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Twilight Sparkle regrets botching her romantic confession to Rarity. As a joke, Rarity proposes a simple and elegant solution: break up and try it again.

She just wasn't prepared for Twilight to agree to it.

Set after “Practice Makes Perfect”. It is not necessary in any way to have read that story to get this one.

Includes a recording of a LIVE-READING of the story by the author herself, which is the recommended way of experiencing the story. I promise you. I do a fantastic Rarity voice.

Cover art by the wonderfully wonderful Jykinturah. Audio credits go to lilfunkman and Swan Song.

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hello have the origin story of this fic because of reasons

Monochromatic 07/23/2019
i was a mess when i told funk i liked him
like literally it was the most flustered stammering mess
it was terrible
in fact i should break up with him so i can like re-ask in an appropriate way
oh my god
thatd be a hysterical fic

The Enchanted Lingo07/23/2019
sounds adorable

Monochromatic 07/23/2019
raritys like

i have unfortunately not convinced lilfunkman we should break up so I can have a do-over but one day i'll win him over

also, fun fact, in all the shipping stories I've written, this is the first time I've written a RariTwi proposal

Absolutely incredible. This fic was crammed full of wonderful moments from beginning to end, and your reading truly brought it to life. Rarity and Twilight were in fine form throughout the fic, and it's so wonderful seeing Twilight being all suave and romantic and in control while still being unabashedly Twilight. Of course, Rarity was also perfectly Rarity, with her dramatics beautifully narrated in way that had me laughing even on my second listening of the recording.

So how is Rarity going to one-up this with the fake divorce?

I have been waiting so long since that fateful day when you first proposed the idea. This was worth the wait, every gosh darn word.

This was hooves down the most extra, fluffy, shippy fic I have ever read.

Rarity made every scene she was in. Smug-romantic Twi was on point and devilishly clever.

It was the single most-Mono fic, lacking the angst, that has ever existed. I'd reckon.

And it was wonderful.

The accompanying voice recording is KEY. It is PERFECT. To hear the lines and dialogue EXACTLY how the author intended is something magical.

Georg #4 · Feb 10th, 2020 · · 1 ·

Well, that didn't work, Darling.
(Yes, it's a Hard Reset reference)

Being present for the live reading of this honestly made up for all of the readings I've missed. It's fun and romantic and fantastically true to character, and the absurd comedy dovetails so well into sweet RariTwi bliss. This story had better end up somewhere on your user page, Mono. I don't know where, but it's so good that it ought to be highlighted.

Everyone go home, this is the best proposal of all time

That day on the discord server is one that I will be rememberimg for a long time.
Everything about this fic is fantastic and the reading was the Best way to experience it for sure. The chat reactions were the best.
This is going down as one of my favorite RariTwi fics of all time. Its a must read.

Congratulations. :heart:
It is a historic moment. :raritycry:
And it is also a pity that silly Hasbro wound not take it as the script on the TV show :twilightblush:

Well the do-over certainly worked, because I fell in love with this fic. :raritystarry:

And if I may say, the accompanying reading was an absolute delight~

If I could ever afford to commison it I may just ever hire you to rarity VA something for me in the future 😍

Man. There's fridge tragedy to have if they keep that up.

Twilight tossed the wreath on top of the coffin. Only the gravedigger, bending down to shovel the first batch of dirt to close up the grave, heard her forlorn whisper.

"End simulation."

Of course, then Rarity steps out from behind a bush or something.

also here is a screenshot of people when THE THING happened during the live reading purely because looking at it fills me with unrestrained delight



I just need to say that:
[Vader Emote] The Drama is strong with this one. :raritystarry:

I had a wonderful silly grin on my face the entire time I was reading this!

You know in the first scene with the sim, where they were going through their 'breakup' and it was raining, I had the sound of rain in the back of my mind, and whenever they paused the sim, the rain stopped. In my mind they were practically on a set, acting everything out (which they kinda were), and when the 'scene' was put on pause, all the ambiance of the scene was put on pause with it. It all then restarted when they started their act again.

