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After Queen Rarity once more rejects the advances of one of the many noble ponies who seek her affection, Princess Sweetie Belle finds out that her sister is secretly in-love with somepony else, thus her heart-breaking streak. Alone in the throne room with her sister and the royal body guard, Twilight Sparkle, the young princess decides that she's going to find out the identity of Rarity's secret crush, no matter what.

Part of the Bodyguard!AU Series, based on Earthsong9405's AU where Twilight is the bodyguard to a "Princess/Queen Rarity". Prior knowledge of the AU is not necessary to read the story.

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This was just sooo sweet!!! I love it! Rarilight is my OTP.

Oh, and I love Earthsong's art style. Although I see Twilight as male in that drawing due to the difference in height, horn, and overall physical differces.


Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it! And yeah haha I initially thought Twi was male in the drawing, but I went for mare in the end because of her eyelashes? In any case, thank you for the comment ahhh :twilightsmile:

*in a whisper*

Does anyone else want more?

Cause this would make an interesting AU

This was a good read. For some reason, it reminds me of an incredibly obscure anime that I can't name.

Always nice to see a good Rarilight pop up. There aren't that many out there. My only complaint is that this was a one-shot. Really left me wanting more.

I can only echo the sentiments of the others. There is far too little good Rarilight, and since it is my favorite pairing among the mane six, I loved this. While I have to admit the sad tag combined with my need for happy endings in stories kept me from reading Injuring Eternity, I loved this one, and I hope to see more Rarilight from you.

4503375 Also, Twi was a female in that picture. The artist said so.

Ah, thank you so much! And yes, RariLight is my absolute favorite pairing and it's really discouraging how unpopular it is. I have a few more stories, but unfortunately a lot of them are drabbles so they end being posted on my tumblr account rather than here due to the 1000wmin thing. I do have some other one-shots planned out, so stay tuned for those?

As for Injuring Eternity, while it does have a bittersweet happy ending.... It's a combination of nice and sad moments, but there is a lot of tugging of the heartstring, so yeah, you probably should avoid it ehehe Though, I have to admit that it holds a special place in my heart because it got me out of a one-year long writer's block and because rarilight.

Ah, thanks! I'm glad you liked it!! And ahaha it seems like people were left wanting more, so I might go back to this AU if inspiration strikes or if I get an idea for plot.

Thank you! And ah, it's too bad you don't remember because now I'm rather curious about what anime it is haha

Ahh yeah, I even kind of want to go back to this AU, but it was Earthsongs9405 thing and I guess I'll go back to it if she ever gives out more info on her au?

Only one thing, Chrome: Why not use the pic that inspired the fic for a cover?

Also, loved it. :eeyup:

why does it have to be completed already!:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:
can't you make it LONGER???:duck:
it is WAY TOO good to be short...:twilightblush:

An interesting spin with an alternate universe side to it, plus a good shipping along with some comedy. I loved it! :twilightblush:

When she mentioned she had the potential to slay an ursa major, I instantly knew it was Twilight. I'm just that good at guessing characters. Not really. I'm not that good. OK I'm awful. I like that ending. Funny ending. I like it.:scootangel:

"Can't think of anypony who fits the description except for Twilight." Sweetie shrugged and looked back at the two mares. "I'll figure it out, though! Apple Bloom knows everypony in the castle, so she might help. Anyway, see you for dinner, Sis! Bye, Twilight!"


Oh Sweetie. Good thing she's pretty.

Anyway, this could be the start of an interesting AU.

Hm, I never really liked RarityxTwi.
Looks like this fanfiction had me another thought coming! This is AWESOME!! :pinkiehappy:

what is wrong with their legs.

The artist, Earthsong, uses a slightly more realistic style tyan the most common one, so he... she? I recall it's a she. Well, she draws skinnier, horse like legs rather than the "stumpy" ones of the cartoon. Plus, this was meant to be only a sketch.

4516819 maybe, but even real horses have legs thicker than the ones on that Rarity.

Hah, I enjoyed this a lot, well done.

Well, for a moment there when :unsuresweetie: left with that comment on t secret luv qualties matchin up to :twilightsmile: but, she still thought it wasn't her i was lik 'seriously? :ajbemused:'. Yet, once she came back n' was all happy for those two i was glad :yay:. Altho i'm not sure that sweets will keep their secret for very long tho :duck:. Anyways rares' comment at t end reminded me of how she'd flirt with future twi in Injuring Eternity :rainbowlaugh:. So, besides this bein a lil short for my taste; it was lovely :pinkiehappy:

Do you know how much I hate Rarilight? Well, you should, because it's not at all. There are not enough Rarilight ships. Time to give this a read-a-lead.

And I was not disappointed. This could (read: should) easily be a series.

I don't usually ship this, but the premise was too good to ignore.

