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Okay, Here's the Plan. · 11:27pm Feb 28th, 2013

Sorry I haven't updated my story in a while, but I have the next chapter mostly planned out. As I write this, I am suffering from a massive headache, which precludes me from being able to think much on typing up the next chapter, otherwise I would like to say it would be up tonight. That said, I have a plan I would like to present to you for future sake.

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Hey! Remember me? The guy you use to roleplay with on the Grey Condominium thing? I'd like Pawn to request Pawn in your 'Psychological Journal of Inkblot' fanfic! If you don't remember, he's the very smart, rich, EXTREME perfectionist unicorn scholar from Canterlot. His family is full of very famous ponies, with important jobs and such. I can give more if that's needed, though I think part of the fun of a story like that is finding out on your own about their psychological problems and such. Thanks for reading this!

Dear Hjspalenka.
I write asking for you to include one of my many OCs into your story.
His name's Major Arcana, a blind unicorn with precognition (in the form of tarrot cards) as his tallent.
His dissabilty dousen't bother him, due to the fact that he secretly had a spell put upon him to see with magic, to an even greater degree than normal sight could enable.
This, unfortunatly, leads him to be obsesive compulsive as with the magic showing all he sees the tiniest detal.
He also, subconiciously, causes the fortunes to come true in various ways.
He sees ponies as just another bad futer waiting to happen and barely leaves the tent that makes his home.
From here I'll let you take creative control.
I look foward to the next chapters

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Inkblot: The Story Behind the Story... · 4:58am Feb 13th, 2013

I have not had any inquiries yet as to where my mind was when I decided to write my story, but in anticipation of those questions, I have that for you here. Frankly, I had been wanting to write a story for a while, and I did not want anything where I controlled the main cast, at least not as my first story, but I also wanted to have it be relatable, and as human as OCs are, they still resemble one person. So, I was faced with a problem there. I also found myself faced with my need to do

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