I wish I could write the smallest fraction as well as you could. You just make the interactions seem so natural. It's so sweet and fluffy and I just can't stop a smile from breaking out on my face.

This was amazing, Mono. This was the best thing I could possibly have read tonight, and thank you so much, I am still grinning!

“Twilight! It’s just a fake divorce!”

-And a real political scandal.

I had to laugh reading this, because I no longer have to flail for words describing my own reaction to THE THING, I can just point to the image and nod vigorously.

What a marvelous fic. And that ending's the cherry on top. :rainbowlaugh: Thank you for this.

He peered into his glass. “My wife.”

Fleur spent the night in jail?! What in Equestria did she do?”

“Be herself!” He grinned and raised his glass.

I am forced to invoke Death Of The Author™, because I so desperately need this to be true due to Fleur being a changeling and accidentally getting caught in the middle of some changeling espionage plot she wasn't a part of, and then Fancy bailing her out of jail and helping straighten the mystery out — causing them to rekindle their love as they discover how little it matters who she really is.

…dammit, I have a story I need to publish.

My assumption was that Fleur wasn't able to stop herself from spilling the beans.

I'll have you know I was wildly flailing my arms (metaphorically) while i drove to work.

"Play Sim" will now and forever my most epic keyword of all time.

Absolutely, positively fantastic. Bravo :heart:

When Rarity noticed the desert platter and I caught on I audibly gasped

Glad to see this finally complete. I was present for the beginning and end of the recording, but my listening/reading today is my first time experiencing the middle. I loved the premise ever since you first posted the outline, and you turned it into a joyous story with tons of great characterization and memorable moments. And even then, you saved the best line for last. Plus, among a ton of fluff, you included things like Twilight seriously discussing her concerns with Rarity.

You've talked about making your exit from Pony Fics before, and I think this is absolutely a capstone for your (somewhat) standalone RariTwi lovey dovey stories.

I could've sworn I left a comment somewhere with a lot of good words for this amazing work of art, did it get deleted?

EDIT/P.S: Yes the cover art is good too (well done Jykinturah) but I am referring to the story :twilightblush:

“Twilight! It’s just a fake divorce!”

:rainbowlaugh: :facehoof:

You know that would make for a great idea surrounding another story. It would make for a great tragedy.

Twilight is there with the princesses Sweetie Belle and future generations of Raritys family Twilight is having flashbacks of their lives together ending with Rarity lying on her deathbed and then there is the final moment. Rarity doesn't want Twilight dwelling on her, she wants her to move on and live her life even after Rarity passes and the last line of the memory would be Rarity saying "Remember all those years ago? The night you proposed?" Rarity places a hoof upon Twilights. Fade back to the present at the funeral as Twilight tosses the final Rose onto the coffin as the gravekeeper starts pushing the dirt over it. A sad smile crosses Twilights face, "end simulation."

I am so bad with sad stories that just typing this out made me cry.

Okay, so—
KHM! Yes… Well then! Let's… try again! (heh)

Wow, Mono. Your user description was not misleading... This was so perfect, I loved it! I don't think I've ever done a full circle in that regard, but there's a first time for everything. I guess I hate you now. :duck:

As for the live reading, I've seen comments that claim that it is the best possible way to experience this fic.
You're an amazing writer, Mono. I love everything I've read from you, and I see many people agree with this opinion of mine. You're even known as "RCL's Best Fic Ever Author", which is no small feat.

It is for this reason that I took that comment's recommendation with a pinch of salt; everyone likes you and I don't think they'd tell you that you did just an okay job. With only 1 person doing all voices, I had thought it couldn't really be better than me imagining them while reading. But still, you're reading your own fic, so there is the benefit of hearing the fic the way the author imagined it, not to mention that I knew that the fic itself is gonna be wonderful just because I have witnessed your writing skills before. It won't really be worse that just reading it, I thought.

