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More than one person in the world, more than one viewpoint. There's no truly right one, just a viewpoint that most people share.


Story Progress · 3:15pm Jan 13th, 2015

After subjecting one of my friends to Dream a Little Dream by YukoAsho, I agreed to write a fanfic with the challenge "Do your worse".

So progress on DREAM TV may be stilted, to which I apologies.

Speaking of...My hopes for DREAM TV is for it to be a real comunity effort, hence the request for people to comment possible dreams for future charactures and, in the case of the first chapter, chose which dream we view.

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Were you formerly named "the other sans"?

1271742 You're welcome! I honestly thought I was following you though:twilightblush:

Oh hi there :derpytongue2: Haven't seen ya since my Bleach fics. Thanks for the follow :moustache:

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