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Greetings, read my gay pony fanfics, now in over five different flavors!


This letter is the last letter that I will speak of you, my Twilight Sparkle. Perhaps you've forgotten about our relationship, or even trying to forget. Maybe your heart doesn't come to me like mine does to you anymore. And maybe it's time to move on, find somepony else. But not without one last-ditch effort, my love. One more attempt to open your eyes to me.


This takes place after the finale, before the Council of Friendship was formed. Entry for the Right Back at It Again Contest, and the Pride and Positivity event. Foreword to this fanfic can be found on my blog :raritywink:
Cover art done by the talented lilfunkman!

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Comments ( 30 )

Love to see thsi continue and love to see if Rarity was right, if Celestia was this selfish and yes she can be.

Please write more I want to know what happens! This is a great story:twilightsmile:

Yes! Sequel! Please! :raritydespair:

Where's the sequel? Where's the frickin' sequel?

yah sequel man is really really well written

I really want to like this but..... Rarity is being incredibly selfish in this story and you seem to want us to take her side in the argument. I just don't feel like I can and I regret that.


Rarity is being incredibly selfish in this story and you seem to want us to take her side in the argument.

Did you miss the part where she admitted that she messed up?

I didn't and it still feels hard to root for her. Sometimes it just ends up being that way for some readers. I wish you luck in future stories and I'm glad people like this one. I just didn't find myself enjoying it. Sorry.

Don't be sorry, I'm glad you gave me your honest review. Thanks for the feedback, and you have a great day 🙂

Sequel please! Cliffhangers hurt!

This was good! I do think Rarity's reason for blowing up felt off, though. Perhaps if there were earlier hints of her feeling suspicious and jealous of Celestia. I was also confused by the time frame. Is the idea that everything after season 3 is not canon to this fic and Twilight moved to Canterlot right after becoming a princess? That aside, you did a good job with the character voices, and the good times of their relationship were cute.

I kinda want a happy ending sequel. But I'll accept this for what it is, the almost beautiful story. Rarity breaking up with Twilight like that does seem a bit out of character.

No, everything is canon. This story takes place after season 9, after Twilight's coronation. It had been years since Rarity broke up with Twilight, but only six months since Twilight left for Canterlot.

Rarity's reasons for breaking up with Twilight was one of the harder aspects of the story to write. But at the same time, I could understand the reasons for why Rarity would be upset and break up with Twilight over that, so I kept it in the story. Thanks for the reviews!

This was wonderful! Love is hard and I can understand how Rarity would feel; as if Twilight wouldn't ever be truly hers. To feel the hurt of rejection and still feel all the love for some pony. To hope.

Please...you simply must write a sequel. No matter how it goes (though I'm hoping it goes in Rarity's favor) I'd love to see how this story plays out.

Thank you for a heartbreaking but equally heartwarming story.

Alright. I admit it's a bit hard to wrap my head around Rarity and Twilight breaking up season 3, having friendly interactions season 4-9, then not talking at all once Twilight moves to Canterlot. The break up happening after Twilight moving to Canterlot would have made a lot more sense.

I can see Rarity getting lost in her own head. As the story is from Rarity's POV, not much can be said for why The Queen of Equestria, former Princess of Friendship, didn't use a clue by four on Rarity to straighten her out. Nice look into an obsessive mare's mind.


So this might be me overanalyzing, but the dynamic between Rarity and the other bearers seems to show that she's twisted the narrative about the breakup, and the ending all but confirmed it. While Rarity admits fault, she's treating her mess-up as if it was Twilight's. Even her letter at the end is warped, shes not even remotely thinking of how she affected Twilight and is simply trying to get what she wants. I dont know if it was the intention or if I'm simply misreading it but it seems you've created an abusive relationship fic where I think you were trying to go for something more... healthy?

A sequel sounds interesting.

Beautiful story! I'd love to read a sequel.

Was it my intention? Yes. I wasn't exactly going for abusive with how this relationship aged over time, but I wasn't going for healthy either.

It's great to hear that I'm not going crazy! I figured you weren't going for a truly healthy relationship here but as its portrayed it just really makes Rarity seem abusive to me. I'd love to see a sequel where we get to see Twilight's perspective on the letter and their past relationship, because I cant see her accepting Rarity's plea.


Agreed, I really would t mind seeing Twilights side of this and her reactions. Her reasoning for not returning all the letters (though I likely already know why) and her reaction to the final letter and the return of the Plush Stripes thing in the box.


The comments are in! Sometime in the near future, there will be a Rated E sequel following what happens after this story. What is in the box? Will Rarity have her happy ending, even if it might not be with Twilight? What is Twilight's thoughts on the matter? Find out soon!

Before that story comes out, I have a midquel idea for this story that is Rated M. The only detail that I will give away is it involves a drunken night. Does this sound like an interesting story to any of you?


It sure does!

But I can’t wait for the next one, though why rated E? It limits what you can talk about a bit

I want to try to write stories for everyone: porn for those who like porn, teen-rated dramas for people who like those, gay fics, straight fics, poly fics, and of course, fics that everyone can read. The midquel, if it is written, will not be explicitly mentioned in the Rated E sequels. It's purely for those who are fine with Rated M fics, as well as those who want more mature insight on their breakup.


Ah okay.

But if I can make a suggestion? If you do a series of connected stories, try and keep them within the same Rating. If you mix the ratings it tends to mess with the flow due to you having to adjust the content from story to story.

Also if the M rated story is going to be masses around a drunken night of debatchery, then implement what I call “the Miasma Effect”* so that you can mention it in your main series without overly effecting the plot.

*(Read: we got so drunk we can only remember the PG things we did)

I'm totally down for that midquel! Sounds nice to me!

Sounds good! Looking forward to reading it.

No matter the rating I'm looking forward to the story, you're good enough writer that I'm pretty sure whatever you write is still going to be good regardless of the rating.

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