• Published 18th May 2012
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From The Gates - Dirty Bit

6 old creatures, 1 new life for each of them. Will they manage?

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Making an Entrance

The six former homunculi wasted no time upon reaching the gates to the first major city they have discovered since their escape from Tartarus. The walls surrounding it seemed more massive up close, but it was no matter when they easily entered through the gates and into the city. Wrath made sure to keep his Ultimate Eye shut to avoid any complications other than Sloth's appearance.

Everything behind the walls was almost nostalgic to the group as they looked around and passed each building on the paved streets of the newly-discovered city. So many mansions and elegant structures dictated that this particular city is dedicated to the elite. This pleased Greed immensely as the avaricious pony grinned to himself.

Gluttony looked around and sniffed at the air "They're inside the buildings...Maybe if I'm quiet enough, I can eat them in their sleep!" His thought was cut short by a light bump to his head. The voracious pony turned to see Lust as she shook her head, much to Gluttony's dismay "Oh, but I'm hungry, Lust. Can I please go inside one of the houses? Please~?"

Greed looked forward with a smirk "Meal time can wait, Gluttony! We have business to take care of, and there's only one place where it can be possible!"

Envy, despite its tiredness, rolled its eyes "Don't tell me...the castle? We can all read you like a book, Greed." The jealous pony rubbed its head and moaned a little 'Why the hell am I so tired!? I feel...weak...'

Wrath nodded to Greed's notion "It would be best to address ourselves to the ruler of this place if we're to prosper in this new life given to us..."

Lust examined herself blankly "With our current form, I'd suggest it's some kind of cruel joke played by Truth, but I digress. It is better than wasting away in Hell..."

Greed nodded "That's the spirit! And besides, once we get the 411 on this world, then I'll gladly claim it for myself along with the castle!"

Sloth carried Envy with his unchanged expression "...I only want to take a nap...Working is a pain..."

Lust turned to Greed and Envy "Just promise the rest of us that you'll behave while we're here. You two tend to act out the most and it seems rather childish..."

Envy casted a weak glare towards Lust "Since when am I the child!? Worry about Greed! He's the one who wants to take action!"

Greed rolled his eyes "Whatever Lust." He then grinned "Alright, we're here!" They arrived at the castle gates and noticed there were grey ponies dressed in purple armor bearing lances in their hooves. They all had yellow cat-like eyes that glowed in the night, and some of them had bat wings at their sides instead of feathered wings.

The group went to enter, but they were stopped in their tracks as the ponies standing in front of the gates brandished their weapons and glared at the former homunculi "Halt!" The one on the left spoke, while the other finished with "Who goes there?"

Wrath took the moment to turn to proper manners before Greed chose to do anything rash "There is no need to get on the offensive, soldiers. We are merely visitors from afar who wish to seek the monarch of this castle for guidance. Can you let us pass so that we may discuss our dilemma?"

The two guards raised their eyebrows at the mustachioed pony and traded glances at each other "What kind of pony doesn't know about Princess Celestia? Were these ones born in a cave or something?" The left one spoke.

Gluttony, out of childlike instinct, blurted out "Actually, we came from this place called-" His mouth was covered shut by Lust's hoof.

Greed scoffed "Aren't you cocky? We just wanna talk with this 'Celestia' character! Is that too much to ask from you?"

The right guard glared at the avaricious pony "Watch your tongue, citizen! Anypony who wishes to see the princesses must have a note of summons!"

Greed was now curious "Wait, princessES? There's two of them? Who's the other one?"

The left one nodded "There's three of 'em actually. One of which was married a while back! Are you ponies really from a far away place?"

Wrath narrowed his eye at the guards. While he was the most patient out of the former homunculi, he was holding back his pent-up rage from how insolent the guards in front of him are acting "Yes we are...But our arrival here is of dire importance. We ask that you please let us pass and speak with the princesses." He managed to speak in a calm and straight tone despite his inner ire slowly rising.

The right guard glared "Are you deaf, old man? Nopony sees the princesses without a note of summons! If you're so desparate, you can file for an appointment like everypony else in Canterlot!"

Wrath's rage lessened for a moment as he gathered his information. The city they are currently residing in is Canterlot. No doubt a horse pun to anyone's knowledge. There was also the fact that they replace the terms no one and everyone with 'nopony' and 'everypony'. This world was becoming strange to the furious pony, and he himself was an anomaly in his previous life.

Envy rolled and groaned a little "Dammit, this is starting to become a standoff..." The jealous pony wished it were not so tired like this. Otherwise it would have solved this conflict easily by knocking them both out.

Greed grinned his sharp teeth as he looked at the guards "Looks like we're at an impasse then..."

