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Since the Timberwolf incident, Applejack hasn't been feeling well. She can't eat, she can't sleep and she's not sure why.

Little does she realize that she's suffering from the deadliest disease of all: love.

But who is she pining for?

Melodramatic reading by BigApplePie.

Fan Art by byLisboa

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Poor Applejack:fluttercry:.

We've all been through this. It hurts.


Well this is one spiked apple.

Lokimen #3 · Oct 7th, 2013 · · 1 ·


Sorry but you asked for it :derpytongue2:.

Wow! I liked it a lot. :twilightsmile:
Kind of a sad-ish ending, but I like that it's not some cliche lovey-dovey kissy-kissy goo ending.

3315939 Fine I'll give you that, but I won't wear them.

I went into this expecting some sweetness and fun. Not this. :pinkiesad2:

Well-written, but dang....

Also, I feel you should add a Sad tag to this. Let readers know what they're getting into.

Aww that was cute an applespike stories :ajsmug::heart::moustache:

damn... I want moar... but its complete. :pinkiesad2:

3316181 Well, I do plan on writing a multi-chapter AppleSpike fic in the future.:moustache::heart::ajsmug:

3316198 Your awesome and never stop being awesome. :moustache:

We've all been through this. It hurts.

Like a bitch

YES! More Applespike! :moustache::heart::ajsmug:

"We've all been through this."
Ain't it the truth....

This tale should at least have a continuation as It just can't end like that.:ajbemused:

I mean just....wow and it does make some sense considering the various Applejack and Spike scenes together. :ajsmug:

Nice idea for a great tale like this one.

3316662 I do believe there is, it is Discord with a game show.

poor applejack javascript:smilie(':applecry:');

Who is she pining for?

*Looks at the main characters in the story*
*Glances from side to side*
*Adds to RL list*

:3 This made me feel happy :D you miss, are a very great writer! I enjoy your stories, especially The Bride of Discord, you made me ship Flutters and DIscord & you made me ship AJ and Spike. I tip my hat to you madam. :pinkiehappy: Keep doing what you're doing and never stop writing! :D

This story can't be complete?! The ending just hurt so much!
Please author, there must be another way to end this better. :applecry:

3316662 It doesn't really end. This is sort of a prequel to my other fics, but it can be cannon.

We've all been through this. It hurts.

And to think, I was having such a good night before I remembered just how much it can hurt.

Wonderful job on this.

I am a man of solid morals and high self esteem. That being said, I actually cried. Not only do I know the feeling, I have experienced it all of less than a month ago. Deeply caring for someone, and knowing that they are happily with someone else. All one can really do is hold it back and try to be truly happy. If you can't do that, then you would never have been good enough to begin with. I hate it when I get emotional like this. A story, a tale that will forever be in the making, only with a different cast each and every time. To all of those out there who are suffering from this as well, remember that loving someone means knowing when to let go.

Thank you for taking this story in a serious, if not still friendly manner. You not only get a favorite from me, but a heart felt thank you. Have a wonderful day and good luck in your life.:fluttercry:

I've been through this... sort of... on the other side of the equation, if you will.

Meaning I was Spike.

I've had girls who liked me, and then I blew it by not noticing and missing my chance. I have actually unintentionally friendzoned girls before.

It sucks looking back on it.

Comment posted by Eternal Aviator deleted Oct 9th, 2013

Man that hurt, but she still has a chance to make this right.

*Sees complete tag*


But seriously, that was adorable.

pretty pretty please continue this.:fluttershysad:

As soon as she said morning sickness, I thought of this.
:twilightoops: "Applejack, you aren't pregnant are you?"
:ajbemused: "Really Twilight?"

Eh It hurts but I think that It was crush every time I got in that situation. The feeling didn't last.

Near the end I saw the author's note and was like, "Yes! It's gonna be now! DO IT!" :pinkiecrazy:

Then I got to the end and was like, "Wait! This has a "complete" status...WHAT?!"

No! Noo!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! :raritycry:

WHY?! :raritydespair:


Lawpony approves :rainbowdetermined2:

*upvotes* :twistnerd:

I don't know about apple soup but there's a Chinese recipe for pear soup. Least I think it's Chinese. My mom always makes it as an alternative to cough syrup and it tastes just as good:pinkiesick:

Oh, and nice story.

