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Sanity is overated anyways.



This story is a sequel to Jokers Wild

A bright new day, everything is finally all at peace, at least for now, for the town of Ponyville. The Worst Nightmare is over, and the people have finally returned to a normal life, until a new resident decides to make his mark on the town. What will the smart-mouthed changeling do when presented with the glorious time off that he deserved. Will Ponyville be able to handle another T.E.S.T. member, and will Perry be able to stay sane now that he has to worry about his friends in the hands of the womanizing Catacomb?

Chapters (35)
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Comments ( 130 )

1. Woo new story
2. Town as a whole, not a hole
3. Explode while you're holding them, not your.


1. thanks for the comment.
2. Fixed: kinda would suck if the town was a hole
3. I don't think I am ever going to get that whole your (you're) thing down.

Thanks for pointing out the mistakes and I hope you continue to enjoy.

2471345 No worries, I'm rather fond of this series.

A tip for your/you're, try speaking like the Terminator, use no contractions, then you can add them in after.


Terminator...interesting advice. I will have to give that a try. Thanks again.

2471358 See? You did it right there. Just split up the contractions so you can see which are 'your' and which are 'you are'

2471363 :rainbowderp: not gonna lie, that was kinda accidental but I see what you mean.

Nice so far. Liking Cata's characterization.

Looking forward to more.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Spike_lolface.png

2505854 much appreciated. I am glad that you enjoyed it, and I hope that I can continue to impress. Thanks again..

No problem man. Read the previous story in 2 days or so. Really liked it. Hoping for more awesome :pinkiehappy:

Nice. I'm fairly interested in the use of runes, so much can be done with them.

Good chapter. Looking forwards to more.

Nice chapter, bit of an error right near the end.
"Your a dragonkin, arn't ya?" Catacomb asked. Spike nodded, causing Perry to laugh.
Perry isn't there. I believe you mean Cata.

Nice job, looking forwards to more Cata :D Love him as a character.

2539856 Thanks. I wanted to get around to correcting it, but my interwebs was out last night.

SPIKE. THE. FUCKING. *BOSS*. :moustache:


Your always so caring and generous

Wrong you're

2550883 :twilightangry2: Darn it all and I just went through it again to be sure.

Hmmm. so it seems that Perry isn't the only one on Twilights shock list. If that indeed was Twilight, can't really see who else it could be. In any case, the ending made me laugh.

2550967 Considering the circumstance, a bit of overreaction would be fair, wouldn't you say?

anyways thanks for reading.

Nice chapter, still loving Cata. Looking forwards to more.

Keep it up:pinkiehappy:

Cata, best bro or bestest bro?

As long as he follows the unbreakable bro code, no problems with this story whatsoever.

You left it there.

:raritydespair: THAT CLIFFHANGER!

Nice chapter as usual. Looking forwards to more.

Did notice a small error right near the end.
I figured it was appropriate now so I want for it.
I believe you mean "went" :pinkiehappy:

Do i smell a CatacombXTwilight Ship??????????:rainbowderp:

2557675 indeed it is

2558951 corrected and thanks for reading and commenting.

NO.:flutterrage: .....But meh.

You keep writing and I will keep reading :heart::heart::heart:

Nice chapter, seems like Cata is gonna end up with Twlight by the end of this.
Personally I don't care as long as it's written well, however Shining might have a few things to say about it

Nice chapter, looking forwards to more.

2574535 Thanks. I will take care in the writing, so no worries. I will continue to focus on making each chapter as enjoyable as I can.

This story totally deserves to be featured. The characters have such deep personalities, and I always end up giving a laugh or two when Perry and Cata go at it. Keep up the good work, my man ! :pinkiehappy:

2602188 Wow, this actually means a lot to me, and I do thank you. I doubt it will ever get featured, though. Humanized storied are generally avoided, and as good as you say my characters are, I believe that they could be better, and I am just not experienced enough to make it, give off that special extra that grips the majority of the readers. I hope to find that special something one day, but until then, I can only hope I will continue to write a story that you will continue to like to read.

2612987 There is never an inappropriate time for The Thing

Good chapter, but I didn't see you use the right form of 'your' once.

Remember: the apostrophe means there are two words there. 'You are'.

'Your' is possessive. It belongs to you, it's your object.

'You're' going to the movies. You are going to the movies.

Make sense?

2636138 I have been checking for that, but I was kind of half asleep when I uploaded this one, so I am sorry. All yours are corrected though, I think. Sorry about that and thanks for pointing it out.

2637186 Same to you, sorry about that, and I'll try to avoid doing that again.

2637208 No worries! Glad to help :twilightsmile:

Little dude is sorely underappreciated.:moustache:

2654817 I agree. He is always treated as a servant, when he is just awesome in of his own right. Spike, no matter what, you da man :moustache:

2654855 Seriously!

Little dude just took on a motherfucker with a knife and got his ass stabbed to save her.

That at *LEAST* entitles him to a squeeze or two.:moustache:

Poor poor thugs. Not only do they have to deal with Cata, but now Perry is coming to kick their asses.

This is gonna be a bloodbath.

Dis gon' be gud

Oh, Pinkie... :pinkiehappy:

Poor poor thugs. They just had to get Pinkie first.

I feel so sad for them.


How do they say it? Pinkie is just Pinkie. :pinkiesmile:

2696027 Truer words do not exist.


HA I love catacomb he's halarious:rainbowlaugh:

You're a rabbit's bitch.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

That bar is a soon to be slaughterhouse

Fuck.Yes. I was waiting for him.

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