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This story is a sequel to The Princess's Gift

Twilight takes her duties as Princess Rarity's bodyguard seriously. She will follow her into battle, into long and tiresome meetings, and into the occasional ball.

Unfortunately for her, it's difficult to protect a princess in a sea of costumed ponies when you have no idea which one of them is the princess.

Part of the Bodyguard!AU Series, based on Earthsong9405's AU where Twilight is the bodyguard to a "Princess/Queen Rarity". Prior knowledge of the AU is not necessary to read the story.

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Somehow I knew you'd have more for this particular AU.

~Skeeter The Lurker

You're publishing so many things I can hardly keep up! :rainbowlaugh: Later! I'll get to this later...whenever that may be! :twilightblush:


I have so many Bodyguard!AU stories in my draft folder, it's ridiculous.


omg,,, sorry, Ice,,, when you gotta write fluff, you just gotta write fluff o:


From the little you've told me, you could easily match some of the more prolific writers word count for word count with what's in that thing.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Ahhhhh, a some sort of royal ball fic huh?

7275954 And when you gotta use '...' you use ',,,'. Don't worry, I'll get to this soon.


Ok. So.

Dash is merc, Applejack is also a guard(?), and Fluttershy is a handmaiden?

So, what's Pinkie? The court jester?

I can roll with that.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Of sorts, yes. :trollestia:


LMAO, SHE IS, ACTUALLY. I didn't have a space to fit Pinkie the jester in, though, but maybe next time. But yeah, I've been trying to sorta stick to Earthsong's canon, and she had Dash, AJ and Pinkie in those positions!

At least, I think she had Pinkie as a jester :trixieshiftleft:

And the wave of your Rartwi continued unopposed good sir. I think the day you stop writing stories for this ship it will be a sign the world is going to end soon.

Well onto my read later list this goes as I have too many fics I'm.currently reading but simply have to read your work as your one of the best romance authors I have found (I don't normally like romance centerrd storied so that is a big compliment from me)

This pleases me mightily.

“And besides, we’ll both have much more serious things to worry about soon.”
Twilight blinked. “What? What do you mean, ‘we’ll have much more serious things to worry about’?” she asked, heart thumping in her chest. “Is something going to happen? Is something wrong? Do I need to get other guar—”


This however was pretty ominous. My breath caught and I had flashbacks to that La Princesse story.


Shh, don't worry, that won't happen here. No more tragic RariTwi for a while, I promise.

speaking of La Princesse, though, I have a 15k word unedited BG!AU that toys around the same theme except, in this one, Rarity's parents do succeed with marrying her off AND DELICIOUS DRAMA, though I'll never actually post it because I'd have to write like... 30k of backstory and I have no time. So you may all rest easy. For now.

LOVE this!!!:heart:



~Skeeter The Lurker

7276004 that would hurt me a lot

Like a ton

I would be devastated

please don't do that

I'm curious how you would handle it tho argh. I know what I would do--I'm a bastard so I would have Twilight question the entire arrangment from its inception and consider very seriously if it was always not what she had thought.


Don't worry, I won't.

Though, regarding your spoiler tag, my version does have a scene where Twilight stages an assassination attempt, even though she knows that's enough to get herself executed, just so she can get Rarity alone so she'll get the truth out of Rarity's mouth. DRAMA. I LOVE IT.

7276070 You're...

You're a


Unfortunately for her, it's difficult to protect a princess in a sea of costumed ponies when you have no idea which one one of them is the princess.

You repeated a word twice here.

That said, I'm going to read the story.

Ahh, thank you!! I've corrected it now o:

Skeeter, I do not lack motivation. The question here is, are you all ready for pain? :trixieshiftleft:

Thank youuuuu! I'm glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

God, the day I stop writing RariTwi will be a damn miracle at this rate omg

And thank you! I'm glad you like my stories despite not always liking shippy stuff! Hopefully I'll be able to keep that up o:

Fin? What do you think you're doing?!? That's not a Fin! That's a To Be Continued at least! You can't just stop in the middle! We need more.

