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This story is a sequel to Sleeping Arrangements

It's one thing to have a bodyguard as beautiful as she is deadly. It's another thing entirely to be hopelessly in love with her.

Part of the Bodyguard!AU Series, based on Earthsong9405's AU where Twilight is the bodyguard to a "Princess/Queen Rarity". Prior knowledge of the AU is not necessary to read the story, but some knowledge helps.

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HAHA the one time I don't check to see if the document got formatted correctly is the one time it gets completely wrecked.

"Yes, I know, " Rarity replied, moving to the bed and pulling back the covers, "which is why I said go to bed , and not to sleep. Though I sincerely believe beauty sleep won't hurt you, I'm also tired of pretending I don't notice you using your hornlight to read books under the covers." The guard lifted a pillow and revealed the book hidden beneath, which she promptly inspected, her mouth slipping open to let out a gasp of giggly surprise. "Your Highness! La Princesse? And you said you didn't want to read my silly romance novels!"

What you did there, see it, I did.

also I don't think I've ever shamelessly plugged a story within a story more than I just plugged La Princesse.

“And, worst of all,” the bodyguard concluded, “you have slightly inconvenienced me.”


“It’s—It’s doesn’t work that way,”

you sure about that? O.o

Curse you, Mono. wipes away tear

That was beautiful.

ALSO haha for those of you who've read TEL, watch as I never miss a shot to imply Professor Awe is a conspiracy theorist.

A beautifully woven story, and the epilogue adds so much to it. Thank you for a wonderful look at two timelines.

Awe, I really needed this RariTwi stuff. You've converted me from TwiDash to RariTwi, help.

You know there was once a time where I did not care for all the shipping that this fandom loves to do and yet now I find myself practically squealing with glee over things like this.
What the hell happened? :twilightsheepish::raritywink:

Thanks again for a wonderful story. Loved it.

Majin Syeekoh

I like stories that you write, and this is no exception.:heart:

Brilliant. As brilliant as Rarity's cutie mark and no doubt her blade.

As much as I like TEL, I would be very sad indeed if this series ended before all was told.

Rarity, darling, how can someone so good with words be so incredibly cheesy. :rainbowlaugh:

It's funny, whenever I see a RariTwi story in the feature box, I always assume it's a Monochromatic story before even looking at the author's name, and I'm almost always right.

what can I say, I don't hide how much I love my OTP

aaahg i love it !, is great and the ending makes everything so much better. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

hello friend, i'm right below you in the box! :O

you'll get another comment with thoughts on your sweet story too! (reading right now~)

Oh man my heart, that's so cute and fluffy but yet dramatic and exciting. My heart raced, and I think I died.
Wonderful little twist of the original AU. fantastically written as always. You spoil your readers. Well done, well done indeed.

If Twilight had ever learned anything from being petty, it was that the satisfaction of it was short-lived.

I want to stamp this quote into the heads of every writer who has ever lived, particularly that of dumb sitcoms.

And done!

And I might not choose TEL.

Why not both? Or... whatever the rules for RariTwi AUs are.

Anyway, lovely story! Sassy Rarity fighting was fabulous. As always, the story was well-written and silly, fun, and sappy too! The only nitpicks I have are the guards being called 'men' instead of stallions or something that made sense for the setting. The other would be the rating itself. A thwarted attempt on Princess Twilight's life, light innuendo, and a couple other things all suggest this should have a 'T' rating.

It was nice to read something new by you though! :)

And happy 40th story!


One day our dear Mono shall write an epic on this universe, telling the story of the official engagement and their marriage, with the world spanning adventure they need to undertake for it.

And I am torn between wanting TEK to end quickly for that and wanting for it to never end. Mono is an evil enchantress like that :rainbowwild:

Longer version of La Princesse with at least 23 chapters when?

I'm not saying I love Bodyguard!AU with my life and soul, but if for some reason I had to forcibly choose between The Enchanted Library Universe and Bodyguard AU knowing I could never write for the other AU again, I would hesitate.

And I might not choose TEL.

And I would be okay with that. Mostly

(magnificent story, but now I want to see bodyguard Twilight fight for Princess Rarity)

Bonus scene:

If Rarity could be honest with herself, Rainbow needed much more than just her muscles and wings to make it survive the Royal Guard Academy. Oh, sure, she could fend off half a dozen assailants at once and still come out physically fit enough to fly with the Wonderbolts-and that was before the Pegasus enrolled in the school-but with no knowledge of proper protocol or recognising when a foreign dignitary was friendly or malevolent, Rainbow behaved less like a refined guard and more like an unruly and crude mercernary.

