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Discord was known to be the best phonetics professor in Canterlot. Upon meeting a Cockney mare named Fluttershy, he is repulsed by her horrible accent and mannerisms. A stallion by the name Fancy Pants placed a bet with him if he could turn the flower filly into a lady fit to attend the Grand Galloping Gala.

But Discord had his own secret, hidden away by his pony disguise. Will Fluttershy be the first to know his secret?

What will become of Fluttershy? Does Discord fail, or does he succeed in turning Fluttershy into a mare to be envied?

*Based on the musical My Fair Lady

*Contains ships Discord x Fluttershy and Fancy Pants x Rarity.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 23 )

So why is the being resubmitted? I've seen it before on new stories.

i made a new chapter entirely. the last one was a different story that I deleted that was just a preview of this story.

Actually, did you know "My Fair Lady" was based on a play by George Bernard Shaw called "Pygmalion?"

yeah, I love both stories

Well, congrats, you got me hooked on this story with that alone. (Also, I like Fluttercord)

Thank you so much :) omg I just realized there’s only one like on this story and I have three people saying they like the story ;-;

But I hope you’ll enjoy the rest when I have more chapters published :)

I think your story idea is good, and the story itself is good and I would like a sequl or maybe even a trilogy or prequl

A pony version of Pygmalion/My Fair Lady? I'm excited to see where this goes.


Hmm maybe I might eventually

I hope this gets updated asap! Can't wait. @horrorpony, @ErisEntropy, @nancyneigh @hannahHooves this is the one I was talkin bout guys! Check it out!

I hope this isn't one of those stories that never gets updated cause I can't wait for more tbh!

I'm a sucker for any musical inspired stuff

It’ll be updated in the next week. I’m having a small problem where I can’t write anything I like lmao! But I’ll get an update soon

So far, so good!

I love how much of a tool Discord is in this. I only know the basic plot of My Fair Lady so I'm reading this with fresh eyes. Nice work so far.

Thank you! I suggest maybe watching the musical because it’s amazing. And yeah, Discord/Higgins is such a tool throughout the whole story

Oh, Lord, PLEASE keep going! I LOVE My Fair Lady and I love the way you've given Fluttershy a backstory and gotten into her head and heart.:heart:

aaAAAA i absolutely love this! i really hope you continue this! (and i'll definitely try to watch "My Fair Lady" because of this)

Apparently sometime last year I had been writing a review for your My Fair Fluttershy (Preview), but ended up saving it to document without posting for some reason. Anyways, here you go:

This was rather engaging! And what a delightful idea! I enjoyed this little sneak peak. I especially liked how you actually showed her applying for the job at the flower shop - I've only seen versions of the story where it was mentioned. One thing I do suggest though, is writing out Fluttershy's cockney accent so that we get a better sense of the way it sounds and just how she's improved as the story progresses. Anyways, this has potential. Thanks for sharing! :pinkiehappy:

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