On one of the castle's towers, Princess Luna was scouting the area below her with the use of her telescope. As both the princess and guardian of the night, she took pride in her job to make sure that everypony in Canterlot was sleeping soundly, or at least going about their business in an acceptable manner during the late hours. It was almost boring to know that barely anything interesting was happening around her castle, until she took the moment to look down at the gates.

She peered diligantly through her telescope to see an unusual band of ponies acting difficult around the ponies guarding the castle gates. One of them looked sadistically happy while grinning with unusual teeth and the Princess of the Night already felt threatened by his appearance 'This cannot stand...'. With a determined glance, she shirked herself from sentry duty and dove from her balcony to handle this matter personally. She wouldn't want to wake up her older sister for this.

Greed kept the grin on his face while his horn began to glow "Listen, we've tried to be patient and polite, but now you're starting to piss us off...Why don't you be good little soldiers and lead us to your princesses?" His tone was mixed with impatience and faint bloodlust.

The guards noted the expression on the avaricious pony's face and held their spears in a defensive stance. Before they could begin their fight, an authoritive voice sounded from above.

"Cease at once! All of you!"

The guards and former homunculi looked up to see Princess Luna gliding towards them with a look of regal resolve. The guards quickly bowed in genuflect when she landed in between them and Greed as she glared at the group "It is not wise to engage in a skirmish so late at night! What dost thou seek upon thine act of violence!?"

Wrath and Greed's anger faded and were replaced with amazement and curiousity. They examined the dark pony to see all kinds of interesting features. She held both a horn and wings, and her mane and tail were ethreal and glistening like the stars in the sky, and they moved in a nonexistent wind. Wrath snapped out of his amazement and gave a formal bow "Greetings to you. We were wandering around and managed to stumble upon this city for the sake of guidance. Would you kindly address yourself to us before I explain the means of our arrival?"

Luna looked down at Wrath and could feel the rage he was holding back beginning to recede. This rage was almost similar to the time the princess was ensnared by her darker half, Nightmare Moon. The first two ponies in front of her already sparked her interest and left her unsettled "We are known as Luna, Princess of the Night! And who, pray tell, art thou, if we may ask?"

Wrath looked up at Luna "I go by two names: King Bradley and Wrath. You may call me whichever. Now onto the matter at hand, I would be most happy if we could engage in a personal audience with you and this Princess Celestia to discuss certain terms together."

The Princess of the Night narrowed her eyes "And what dost thou want with us and our sister on a night such as this? Art thou plotting something grave?"

Wrath shook his head "No...We come for guidance, as mentioned before. We only ask for the consent of your other princesses so that we could speak in a diplomatic manner. As you can see, our travels has left one of our own very tired..." He pointed his hoof towards Envy resting on Sloth's back.

Sloth nodded at the furious pony's words while ignoring Envy's condition "Very tired..." He was already fed up with having to carry Envy around against his own will.

Luna paused for a moment to assess the situation. A band of ponies who appear to be both unusual and alien to Equestrian life wish to talk with her and Celestia. What could this mean exactly? More importantly, has she seen this particular group before? She focused her gaze over to Greed "We cannot abide rash actions if we're to allow thee entrance into our castle! Heretofore, thou shalt behave in the same manner thou wisheth to speak!"

Greed rolled his eyes, but bowed out of chivalry "Thanks for the royal pardon, your majesty!" He spoke in a much better tone as he smirked up at Luna.

Luna gave the group a curt nod "Very well...Thou art granted entry through the castle gates! Thou shalt be monitored by the royal guard whilst we wake up our sister to engage in a meeting! We shall rendezvous in the throne room shortly!" She flared her wings and took flight towards one of the tall towers while the guards looked at the group with hardened eyes.

Greed picked an ear "Well, at least that's outta the way! But now we have to wait for her to wake up?"

The two guards nodded towards a distant gate "Come along! We'll guide you to the throne room so that you may wait patiently for the princesses!"

Greed grinned at this thought "Now you're talking! Lead the way, gentlemen!"

The right guard shook his head "The term is 'gentlecolts', lad...Remember that." The guards then led the group along the royal courtyard leading to the main entrance. Lust trotted casually while Gluttony followed alongside her with a hoof in his mouth. Sloth was obviously the slowest with how his sluggish pace was obvious towards the others.

As they were guided through the castle halls, Greed looked around at all of the glorious materials placed along the walls and ceilings. His grin grew wider at the thought of the royal treasury and what was stashed away. For the moment, his happening into this world did not matter at all 'One step closer to a kickass life! This is gonna be great!'

End of Chapter 5