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From The Gates - Dirty Bit

6 old creatures, 1 new life for each of them. Will they manage?

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Chapter 45

Chapter 45

Holding out

While Father was stunned, the three unicorns rushed in and attacked him around all angles. Lust kept impaling at Father's sides with her Ultimate Spear, Rarity continuously punched at Father's muzzle, and Twilight rushed in and rammed at the pale alicorn wherever he was open.

Celestia, despite her current position, beheld Twilight's new form and could not be more impressed with her student's findings. She managed a weak smile while she watched Twilight fight it out 'So it seems Greed has taught her a lesson of his own...Letting him learn the values of friendship in Ponyville was no mistake...'

Shining Armor was next to notice the new Twilight taking on Father 'Twilight...Is that you, Twilight?' If he weren't in a weakened state of magical paralysis, the guard captain would express his shock in full detail.

Father grunted at each successful hit around his body, and his regeneration rate could not keep up with each hit piled up on him. When his eyes were shut, it was enough to snap him out of the Stare and allow him to focus his energy. He growled as he stomped his forehooves "ENOUGH!!" Another magic wave was exerted, and it barreled over his attackers, including Fluttershy. He was severely mangled all over, but his body mended each wound in ample time.

Rarity watched in shock "It's no use!! He'll only come back from whatever we throw at him! What should we do?"

Lust grunted as she picked herself up, and she glanced at the paralyzed group laying behind Father. The barriers that held them dimmed for a short moment, and the lascivious mare perked up "Keep fighting!! It may seem we're at a disadvantage, but we're wearing him out!"

Twilight turned to Lust and nodded "Got it!" She then looked around "Wait...Where's Pinkie Pie?" The other mares looked around as well.

Father snorted, but even he was curious to the party pony's location. He scouted the throne room and saw neither hide nor hair of Pinkie.


The pale alicorn perked his ears up when he heard the shout above him, but before he could turn his head to look up, he was knocked down by a familiar pink pony. Pinkie then hopped off of Father and joined the others. Father watched in disbelief "How did you-"

Pinkie Pie greeted Father with a serious stare "Do you know who I am, Father?" She then grabbed Rarity, who yelped as she was pulled into Pinkie's grasp with her horn pointed at Father. Pinkie grasped Rarity's tail with a hoof as her eyes narrowed at the pale alicorn "I'm Pinkie Pie..." She whispered before she began spinning Rarity's tail rapidly. By unknown circumstance, several magic beams shot out of the fashionista's horn towards Father at the same rate.

Father noticed this and brought up his shield to fend off each beam. While he defended himself, he noticed how much power he used up from the ponies' earlier onslaught and the beams he was currently deflecting. He growled to himself 'They will not relent...But neither shall I!' Father grunted as he held his own against Pinkie's assault.

Applejack and Gluttony focused thoroughly on digging up Sloth out of the bed of rubble he was under. The cowpony grunted as she moved another large rock "Sloth, y'all better not be dead or sleepin' under there!!" She noticed Gluttony put his back into it with his digging 'He really is stronger than he looks...an' he must really care about Sloth an' 'is other siblings so much!' She flashed a quick smile of respect for the voracious pony before she went back to her own digging.

Chrysalis noticed the two earth ponies and chuckled "I don't think it's wise for you to help your friend when you're about to join him!" She was about to fire a beam at them, but she then noticed Rainbow Dash and Envy flying towards her and sneered "These distractions are working my nerve!" She turned to them and fired a beam.

Both pegasi easily dodged away from it and closed in on the changeling queen for a dual frontal check. They were lucky to knock her back a few feet and manage to hold steady. Rainbow Dash zipped towards Chrysalis and curved behind her back to lay a buck to her flank that sent her forward, and Envy flew directly at her to deliver a hook with its right hoof across Chrysalis' face.

The changeling queen growled and grasped Envy in a telekinetic hold, to which she jerked her head to the side and made the jealous pony crash into Rainbow Dash. Both pegasi were hurled across the room and rolled along the floor "Weaklings!" She snarled "None of the lesser changelings would dare challenge me, let alone with a pony!!"

Envy picked itself and Rainbow Dash up as it glared at Chrysalis "Well that's all the more reason why I don't consider you a mom!! I'll gladly kick your ass and come out the victor!!"

Rainbow Dash glared as well "And you don't know what we're capable of!!" She turned to Envy with a smile "Get going, Envy! Show queeny here who's boss!!"

Envy felt invigorated when she took in Rainbow Dash's words. It was as if they were tinted with hidden affection. The jealous pony then flew in at Chrysalis. The changeling queen fired a beam at it, but and it barely managed to avoid it without singing parts of its wild mane. Envy growled and pushed onward before it collided with Chrysalis's chest and propelled her into a wall. It flew back away from her and examined itself in surprise 'Wow...I never thought I'd get THIS strong...' It turned over to see Rainbow Dash grinning at its successful hit and gave a thin smile 'Guess you're not much of a prick after all...'

It then jerked its head back to glare at Chrysalis as she recovered from the wall and snarled at the jealous pony "Lucky shot! But let's see you do it again after recovering from this!!" She then conjured her horn and wrapped Envy in a telekinetic hold, then slammed it onto the ceiling and the floor in a repetetive cycle.

