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Just another zebracorn living in Ponyville. I wear a top hat! A small thing to know about me in terms of this site is this: I am a SUCKER for crossovers! Mainly those of the ones I'm familiar with.


We all seek the truth, even those who were born to die. When six ponies wake up in the last place they expect to be, will they be able to escape and seek the truth for themselves?

I do not own ANY of the characters in this story!
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is copyright of Hasbro
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is copyright of Hiroshi Onogi/ Square Enix

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I was actually going to write an FMA Brotherhood Crossover myself. I just hope we didn't have the same exact idea. I applaud your fine taste in animation.

FMA Crossover?! I HAVE TO READ THIS!!!!

:heart: FMA
Original Series - Once in Japanese and once in English dub.
Brotherhood - Twice in Japanese Three times in English dub.
The first movie - Once in Japanese once in English dub.

ahhhhhggggg I can't get enough fma!!!

Oh ho ho ho! Solid action, and my favorite Homonculus (Greed) in pony form! Color me damn intrigued.

612067 Thank you for the compliment! :twilightsmile:

Also, I don't see the trouble if you post a fic of your own :pinkiesmile:

Envy is the Chrysalis Queen? Dis gun b gud.
Not much of a FMA fan, but I'm pretty sure who Lust and Gluttony are.

I want money, I want women, I want status, and power! I want everything the world has to offer, and another chapter is topping the list!

612255 Not Chyrsalis, but a changeling, yes :twilightsmile:

Also, as you can tell by the wording, I try to make Envy androgynous.

Ha! Theres Sloth, I was wondering whenever that lazy prick was going to show up. But hey, thats 6 down, only one to go. Although that gets me wondering, due to Pride's strange fate when compared to the others...will he show up in this?

Still, this is a awsome crossover, I cannot wait for more! :yay:

612374 Sloth's my favorite Homunculus, actually :ajsmug:

Also, Pride didn't exactly die in the series. He was only stripped of his power and forced to live life as a human, so he's not gonna be in this story. He WILL be mentioned, though.

..........................just when I thought i was done with your stories........you bring out this!:pinkiegasp:

[img] http://i.qkme.me/4fl8.jpg [/img]

My only concern is where Pride is.:twilightoops:

i think envy's getting huuuuuuungryyyyyy:pinkiehappy:

Oh sucks to be Envy for once, it seems that his status as a Changeling may be working against him already....

Celestia better watch out, it seems she may have some guests soon enough...

Pride didn't die. He became a small kid.

So will this be a daily update weekly dare I say it monthly?

614521 Pride's not gonna be in the story, I explained in an earlier comment

615575 It updates on my own time. Real life can kick my ass sometimes. That bully :applecry:

615078 You catch on fast :twilightsmile:

meh... that language will get them into trouble... is this FMA or FMAB based? I assume FMAB because of the vague reference to father... now to see if all of the former deadly sins can redeem themselves in this plane.

Well THIS is interesting... why do I get the feeling that they function as the counterpoint to the elements of harmony? Pride isn't related to any of the elements very much, so that means... they are discord's soon-to-be underlings!

624621 You get this feeling because there are six of them, two of them each representing the three pony races.

And no, Discord will not be involved

628763 Rats... well it was a fun thought.

Squeezing this in before studying for my midterm. Cuz I felt like it :trixieshiftright:

Don't worry, I'll be sure to post better chapters once I resolve my stupid class :ajbemused:

:pinkiehappy: i love the way this stories going :pinkiehappy:
wonder when envy will figure out how to feed though......:trixieshiftright:

I wonder if Celestia will notice that Envy's a Changeling?

Very interested to see where this goes! Tracking!:twilightsmile:

Wrath is best pony. :moustache:

There won't be a pride cause he never died.. And if he does end up here.. He'll be a shadow or a nightmare moon dust cloud :/

This is not going to end well... I'd bet on it.