"Now," A pale, grey pill half the size of a bit was held in a light pink aura of magic, with Shining Armor pacing around the front of the classroom. "This is a last resort tool every half-decent assassin brings with them when they are on missions. This pill, when swallowed, will bring painless death in about 20 seconds."

"Are there any questions?"

Rainbow snapped out of her reverie, her eyes trained on the object like a hawk. "Yeah! How do we get them to use it?"

That day, Rarity learnt that a unicorn could get their horn stuck in a table if they facedesked hard enough.

if they found themselves in some alternate dimension, Rarity would make a fine princess

Yeah, if.

Actual record of the Discord transcript while editing this story:

Monochromatic-Yesterday at 12:39 PM

im still debating whether
going with the reveal or not that this is all Princess Rarity INTENSELY describing her fantasies on being Twi's bodyguard

Violet Amaryllis in the Closet-Yesterday at 12:40 PM

Do it as a bonus chapter.

Monochromatic-Yesterday at 12:40 PM

bonus chapter might be good

Dreamlag-Yesterday at 12:40 PM

I do like the intense description idea.

Guldane-Yesterday at 12:41 PM

Say it can be "canon" or not depending on whether or not you like it :-P

Violet Amaryllis in the Closet-Yesterday at 12:41 PM

And then Bodyguard Twilight snaps her out of it, claiming she has to meet the actual Duke Sands.

Monochromatic-Yesterday at 12:41 PM

"you havent even met him and already you;re calling him an assassin"

Violet Amaryllis in the Closet-Yesterday at 12:42 PM

"He's killing the amount of time I could spend with you by that much!"

Monochromatic-Yesterday at 12:42 PM

thats so good


(magnificent story, but now I want to see bodyguard Twilight fight for Princess Rarity)

I second the motion.

Mono, I beg of thee, make a fic where bodyguard Twilight defends Rarity from a dastardly attempt on her life! :fluttershysad:

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Badass!Rarity pleases meeeeeee. :raritystarry:

Ok so finally got around to the last little addition and I have to say without even a little ounce of doubt that you somehow took an already adorable story, and made it twice as cute. Referencing the other fics, the banter, the fluffy kisses and suave princess and UGH Mono you're an artist.

I love the way you write Raritwi way to much. Im pretty sure it is unhealthy at this point.

I need to start useing discord again. Im missing out on gold.

Comment posted by B_25 deleted Jan 10th, 2018

So I now await an extended, 'author's original version of La Princesse. Until then, Bodyguard AU is more than sufficient. The inversion here was really interesting to wrap my head around... I feel like an inverted version of the princess first choosing her bodyguard would be a lot of fun. The original, whose exact name escapes me, was great with Rarity sneaking up on Twilight mid-book. I wonder how the inverse would go.

The thing is, I can fully see these two capably fulfilling either role. Rarity as the noble lady knight here plays every bit as well as Twilight in the same place. Twilight comes across as more consummate guard (create your own consummation joke) to Rarity's spoiled sweet princess, but both set ups work. So that's me saying good work on characterization here; it helped me along in the early going when I was trying to figure out AU opposite day.

Always nice to revisit this AU, so thank you, Mono! See ya next go round.

-hurk- my heart can't handle this amount of pure unadulterated fluff. Kill me mono, kill me with your pure emotions.

Six assassination attempts? This is not a pleasant version of Equestria... :fluttercry:

That was just adorable
Really good conclusion to a action packed chapter

Ah, I see. All those assassinations were Rarity, as usual, being overly dramatic. :twilightsmile:

You know, for someone who's survived five prior assassination attempts, Twilight is incredibly fucking dumb in this story. It seriously detracts from an otherwise lovely piece of writing.

Comment posted by Violet Rose in The Rain deleted Jan 10th, 2018

There was a point in the beginning of this story when I would not have been surprised if Twilight wrapped herself around Rarity and hissed at the duke. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, if you read on to the next chapter, you would find out that this is a story that Princess Rarity was telling Bodyguard Twilight. As such, a lot of things are overly exaggerated, and even Twilight makes a point to indicate that the story has many plot holes. It is a simple case of unreliable narrator where Rarity has made herself seem a dashing hero, and not a case of Twilight being “fucking stupid”.

As a story approver . being staff you should NOT make comments on stories IN the comments of THAT story......

Majin Syeekoh

I personally don’t see how me being a story approver is relevant to expressing my enjoyment of a story. If you would care to clarify how my position on this site somehow excludes me from telling Monochromatic that she wrote a wonderful, moving work of fiction, I’d like to know so we can understand each other better.

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