Rainbow Dash steamed from her nostrils and zipped towards Chrysalis while she was focused on Envy. She gave a strong check to her side and caused her to break her hold on the jealous pony "Back off!!"

Envy recovered and rubbed its head after enduring so much pain from the attack, and then glared at Chrysalis as she picked herself up "No you fucking don't!!" It then zipped over and tackled Chrysalis, then began to unload a flurry of punches onto Chrysalis' face with its forelegs. But before it could continued, it was lifted up and tossed away by the changeling queen's magic.

She managed to pick herself up and rub the sides of her mouth to see they were stained with her green blood. Chrysalis widened her eyes 'It can't be! Envy's only a lesser changeling! Where could that little gutter snipe even gather enough strength to-' She looked ahead and focused on Rainbow Dash, then gave a knowing smile full of malevolence 'Of course...' She flew at Rainbow Dash and stopped in front of her as the cyan pegasus took flight. Before she could fly away, she was caught in a telekinetic hold and was drawn near her as she grinned wickedly.

Envy picked itself up and went to attack Chrysalis again, but stopped when she noticed Rainbow Dash at the changeling queen's side "I seem to have forgotten how you've managed to collect so much strength since our last encounter, hatchling!"

Envy growled "Who're you calling a hatchling, bitch!? Let her go!!"

Chrysalis shook her head as she drew Rainbow Dash closer to her jagged horn with her magic "I think not, little one! Why don't you be a good changeling and bow to your queen before I see to your power supply shedding off her mortal coil?"

Envy narrowed its eyes "To hell with that!" It went to advance on Chrysalis, but stopped to see Rainbow Dash struggle in the changeling queen's hold. The jealous pony grunted in anger and frustration to know it can only hesitate for the sake of Rainbow Dash's life.

Chrysalis laughed triumphantly "MUCH better! Obedience is very becoming of you, little hatchling! Now get on your knees and proclaim my greatness as your queen!"

Envy gritted its teeth "Just because I'm not gonna attack yet doesn't mean I'll bow to you, you idiot!!"

Chrysalis hissed "As expected from one of Father's children..." She went to end Rainbow Dash, but then a shadow loomed over her head. Chrysalis looked behind in confusion, but it turned to shock to see Sloth standing over her with his blank stare and a moan "Not again..." She uttered.

Sloth then jabbed Chrysalis into the wall opposite of the one Greed flew out of, but it then broke as she soared a good distance from being hit hard "Changelings are a pain..."

Rainbow Dash hovered when she was free of Chrysalis and glided down to Envy, who smiled at the hole made by Sloth "You're so lucky to have a brother like, Sloth! You know that, Envy?" The cyan pegasus smirked at Envy.

Envy chuckled "Yeah, he may be a bit slow upstairs, but he's not bad for a little brother..."

Rainbow Dash widened her eyes at Envy's words "Little!?"

Gluttony smiled at Sloth, but then looked back to see Lust hurt and looked saddened "Lust..."

Applejack gave a soft jab at Gluttony's shoulder as she held a sympathetic smile "Go on, sugarcube! We can take it from here!"

Gluttony turned to Applejack with a grateful smile and nodded "Okay!" He then galloped towards the other group "I'm coming, Lust! I'm coming, Pinkie!"

Pinkie continued blasting at Father's shield with vigor in her eyes "Say hello to my little friend!!!" Little did she know that Rarity was getting exhausted after she fired so much of her magic from her horn.

Father grew tired of having to be pinned down by Pinkie and canceled out his shield for a new trick as his horn glowed. One of the beams nearly hit his face, but it stopped and formed into a small sphere of energy. The other beams flew by as well, but instead of hitting Father, they all collected into the sphere of energy and made it grow in size.

Twilight saw this and gasped as she turned to Pinkie "Pinkie, stop!! You're only fueling his next attack!!"

Pinkie continued firing despite the new sight in front of her, but her determination faltered when she noticed the beams she shot grew weaker "Oh no! I'm running out of ammo!" She looked down at Rarity with a pleading glance "C'mon, Rarity! We gotta pick it up!"

Rarity was panting and sweating "Pinkie, you wore me out with that random trick of yours! I can't go on!"

Twilight noticed the large sphere of light about to be launched by Father and her eyes widened "Pinkie! Rarity! Get out of the way!" The two mares did as they were told once Father launched the sphere of energy. Twilight hopped in front of it and took the full brunt of the blast, and was then hurled across the throne room towards the doors.

Lust gasped and galloped towards Twilight "Twilight! Are you alright?" She asked while the new Ultimate Shield laid down.

Twilight grunted and staggered, but she managed to pick herself up and take some deep breaths "I've hung out with Rarity for so long, and I never thought she had that much energy inside of her! I'm a little sore, but I'm alright!" She was actually surprised to know that her Ultimate Shield spell absorbed such a large amount of magic, and she inwardly smiled to herself 'Greed...Thank you so much...' She then narrowed her eyes "Come on! We have to try harder if we're gonna wear him out!" The two unicorns then joined the others.

End of Chapter 45