Sooooo I downloaded the audio to listen to it while on an errand for my girl, and DEAR! FREAKING! STARS! was it WORTH it!!! I was grinning the whole time and had the widest smile while riding the bus. You do Rarity so much justice, and you were so in character! I figured out what was gonna happen, but that did not stop the tears that came with the climax of the story.

And then the fic continued… and I had thought that you should've ended it because going any further wouldn't be worth it after such a perfect culmination. And I was proven wrong again :rainbowlaugh:

You should be proud of yourself, Mono. I would pay to have a physical copy of a book that contains this story. I wish it could be animated! At the very least, please let us currently non-patrons listen to your live readings :applecry: they can be late, but they would be great and totally worth the wait (i'm not doing this on purpose… mate).
And all three of those statements stand true for all your stories I have read so far.

P.S.: You totally sound like a bro (jkjk).

I loved listening to you reading the story, Mono. You have a lovely voice. :twilightsmile::heart::raritywink:

This was the cutest, sweetest, love-doviest, most marvelous story I've read in such a long time!!

Thank you so much Mono! I'm filled with so much love, happiness, and contentment now.

Argh! I really wanted to listen to the audio version, but Nextcloud download keeps failing. Will read soon!

Ok, that was to cute. The fact that I saw it coming a mile away and it didn't lessen the story in the least means the writing was just that good. I had a few worries before reading, and I don't think any of them came to pass. Excellent.
It might also hello that my wife and I have "threatened" to do stuff like this to each other before.

This is almost painfully charming, with a finish that had me grinning. Loved the cameos, and how they tipped the hand so that the reader knew there was more at stake than just going-through-the-motions. Great fun!

The reading is brilliant so far! Hilarious acting!

Finished. This was touching. Really great. X'-D

You do have a pretty good Rarity voice, though I think you got Cadance pretty good too.

“Let me see that.” Twilight took the book back and then matched Rarity’s gasp. “Gosh! You’re right! It does say that! And it also says that somepony is finally going to let me automize her sewing machine!
Automi—Need I remind you what happened lasttime?!

“I won’t give it artificial intelligence this time!”

Is this a reference to chapter 8 of TEL?

Awww, this is very sweet! One thing I really loved is the absolute trust they had in each other going through this whole "simulation". No train wreck, no accidents, no heart-rending misunderstandings. Just love. :twilightsmile:

Lord almighty, this was BEYOND superb. Really heartfelt, cute and all around the warmest, toastiest, most astounding piece of fluff I ever did near choke on. 10/10 would get type 3 diabetes again :D

Holy frigging cow that is the most freaking adorable I can't words.

I seriously feel Twilight's struggle when it comes to getting into the whole role-playing thing. She is better at it than I am, though. I can barely last a couple minutes before I start either laughing or baneposting.

Finally got the audio to download, and listened to it on the drive home.

You really do do Rarity well! This was awfully fun and funny, and I laughed out loud several times.

End comment! :rainbowlaugh:

Well, that's kind of a pain that consuming it as intended is made impossible by my sound card issues.

I'm going to go ahead and point out that the real show has since used the same line at the start of a time-loop.

Great story, warms the cockles of my heart, one thing though. I’m legitimately surprised Twilight “Moral Ambiguity” Sparkle didn’t at least suggest memory alteration for the duration of the sim.

Author Interviewer

This had me on the floor. XD

“Rarity,” Twilight said, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

I KNEW ITTTT I knew itI knew itI knew itI knew itI knew itI knew itI knew ittttt!!!!!!!!!

Haaaa I figured it out when she said she would be the one to tell their friends, and then all the preparations, and keeping Rarity in the dark... AAAAAAAAAA I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT SO MUUUUCCCHHHHH


This was perfect Mono.

Thank you for writing and for the smile on my face.

I'll need a bamboozle a certain somepony into giving this a try sometime, hmm?

Omg! This is so heckin cute!!

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