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Sanity is overated anyways.



Royal Jester Perry O'te is asked to take a break from his job, much to his displeasure. He loves to be at the castle and treasures his time working and making people laugh, but that isn't really why he was forced to leave. What is the real reason Celestia asked him to vacation at the quiet town of Ponyville, and why does he wear that mask of his? What happens when trouble starts to brew in town, and the true reason for his stay is revealed. Will the Mane 6 continue to accept his company or are there some people no longer deserving of the magic of friendship?

(This story takes place before the end of season 3, and contained humanized ponies.)

Cover artwork done by my great friend Katgurl5. Check out her other work at her deviantart page. Just search her and your good to go (link taken out due to recent NSFW purge, and deviant art can have quite a bit of that). Some of it is NSFW, so you have been thoroughly warned.

Chapters (24)
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The first thing i thought when you described him was "Awesome, Shaco got to equestria." Right after that, I thought "Oh crap, Shaco got to equestria."
I'm conflicted how to feel so far, and for anyone who doesn't know who Shaco is, google "LoL Shaco".

If it makes you feel better I have absolutely no idea who shaco is, never played LoL. Sounds like my kinda guy though from the pictures I have seen. Nice name too....shaco...taco...shataco...damn now im hungry for Mexican...

Holy Crap, is he an assassin for Celestia or the final guard no one ever expects?

2197876 You should know better than to ask questions which will get you no answers, though I will say one thing.

Finally, answers. YES!

Admittedly, before it was revealed he was an assassin, I pictured Harlequin from AC:Brotherhood whenever Perry was mentioned. Imagine my shock when it turned out I was right!:pinkiegasp:

Anyways, great story so far and I'm really anxious to see where this goes!

2207520 Thank you for the comment. Admittedly, I have yet to play the AC series. I still have to beat #1 . It is nice to know my story is enjoyed so far.:pinkiehappy:

Oh how I lament this cliff hanger.
The chance to see sir Perry's face.
Could I wonder how he shall fare?
In a struggle at the Nuckelavee's pace.

Oh woe is he to finally.
Show dear Fluttershy how deadly he can be.
To Fluttershy I simply say.
It must be done, no matter which way

You like?:pinkiesmile:

2222745 You sir, have made my day. Thank you very much.:twilightsmile:

2223424 And your response, in turn, has made mine :pinkiehappy:

And the shipping commences! I say yes to this.

Awesome stuff!:yay: Keep the gruesome bits for the bad guys and you'll do fine by me. I kinda feel a bad for Luna and Zecora. Does he have any other mask or just those 2?

2228520 possibly just have to wait and see

In general thank you all who support this story here and read it.

I fricking called it. Totally called. Assassins ftw

2233075 Yes yes you called it. I was always fond of the thought that jesters were excellent fighters, especially a court jester. Having to be acrobatic and quick witted in order to entertain a crowd, the same could be said about a battle. It also helps to have just a wee bit of insanity, but that's because sane people are boring, and boring is boring.

2233112 Now I think of the jester from Assassins Creed multiplayer. Can't wait to see how she freaks out about it.

Great stuff!:yay:
He just had to think it didn't he.:facehoof:

I have the feeling the next chapter will perfectly embody Murphy's Law. Poor Perry, never tempt fate. She is a wicked mistress and enjoys playing the joker card all too often.

2253937 Thank you very much. I like compliments, but I could go for some criticism too. I am fairly new to story writing so if there is anything I can improve apon, let me know and thanks to all who have enjoyed the story so far. I really enjoy telling a story, and knowing that others are enjoying it themselves is what makes doing this worth it in the end.

hope he has a demonic mask that shows his bloodeye.:pinkiecrazy:
(yah I know there are already more chapters. just saying)

2256353 He might, though to be fair he could also have a tango mask and a golf mask. Don't forget the ever famous poker face :moustache:

Good stuff!:yay:
Couple things though.
1: Don't forget about saying sorry to Zecora (Also, she might know about the mysterious evil in the forest)
2: Everyone loves a good snuggle just don't move to fast lover boy.:raritywink:

when AJ wanted her pie baked she said "Need a little dragon magic here, think ya can help?"
OBJECTION!!! spike is not a dragon. he is a human like everyone else in the story!

2262530 in different myths and circles humans can have draconic bloodlines, granting them several traits of the dominant parent. Even more so powerful dragons could use transformation magic to mingle within lesser societies, but up for interpretation. Some people like their dragons plain and simple and to each their own

2261164 moving too fast isn't my style. And Zecora isn't forgotten, so don't you worry.

ahh yes, sorry I just had to say it also if I want to bring the geek in I gould go into dragonborns from D&D and have him be a decendant of someone of said race ( which you stated in your comment) so all round point well taken. by the way :moustache::moustache::moustache: out of :moustache::moustache::moustache:

2263945 Geeking it out FTW indeed. Thanks for your moustaches and I hope I can earn many more. Or a pie. I do like pie.

blood brilliant.:twilightsmile::twilightsmile: I was up several hours last night reading the first chapters. i see a few similar characters making up perry which i really enjoy.:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:
so please keep up the awesome work. so here are a few :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:enjoy

2266311 Much appreciated. I never thought I would get such a positive reaction to this story. I gladly accept your moustaches and will do my best to earn more.

2266941 I don't know what to say... seriously, I haven't a clue. But I will say this. Awesome.

wow that was certainly fast and worthy of more :moustache::moustache:

2277882 thank you. I have a good amount of spare time on my hands, and an overactive imagination. A deadly combo if ever there was one. Anyways I am always glad to know people are enjoying this.


I see what you did there.

It's annoying my grammar nazi self.

Sorry, that has just been giving me an aneurism for the entire 18 chapters.

2279755 Thanks for pointing that out. I'll get on It later tonight.

EDIT: I got a start on it, the first two and last chapter are fixed. I will get to the rest later

I like your knowledge of your character, because Pierrot is actually the word for a jester. :pinkiehappy:

2280498 Actually, the pierrot is more along the lines of the sad clown. Check here for more details if your interested.

:flutterrage: Y U NO START CHAPTER WITH 'the crazy thing about...'???

2285190 Lol I am sorry for hurting your expectations there. I figured the lack thereof would be cue enough that stuff is going down.

Yah I know. Just trying to make a funny.
Btw every time I see this update the thing that goes through my mind is this.
":pinkiecrazy: killllll :heart:"
And thus I give to you a mustach :moustache:

2285282 Thanks...I think. Always appreciating moustaches

Yes moustaches are good... Also through my observations of fimfiction.net I have found that :moustache: seems to equate to something similar to currency...

2285327 Nice, though I am still poor. I guess I need to work hard to make more currency

Saw the title. All I can think is sh*ts about the hit the proverbial fan...:pinkiehappy:

You did not disappoint.
Now I get to wait for perry to become an unstoppable rage demon:pinkiecrazy:
Moustaches for you as always :moustache::moustache::moustache:

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