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Sanity is overated anyways.


Perry O'te gift art · 6:02am Dec 19th, 2013

This was done by the same awesome person who did the cover image for Jokers Wild. I still get shivers every time I look at it. I wanted to share it for all of you as well, so I hope you enjoy.

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Why I write what I write.

Lots of people here aren't too fond of humanized work, some people are. I started writing humanized personally for a few reasons, though the most foremost being simple. I don't feel comfortable writing non humanized stories. Can't say if it is a quirk, or if I just don't really know how. Hell, I might just be too lazy to try deep in my subconscious mind.

Secondly, I like it. I find it interesting to try and personify something that isn't really human to begin with. I never actually thought of doing my own writing at first, happily being an anonymous viewer like probably a good several hundred of the people are that might be reading this, though I could just be flattering myself thinking that so many actually read my work to begin with. Anyways, one day I came across a humanized story. It wasn't smut, it wasn't directed towards what I would believe is the majority of fans, and most of all, it was a fantastically built story that made me constantly come back to it again and again, even after having read it multiple time. It went against the normal, and it was stunning to say the least.

GentlemanJ, A fantastic author who deserves to have many praise for his fantastic series, The Journey of Graves. I'm not going to say the usual lines of wanting to be as famous on here or as good as him, because that isn't what writing is about. It is about finding your own little niche. I wanted to do something humanized, like he did. Yet, I wanted to be original, because no one deserves to have their work copied off of simply because it is good. Take the time to look at his stories, the first being When the Man Comes Around.

Well finishing up my little article thingie here, my final reason for writing humanized is simple. I want to. Never write stuff people will want to read, write stuff you want to tell them. This way, even if it isn't popular, you can't not be satisfied with the end result.

This is Blown saying, have a great day.

The Inner Machinations Of My Mind

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Comment posted by F1utt3rShI deleted Nov 22nd, 2022

I hope you're okay.

I suppose not, Maybe we will see more of T.E.S.T someday. Ah well, i suppose for most life would come first!

wait, last online one day? IS HE BACK?!

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