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After being shipwrecked in Illyrimane, Applejack disguises herself as a stallion so she can make her own way into the world and serves the Duke Spike, who sends her to woo the Lady Rarity for him. Applejack is soon shocked to discover that the unicorn has fallen for her instead!

How will she untie this tangled knot? More importantly, how will she win the dragon she loves when he thinks she's a boy?

Based on William Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night.

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Sounds mighty interesting :twilightsmile:
I shall keep my tabs on this story, hope to see more :raritywink:

the world needs more AppleSpike; thanks for bringing more of this great pairing to this site.

I just did a paper on this for British literature. Freaky, but good work.

:yay: yay that was good I cant wait for the next chapter :ajsmug:

Oh my gosh this is BRILLIANT!

I actually really liked the original story so I'll add this to my read later list I love ponified Shakespeare.

Yay, Twelfth Night ponified. I look forward to this little trip.

:yay:Yay a futtercord in this story

Love the story!
Looking forward to what happens next!
Liked and faved and all that good stuff.

This is really brilliant writing. Never stop. The grammar is really good as well (Not that I was paying attention; I was too into the story) And I love all the ideas. Thank you for writing this! This site needs Shakespony!



This site needs Shakespony!

Agreed 100%. This is rather brilliant, and I can't wait to see things unfold. :rainbowlaugh:

I love seeing Applejack and Spike in such roles. I can't wait to see what happens next. :pinkiehappy:

Instant fav! I too am writing a Shakespeare/MLP crossover!

Can't wait for zhe next chapter. :raritydespair:

This is just getting better and better!

I am enjoying every wacky word of this. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, and now the fun REALLY begins. Or at least, I assume it does, because I never read the original work that this was based on. I should really fix that one of these days...

"Oh, what a stupid mare I am! I didn't even learn his name!"

I may be stupid enough to forget some stuff, but a NAME!

That beginning was hilarious and at the end u good applejack
keep on write :pinkiehappy: cant wait to see the next chapter

Please, hurry, continue.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::moustache::moustache::moustache::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry:

This looks interesting... I liked reading Twelfth Night, it was a fun play. oh my god, you picked like the perfect characters to do this with, they match up perfectly to the ones in the play. What I'm really curious about is ¿who will be Malvolio? he was my fave in the original. Welp; not gonna find out just sitting here.

3470035 It's explained in chapter 4

This is pretty good read. Now, to wait or spoil myself by reading the original play? Hmm, maybe afterwards to see how they match up.

3470126 yeah, I couldn't help myself and skipped there. I couldn't exactly remember when Malvolio showed up in the play but that title seemed like a connection so I clicked there. And I have to say that is quite an interesting choice. This is very entertaining; very much like the original ^^

Loved Twelfth Night (and played Sir Toby in a production once), and I shall love this

Oh, pony... AppleJaqueline is in problems.:facehoof:

Did RainbowDash disguises herself as a stallion too? Would She like Soarin?

who is it? Fluttershy? I'm soooo confuzzled now:facehoof:

3475544 after posting that comment I realized that the servant I thought was Malvolio couldn't have been Malvolio because Applejack was still at the Dukes house, not Rarity's :facehoof: yeah that was a very stupid mistake on my part. Which means I have to go back and reread chapter 4 so I don't confuse myself further.


tell me who it is when you find out?:twilightsmile:

3479787 Okay, just to clear things up, Malvolio is Cranky.

3479787 Well I reread the entire thing, and realized how painfully obvious it is. Go reread it; not just to find out, but to have a good laugh. Chap 4 has one of my most favorite parts in the entire play: the battle between Feste, Lady Olivia, and Malvolio. Absolutely priceless, even as ponies. To answer your other question: Fluttershy is supposed to be Maria, while Discord is supposed to be Sir Toby Belch, at least that's what I got from how they played off each other.
There was also an authors note, that I didn't notice the first time around, telling us, so....


I realized that and i felt really stupid! hehe:rainbowkiss:

This is giving me jollies!

I see the influence of the movie in this. Which is funny, because I just finished watching it today! :rainbowlaugh: This is brilliant! I will definitely be faving this. :raritystarry:

Poor Applejack; first she loses two bits because Pinkie, then Rarity starts hitting on her, and then she sees her boss naked...

I want to feel sorry for her, but I still find it amusing. Great job :twilightsmile:

Applejack stiffened. "Ya want me to...help him...bath?!"


And I knew there were influences from the movie! Again, great job!

3592348 Oh no, I did that on purpose. She's so flabbergasted she's not saying her sentences right.

Great chapter can't wait for the next one:pinkiehappy:

i love how this is going, can't wait for more. :heart:

caant wait for more! ireally adooooooore your stories :heart: :raritystarry:

The donky gulped and nodded dumbly.

It is donkey!

Really, you spelt it right before!

That is the only thing I could find. Keep up the good work!

BTW: I love this chapter!

great chapter can't wait for the next one

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