3317583 I know that feeling all too well.. my sympathies :applejackunsure:

well should of expected that with the sad tag. heh. Good read... I guess.

My only problem with it? The whole reason why you even are qualified for the sad tag is because you decided to cut things short. It felt like Applejack acted the way she did for the sake of the plot rather than her staying true to character.

But hey, you keep getting better with the more you write. Keep it up!

Yeah, I've been there too. Both unrequited love and unreciprocated love. Painful crap. Was bitter for the longest time. Even went as far to say that love was a disease. After all, don't we all call it the "affliction of the heart"? :applejackunsure: Oh well, sweet little story. I liked it :)

Ever heard of sequels??? :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Awww. :ajsmug: You really put some thought into this. It's... curious how pain can become art, isn't it? Yes, that's what this is, humble though it might be, writing is a form of artistic expression. You've expressed something rather beautiful here on the topic of love, and I say that as someone who's written a bit about it m'self.

First off, is Spike in a Mounty uniform a Dudley Do-Right reference? "Whiplash, you cur!" If so, bonus points, and if not, points anyway for having Spike ride Twilight to the rescue again. :moustache: As a matter of fact, that's one of the best points in this story. You hold very close to The Show's canon, and that makes this extremely believable. From the little things like everypony thinking Applejack is overworked once more, to Spike showing off those cooking abilities he is lauded for in every episode except Spike At Your Service, and you even get the characters' accents right. Twilight is her usual overanalytical self, Granny Smith is the wise old mare, and Big Mac doing a spit-take is right out of some episode I just can't quite remember at the moment.

I do think Applejack lies a little too easily, since she is the Element of Honesty, but we've seen her pull that kind of thing out of her hat before. It's in the same vein as keeping Pinkie out of the barn to keep the surprise party a surprise. Perfectly believable.

Now, with all that said, there is one glaring flaw.

She fell back on the bed and grinned up at the ceiling. It did not take long for her to drift to sleep.


Everything was in sepia tone and piano music was playing.

That line-break. It's not even centered! Fortunately, we have formatting code for just this purpose. We have the Technology. We can turn this... into this:

She fell back on the bed and grinned up at the ceiling. It did not take long for her to drift to sleep.

Everything was in sepia tone and piano music was playing.

Use the formatting code "hr" in brackets instead of those dashes. It looks much nicer, auto-centers regardless of browser or font, and also comes with free mint-scented air fresheners. Or, use the code "center" in brackets to center that line break you currently are using. :twilightsmile:

On the whole, well done! Spike and Applejack is one of my favorite pairings when done right, second to Spike and Rarity only because of show canon. Thank you for writing this, it was a pleasure to read!

How... how is this complete?

It's pretty in-character for AJ to assume responsibility for things that are not in fact her responsibility (her friends feelings), and consequently miss that the scenario Granny Smith is describing doesn't match the actual situation.

The choice of ending point is interesting. I'm left with vague dissatisfaction, and I suspect that was probably your intended effect for the story overall.

Well, the author did say this was based on his own unrequited romance.
As much as that may suck.


Yeah, but she never really resolved the problem... I feel like it needs to be made clear that she is not going after him. At the end she says is "I'm doomed" which to me, doesn't sound like this is over at all. It sounds like she hasn't accepted the fact yet.


Well that solves my complaint about the complete status!
I loved the Dudley Do Right/silent movie scene!:twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh:

Smashing fic, and I too have felt the sting of unreturned love.

It's not the end yet silly! So don't mark it complete!

Part of me wishes this wasn't a one shot, for this kind of thing to be taken seriously, and so well done is a rare thing. All I can say is good show!

Applejack chuckled. "I think the chances of an ordinary pony like me bein' a princess are as likely as a villain like Discord becomin' a good guy!"

Oh, poor AJ, if only...

No, she had to be honest with him.

Thought the Element of LoyaltyHonesty.

taking advantage of his generosity

Ironic, for the Element of Generosity to be taking advantage of that.

Granny Smith glanced between her granddaughter and the dragon and gave a knowing smile.
"Well, I'll leave you two lovebirds alone then."

Granny Smith, you clever little...

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