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Hey there. I'm a brony and I'm trying out this whole "fanfiction" thing. Hope you like reading my stuff as much as I like writing it.


Hello? Is it me you're, looking for? · 4:37pm Jul 22nd, 2014

Things have been weird for me lately, I moved into a new place, and I am starting a youtube channel for Let's Plays, and I am researching going back to school, and I am doing ANOTHER Let's Play thing with people and BLAAAAH. Plus drugs and alcohol. Can't forget the drugs and alcohol.


I opened up the gdoc for the next Bioshock chapter and added more to it than I have in like 6 months.

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I see another author seemingly snuffed out. A shame, some might say.

Oi, did you get a look at your story, Beyond the Sea, yet?

'Tis the season!
I like yours too, the hat goes well with the beard. Starswirl would approve.

Heh, nice avatar, sir!

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