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Every year Gallus feels a weight in his chest during Hearths Warming-or Bluemoon Festival. His second Hearths Warming Eve at Headmare Twilight's School of Friendship, Gallus is left all alone. Sandbar, the only one left, has noticed. He tries to help, and gets more than he expected.

The "sad" tag is added because every time I hear Gallus talk about his life I want to cry for him.

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While I still ship these two Gallus still almost took away everyone's Christmas because he was felling a little blue that year

Well, true, but remember, they volunteered of their own free will to stay behind with him in the end. And even if they hadn't told all about their traditions, I get the feeling Gallus would still have fessed up, if only for seeing how angry they all got (because that still would have happened) and sad when they found out they'd have to stay behind.


I've just seen a lot of people who really hate the young six point to to Gallus as the most toxic member and that episode in particular.

Like how most people who hate starlight point to "every little thing she does"

That is true. I'm glad you enjoyed this one though. And personally, I don't think there's any one episode fans should be judging off of. I mean, if you think about it, at least one episode antagonizes each of the mane 6, so you really can't say they're bad characters unless they continuously make the same mistakes they did in the episode.


Hey I am writing a anthology story of sorts about EG galbar romantic fluff

And I'm wondering if there's any hobbies, activities or interests that Gallus would realistically be interested in and share with sandy.,
Cause of the way I write EQG real world things like Gameboys and Amazon.com are on the table

What about sports?


I've thought about that

Gallus gives sandbar a letterman jacket leading to sandbar winding if he should be doing things that 'normal' couples do or if that would come across as weird and/or offensive. (I've seen some Steven universe fans get riled up if a gay couple is portrayed doing the same things and behaving the same way as a herterosexual couple.)

I think that would be more something Gallus would worry about. Seeing as how he didn't have a family to tell him what couples do or that being homosexual was okay, it seems like a concern he would experience.


Yeah that makes sense.


I'd also imagine him trying to find a hobby after watching sandbar obsess over the greatful dead or something and wanting to impress him by showing he can be passionate too, but going a little overboard with it

My first thought was video games cause I haven't written button mash in a while and no one's really used him since Jan and Shady put him on a bus a couple of years ago

Maybe Gallus can find out Sandbar likes a band or book series, and tries to impress Sandy by convincing Ocellus and Smolder to tell him as much about it as possible, only Sandbar sees through it and calms him down.


I'd also like to imagine that Gallus is unknowingly a really talented singer, due in part to being a counterpart of someone who is part bird.

(I actually imagine all griffons as great singers due to the fact they have avian vocal cords and the no-singing rule in griffonstone is just situational irony)

Yeah, I mean, he is part bird, and we've seen Silverstream display musical interest before, and she's part bird too...

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