7276123 justkeep doing wwhat you're doing and I'l probabaky enjoy it.:raritywink::twilightsmile:

....Never stop, Mono. :pinkiesad2:

sit down you casual piece of raritwi trash

actually no pls continue :))

Amazing as always, I especially love your dialogue between Rarity and Twilight. Also, Twilight freaking out and going on dictionary toned monologues is fantatisc.

You keep writing these things, and honestly I'm worried about my health from all this adorableness.

I eagerly await more.

Nothing's better than starting your birthday with a cute little RariTwi fic. Thank you!

(excluding Fancy pants)

I love capitalization.

Also, should I feel guilty about not having read all of your stories?

I find myself surprisingly intrigued by Bodyguard Twilight. Better go read the original story, heh.

And bug Karrakaz about his AU. :raritywink:

You just gain a 'Like', 'Favourite' and a 'Stalker' 'Follower'. I love :heart: this story!

MFW All I saw was Twilito Mask with a Rarity princess of the moon kingdom having that moment where they SPARK, locking eyes for the first real time.

By the power of Rarity's moony behind, she shall punish those who would threaten love and peace!
Moon~ Rarity~ Tiara~!

I need sleep like yesterday. But here I am about to read this story instead. Lova ya Mono, keep these coming! (as if you needed anyone telling you to do what you live for!)

I need another fluffshot.

And leave the bottle too!

I need to check out that story now if it has all these ships. Why does Earthsong sound so familiar to me though?

Please tell me there will be more. I could use more of this universe.

Yay for more fluff. It's nice that they finally kissed in this AU. So much flirting back and forth between them in other stories but now we see an actual confirmation of attraction. You find the perfect pictures for your stories as well. Keep up the great work.

Don't be ridiculous! Earthsong wrote all the detailed complicated bits, and you write a light fun stuff. And it's swoony as always.

I love the idea of masquerade balls, I wish i could go to one for real sometime.

This was really cute and fluffy and I loved it

:pinkiecrazy: Mono you're like everybody's favorite dealer when the drug of choice is fluffy RariTwi.

Flustered bodyguard Twilight is best Twilight.


Yes. Yes you should.

Go and fix this horrendous mistake now.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Oh, Rarity, bad idea! Somepony's going to notice! With Twilight being somepony to talk to (rather than the wall decoration a proper guard should be as unnoticeable as), ponies would be taking note of her mask along with all the others to keep up with the gossip and political shifts.

How do masquerades even work here? I suppose a dress would cover the cutie mark, but manes and coat color would still give ponies' identities away--especially those with enough importance that people would recognize them on sight.

Haha! I read it. Great work! I'm sure Earthsong would be glad to read these, he/she may make the lore but you bring these two to life with your words. :heart:

I love this AU, but I'd also love the reverse: Rarity as tutor and counsel to newly crowned Princess Twilight Sparkle. I'd imagine it being something like their relationship starting out rocky, because Rarity dreampt her whole life of joining royalty, only to be saddled with instead ensuring that this bookish, awkward and unrefined pony who ascended to princess and alicornhood be made into someone graceful, elegant, fashionable and politically savvy. And the worst part of it is that this pony is so ungrateful, doesn't even care about the riches and opportunities and glamour she has been granted, which Rarity has worked so hard for yet been denied. She just wants to retreat to her library and read her books! On the other hoof, Twilight herself is awestruck with her new position, not sure of herself as a princess or if it is even what she wants, and so simultaneously intimidated by and instantly hopelessly in love with her gorgeous and terrifyingly perfect and poised Tutor that she'd rather try and learn this all from a book, thanks.

7278687 Wow, that sounds pretty fun.

It's not required but you should read them anyway.
Also exactly what I love seeing right before bed. Keep up the RariTwi!

so is rarity waiting for her father to die or is she actualy going to publicly make this a thing sometime soon?

Wow you come up with the simplest RariTwi stories and I just love reading them:twilightsmile: Don't feel bad about making mainly RariTwi...it just lets us(fans) see how much you love RariTwi:raritywink:

Congrats on feature boxing at #3 at 11pm PST Sunday. Very easy to read story. Decided to follow you because of it.

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