.

In short, it's a start, and this could be a really cool idea, but there are some areas to look at.

Eee! I can't wait for Gallus to meet his future friends!!

What is shagging, and how does Grampa Gruff know that Applejack is doing it with her unicorn friend?

Well, you see, when two creatures love each other very much...

This is progressing nicely! I like how you wove the introductions from the show into this, and then elaborated on them. Looking forward to more!

Thank you for your compliments on every chapter. I shall spoil y'all for your patience and feedback, I will publish two more chapters this week! :pinkiehappy:

I wonder why this book is in a Gallus x Silverstream group? Seems to have a lot more Gallus x Sandbar in my opinion... But it's a pretty good story

A valid point, and you'd be correct. This story will have a lot more Gallbar than Gallstream in it. There's already been a few scenes with Gallus and Silverstream, that are minor. But not to worry! There'll be scenes focusing a lot more on Gallus and Silverstream soon! But that's it for spoilers! :raritywink:

And those are just my current plans for the story, any future plans are subject to change!

“Good grief,” Trixie rolled her eyes. “What have you gotten us into this time?”

Haha, Trixie.

“W-Wha?! No!” Smolder blushed, looking away. “I meant gay as in happy!”


Hahahaha! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

But yeah, Smolder is as subtle as a bull in a china shop :rainbowlaugh:

To the author - i saw this while looking for another fic...began reading then went up to chapter 5 (on November 14) a week ago.
haven't seen anyone still shipping gallbar nor writing a fic about them after the episode she's all yak [not gonna hate or diss anybody who ships them!] besides this guy https://www.fimfiction.net/user/212975/Parker love that the student six go into hiding at starlight's place (also living with her marefriend Trixie) instead going to the castle of two sisters. this probably one of the best fics about Gallus' origin story i've ever read!

Please keep writing it and don't abandon such a great tale you're telling:heart::heart::heart:

Gallus barely heard her, taking in the lengthy paragraphs about one of the most popular potions in Equestria: the Futa Potion. With its contents, it can give a pony both the parts of a mare and a stallion. Then there was another paragraph about magically combining the eggs of two mares, and placing the embryo inside one of the two mares.


“Oh, I…” Pinkie turned around, only to see six empty desks. “Shit on a cake, I better tell Twilight.”

Funny line, but can you honestly see Pinkie swearing? She's a self aware cinnamon bun covered in ludicrous amounts of sugar and various flavors of frosting.

“Safety!” Smolder scoffed from under Yona. “This bitch smell like a wet dog.”

This bitch also has the grammar skills of a gen z. But, also, why the swearing? Honestly, even Americans can get their point across without swearing every other word.

“Good grief,” Trixie rolled her eyes. “What have you gotten us into this time?”

The exact thing Trixie would say, considering the number of adventures Starlight pretty much forced her to go on. It's so perfect!

My headcanon for this story and most of my stories is that while 99% of Earth's population is heterosexual, 3/4th of Equestria is +LGBT in one way or another. There's too many possibilities when it comes to magic for ponies to limit themselves to the other sex, I think. New chapter this Thursday!

And another headcanon is that like Earth, Griffonstone and the Dragon Lands are 99% straight. Mostly due to the lack of magic.

These headcanons feel really sloppily introduced, just tossed in the story for a few paragraphs and then ignored. Starlight's talk about not using labels feels like it draws too heavily from cliches and is used to distract the reader from trying to see how your Equestria works. Ignoring how 'off' the scene of Gallus (a minor) being exposed to somewhat sexual content in a way that doesn't feel very appropriate, you gave us the contents of this author's note here without much alteration to how it was presented in the story. That's not super good story-telling. Gallus also absorbs these info-dumps in an unaturally quick, emotion-free way.

'99%' of Earth's population isn't straight, either. Ponies having a population that is mostly LGBT+ isn't explained very well. Why are so many ponies queer? What does magic have to do with it? Why does magic level and a pony being monosexual make them 'limited' as opposed to just who they are? The places outside of Equestria appear to have some prejudice here and there, like mild homophobia (there's been no trans ponies so far) and your comment associates this status by having a population that is a) mostly heterosexual and b) possessing less magic as opposed to a) just being bigoted or having a source (maybe a bad leader/cultural stigma) that produces this prejudice or b) really, how does magic impact whether or not creatures are LGBT+ outside of aiding in same-sex reproduction?


It was to reiterate the point that griffons and dragons cursed significantly more than ponies in this story. But as I've re-read the chapters recently, I've realized that I could tone down the cursing quite a bit. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you all for your feedback! I haven't abandoned the tale of Gallus, and new chapters will be coming out starting August 1st!

lol this a good chapter cant wait for the next

Looking forward to an update!

Can't wait for the next chapter

“Great!” Pinkie spoke up. “Now all your nations won’t go to war with us!”

watch the vid to see my reaction

Yeah, I feel that they should be allowed to be who they are no matter of magical capabilities. Also, I feel like Equestria would have a bit more of an equal ratio across the spectrum, you know? Still, I've seen worse info dumps in stories before, stuff that would last five standard paragraphs or longer, so I do commend them for keeping it relatively short on that end. However, I would of at least liked a different explanation for a few things other than just 'magic'. It wouldn't have had to be very long either, I would've been okay with just a few sentences even.

Why isn't there a dark tag?

If there was a bigger maximum for the number of genre tags, I totally would. But the definition of drama on this website is more applicable to this story than the definition of dark on this story's website.

Update: Drama tag has been replaced with the dark tag!

Yeah there is more!!!!!

Er...well, Gallus, you see, they are doing what you would call snogging, shagging is...um...Starlight will tell you!

Jokes aside, this is a great chapter, it's good to see the story up and running again! Also, Gallus, sweetie, please just ask Sandbar if he's into you or not!!

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Finally updated thank you!

I was wondering what happened to your last comment! 😂

Ooh, interesting concept for Gallus' family, I hope we get to see them soon, I have some choice words for the father. The Apples are written really well too!!

Awwwww, yesyesyesss! Gallus, audition now!

Yes Gallus, embrace your gay feelings!!

It's okay! I'll wait eagerly for the return! Also, Twilight doesn't know what's coming for her...the poor thing

“Y’know I’m just curious to try the role, right? I’m not gay.”

Yeah sure and I don’t ship you with Sandbar.

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