Sweet, sweet, naïvety

This was a great little fic. Twilight and Rarity have a wonderful dynamic with each other and Sweetie Bell was appropriately adorable.

My only issue would be that I found the wording in one section to be a bit repetitive.

Standing in front of Rarity's throne in the throne room, the smiling stallion bowed down.

Rarity, gracefully sitting atop her throne, smiled back at the stallion.

Here you use throne three times within two sentences. If he's standing before her throne it would imply to me the he was in the throne room. I don't know if it's necessary for you to explicitly state that here. Honestly its not even that big a deal but it did trip me up a bit and cause me to reread that section again. The rest of the fic reads just fine but for some reason it really messed up my flow.

Also after going back to check the context of the above quote I noticed that you use "besides her" instead of "beside her" when you're detailing the visitors Rarity sometimes gets. "Besides her" sounds like there isn't anyone to rule the kingdom but her, while "Beside her" sounds more appropriate in my head as it implies someone to rule next to her.

Just some thoughts, keep up the good work and I will certainly be keeping my eye out for any other stories set in this AU.

Hm, a miniseries of this would be interesting. Not necessarily a full story, but maybe silly tidbits about day-to-day life in the castle. Maybe some adventure and excitement from time to time, as well. This setting has potential, I think. What I really want to know is what Fluttershy's position is.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

And yeah hahaha I have to admit that that particular paragraph felt wrong to me as well, but I didn't quite know how to fix it! Your suggestion was perfect, though! And thank you really for taking the time to point that out. I don't have a beta reader (I have pre-readers but none of them do grammar and syntax corrections) so it really helps me when someone corrects me. Hopefully, I'll find a beta soon though whoops


Well, a mini-series is in the works! Mostly because people kept asking for it, and I kept saying no, but then I got an idea, and then another and now all I can think of is cute ideas for the AU.

As for Flutters, this is all based on the artists AU so maybe you might be interested in checking out her page? If not, Fluttershy is essentially Rares's best friend and is also royalty to some degree.

I've been watching this AU develop with interest. I think you're probably responsible for putting a lot of the flesh on its bones with these shorts.


Ahh, thank you!

But I don't know if I can really be responsible for that! A lot of other great writers are also contributing to the AU so it's mostly a collaborative effort?

If anything, I take slight credit for a small amount of the attention it's getting RariLight wise because I haven't really written about the other characters in the AU. I'd feel bad but man, even in this AU, which is primarily RariTwi, I notice the other ships get more attention.

Shipping Rarilight is suffering, I tell you.

In any case, thank you so much for saying that, though! I still have at least one more story to write regarding this AU, and who knows? Maybe I'll write another one if inspiration strikes or if EarthSong posts another AU!RariTwi picture that inspires me.

Mhh. I demand moar, because this is a really cute and awesome Rarilight you've got there. :twilightsheepish::heart::raritywink:

The difference in social status makes this more interesting. I wonder if Twi's family is still respected like in the show (with Shining Armor as captain of Royal Guard and later a husband to a Princess and whatnot).

4503771 Then check out the artist! She's got a bunch more pictures with snippets of story attached to them! I'd expand upon the universe myself if I thought I were up to the task...

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This was great :rainbowlaugh:

Incidentally, I have a feeling I'm going to notification-bomb you today

I see some familiar faces in the comments here. No surprise.

Anyway, I think this was the first story of yours I read. And I got hooked.

ha! I just got to your page through this story https://www.fimfiction.net/story/5168/who-we-are-is-who-we-used-to-be through my Dinyx. Trying to see how many people I know I can bump into through a single story of mine. These very odd gateways lead me to Rarilight, and not just any Rarilight but YOURS!

This feature is working rather well. :3

Time to story hop again! (after throwing this one onto my reader)

As a reader, I'm having too much fun with this new system. But it needs more work so it doesn't keep spamming you with stuff you've read or already have queued up in your library. Oh well, it can only get better from here!

Hope to see more of that Enchanted Library universe someday!

Sweety Bell it took you that long ha and it was so sweet and kind I love it is there more like this:pinkiehappy:

I know I'm about a year late with this, but... You call the unicorn noble Nightshade in the second chapter, then he's renamed Nightshine for the rest of the time he's mentioned. Only real complaint with this.

Really like the story: It's sweet, cute, and the perfect length for a one-shot.

too be perfectly fair from a historical standpoint the idea that only royalty could marry royalty is seldom used except in times where the advantage is necessary, the majority of historical monarchys didn't have such a policy.


There are Monochromatic RariLight fics... that I haven't read? This website just became an even more beautiful place than usual.

I must say after reading this I have found myself both in love with this pairing and your writing! I will be reading more of your stories from now on :yay:

Just keeled over and died from diabeetus. This is SO FLUFFY!

God that artwork is so good

God this fic is so good

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