Wrath is still best pony. :moustache:

647625 I beg to differ. Sloth is best pony :ajsmug:

647652 They're ALL best pony. :yay:

1) It is unfair to state that they are best ponies when they are homunculi, regardless of physical form.

2) These guys need some visual references. Sorry, but the only relevant one I could find was Envy, and she'd be in disguise considering story canon.


3) Greed, don't even THINK about hitting on Celestia. She's several thousand years to old for you. I don't care if she DOES seem interested.

4) Wrath is holding up rather well against that legendary raig of his.

5) Lust seems to be taking a bit of a background seat here... unusual. I'd half expect her to be using her feminine charms against the guards, though considering she's a pony and not really adapted yet, that might just be confusing to her. Also, Sloth seems to need a nap. Why not just give him a nice bed up on dragon mountain?

6) Gluttony spit that out. You don't know where and who it's been in.

7) Luna is genre savvy. Must be residual insanity from her lunar vacation.

EDIT: Correction. Looks like Lust is out there too. Sloth even, but it's the FMA sloth and not the FMAB sloth. No luck with the others.


1) Doesn't matter, best pony
2) If you manage to craft visual references prior to the ones given in Chapters 1-3, then by all means. All I can say is that they all lack the nodes they held in their previous forms.
3) You know Greed, wanting to be around women :rainbowlaugh: Also, she's not interested in a relationship, but you shall see soon enough
4) Wrath IS considered the most patient and collective out of the Homunculi as stated in his wiki, and channels his rage well in battle
5) She is confused as to her current state, but she'll use her charms soon enough, just not now. As for Sloth, he's in for a rude awakening in the later chapters.
6) They made him a spear, but he eated it...
7) Genre savvy? :derpytongue2: I'm confused...

Problem, Luna? :trollestia:

Anyway, I'm just wondering what the reaction will be when it's revealed that Envy is a changeling. If the reaction to Gluttony was any indication...

:pinkiegasp: AN UPDATE! :pinkiehappy:

another brilliant chapter, still wondering how long envys going to starve to death:trollestia:

King Bradley is Best Pony.

647822 You didn't spoil too much, so please erase :twilightsmile: EDIT: I was able to delete the comment myself. Go figure :U

648279 To be honest, I derived Gluttony's appearance from your link, but everypony else was all me :rainbowlaugh:

oooooooooh envys starting to get it:derpyderp2:

another awsome chapter:twilightsmile: and you update so quickly................do you sleep at all?:trollestia:

Envy's bit was amusing to read. :rainbowlaugh:


Eh, some of those work and some don't. Such as Bradley not being a pegasus. However, that's still better than I could get.

648872 No problem. No offense if I bothered you by my predictions. I guess I'm just good at reading between the lines.

Edit: Read. Wondered how long it would be before the 6DS started to adapt. I kinda pity them now... and that surprises me. I NEVER would have expected myself to pity ANY of them.

How did you pull it off?! I am now feeling pity for artificially born abominations! Greed and Gluttony, cursed by their existence to never be sated, to never be content. Envy, the embodiment of jealousy now forced to literally feed on the very love she despises... Sloth and Lust are pending, but from what I've read I expect the same feeling. I actually WANT them to have happy endings... to get a chance to spite what they are and be what they could be. This is amazing. Simply impossible!

649951 You were right about SOME of them, not all :rainbowlaugh:

As for your question, maybe I'm lucky to give feel in a mediocre fic. I kinda felt pity for Envy when he/she died in the anime.

650062 I had mixed feelings about Envy's passing in the anime. Rather, I felt that at least the bugger would finally be at rest. Greed I felt sad, but proud of almost. He turned his evil into good. I could actually see that happening to all of these guys... truth be told, I wish it would happen!

Greed was probablt the reason they're all in Equestria.

another brilliant chapter:pinkiehappy:

im guessing the homunclus are going to turn good eventually? cant imagine how envy would ever turn nice:rainbowhuh:

also WOOT! CERBERUS: ROUND 2!:pinkiehappy:

Taking all bets people taking all bets:rainbowkiss:

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