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After some time of dating Izzy Moonbow in addition to getting used to her newfound alicorn status, Sunny takes Izzy to meet her Dad at the cemetery.

As this story was very difficult for me to write, I must place a disclaimer that anyone dealing with heavy self-resentment and/or a lost loved one might not be in the right place to read this story.
Cover art by pfeffaroo.

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"This is where I watched my parents die, Izzy."

Great fic, man. Loved the emotion.

Loved this story, it had a lot of emotion in it which is great. Sorry to hear about your grandfather though

Sunny Izzy! 😍

I'm a girl, but thank you 😂
Love the profile pic! Pipp is also my favorite of the five 😃
I appreciate your condolences, thank you.

Of course. You did do a very good job with the story as well, plus Izzy and Sunny do make the perfect power couple.

Yep, Pipp do be the best. Sorry for addressin' ya wrong.

Very touching story.

A truly great reason to write a truly great story. Have an upvote, a fave and a follow....oh and an add to my G5 folder.

there are amazing stories on this site, but this is one of those rare ones that's next level

Comment posted by Gainedbedrock deleted February 7th

Thinking of the notion that Isebelle can canonically see ghosts (provided the Pippcast is canon) made me think of this fic again.

Guess i gotta read it again, the only shame is that i can't upvote again too.

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