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Seeing that there is no other way, Naruto casts a powerful space-time Ninjutsu to get rid off Tobi. However, even with his strength, Tobi fails to escape his Ninjutsu. Now, Tobi wakes up in a world full of ponies and other strange creatures. Will Tobi learn to live with the inhabitants and step into the light or will he remain in the darkness?

(A/N): Tobi/Obito will not have scars on his face and he will remain a human instead of becoming a pony.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 52 )

Like I said before, man: Pretty cool.

I'm not too crazy about Naruto, but I still find this mildly interesting.

Alright, I will just say; rainbow looks like a freakin boss right there.

Reading commenced!

my interest has been peaked i would like to see where this will go :twilightsmile:

2345760 I don't know how many times I already said thanks to you.. Oh well.
2345796 Yeah, she does look badass. Oh, and I'd like to thank you. After all, It was your 'Akatsuki in Equestria' story that encouraged me to write this.
2345810 Expect a update soon. Probably tommorrow.

Hmm in reality shining shouldn't even be able to stop him.
He can slip thru his shield any time given and can dodge every attack.

There are more points ofcourse but listing them all would be a burden..... for me:D
Then again, i guess 19 gaurds will be slaughtered and shining will be his info box.

A name change?

I like it.

As always, good chapter, and I await more.

2356006 Well, for the most part you are correct.
2356037 Yeah, I figured it would be a better name, especially since Luna has a huge role in this story.

2359542 Actually, there is no particular reason.

2362637 Well, if you love the scars so much, just pretend they are there, haha.

Fuck yeah I found another Naruto fic :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

2364571 Well if you like Naruto fics with Akatsuki or Sasuke in it, you should probably go and see 'Akatsuki in Equestria' and 'Visual Prowess' as well.

2364580 LOL:rainbowlaugh: I'm already reading those stories:yay::moustache:

2364593 That's all of the Akatsuki stories I know of. There are also 'Lost Soul of the Uchiha' (that story hasn't been updated in a long time) and 'Art is a blast' (which has been cancelled).

2364624 I actually didn't care about 'Art is a blast' being cancelled because it was little too ridiculous and Deidara was too OOC. As for 'LSotU', the author said that he hasn't been too interested with both Naruto and MLP lately, so he won't start writting until he starts to like one of them again.

I know this fic will be on of the better naruto crossovers

dude you should do one story with Madara Uchiha

Tobi will beat all the ponies because Tobi is a good boy! :twilightsmile:

2364646 I was thinking of doing a fic similar to LSotU but with a lot of differences.

2364699 Heh, Thanks
2364976 I'm not sure, but maybe I will.
2365124 I liked 'LSotU'. Try it.

Hehe. I hope Tobi's not too mean to Forest, and he was moving like a blur, so I figured he was using the Body Flicker, is that the same thing?

Welp, I guess I was expecting this. Tobi doesn't show mercy. Oh boy, I want to see the Elements look on in fear at Tobi, he's terrifying. Hehehe.

2366984 It's the same as when Kakuzu could run across large distances in a blink of eye
2367023 They will be terrified of him, but Shining will be crap himself at a thought of him. Especially since their little encounter went so well.

2367138 It's a shame Shining couldn't stay... :pinkiecrazy:

2369825 I know, but they will play again some time soon

Well, this certainly escalated faster than my akatsuki story haha. Keep at it

2377453 Well yeah I kinda write fast. Also, I hope you update soon. :twilightsmile:

2416710 I'll post the new chapter either today or tommorow.

I am unsure how this could ever involve sex or any kind of romance. You could just as well change it to mature & gore only.

2419327 It's been a week, Where is my CHAPTER!!!!:flutterrage:

I would just like to say: interesting prologue. I myself am in the middle of writing a Naruto crossover. However, you do know his name isn't Tobi right? He even admitted himself it was a cover-up name. In the Kakashi Chronicles, it is proved he IS Obito Uchiha. So you can refer to him as that without being wrong.

The Great Eternal Artist,

Akasuna no Sasori

You are kinda overdue :3

Was it just me ho yelled "NARRRRRRUUUUUTTTTOOOOOO!" when he said 'Goodbye.'?

Did you abandon the story? Plaese let me know before I potentially start reading something that may never be updated.:applecry:

3459217 im not really sure what happened. he hasn't even accessed the site in 30 weeks

2346400 I like that story Akatsuki in Equestria

Comment posted by Great Noun Plural deleted Feb 23rd, 2015

I sure hope Tobi doesn't kill Forest Leaf after she provides him with the info needed! *gulps*

Well! My hopes for Forest Leaf surviving are dashed! Lol. Good work! I wonder who'll win the battle? Tobi? Or SA?

WHOOHOO AWESOME! Good work! Poor Shiny! Update this soon. I'd like to see what else you've got in store!

Hello smart people of anime! I found this story that i cant remember the name of, it was a hie crossover eith thye use of the shiruko's (correct me if needed) and the thumbnail is the eyes with a hood on him. Has romance and he battles demons in it. If anyone knows the name or what im talking about please help me. Thanks if you can and if not I tried.

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