• Published 18th May 2012
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From The Gates - Dirty Bit

6 old creatures, 1 new life for each of them. Will they manage?

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7


The group sat in pairs in their own cells as they waited for the late night to pass by. Greed was begrudingly paired with Wrath, Lust with Gluttony, and Sloth with Envy.

The avaricious pony crossed his forelegs as he sat on his haunches on the cold stone floor. He growled to himself while Wrath sat patiently with his eyes closed. Greed then bared his teeth and he jerked his head towards Wrath "Is this your idea of prolonging our death? Cuz this is the worst idea yet! I say we bust out of he-"

Wrath interrupted "We will do no such thing! We're to bide our time until the following morning so that we may act accordingly to the sentence presented towards us..."

Greed got on all fours and pointed a hoof at Wrath "You realize we're probably going to be thrown back into that hellhole, right!? Did you not see the way that Luna chick's been acting? She's probably onto us!"

Hoofsteps were heard and the two noticed a unicorn night guard approach their cell with an item levitating next to him. He tossed it through the bars as it fit through easily and landed on the ground "A gift from Princess Celestia..." The guard then made his leave to patrol outside.

Greed paused and looked down "She jails us, and now she's giving us gifts? What kind of messed up place is this?" Wrath trotted towards the item and smiled to himself when he noticed what was on the ground.

It was a fine eyepatch that was the perfect size for his abnormally large eye. Perhaps Celestia was aware of how he kept his Ultimate Eye shut and wanted to help him out. He lifted it with a hoof "Not bad. I already missed wearing one of these before." The furious pony then carefully grasped the eyepatch's string with his hooves and wore the patch around his ultimate eye. He then stood tall as he almost resembled his old self.

Greed scoffed "If she was tossing out gifts, the least she could do was give me some sunglasses..."

Wrath chuckled at the avaricious pony "You haven't changed one bit since you've arrived here..."

The avaricious pony looked back and growled a little "Neither have you...I'm gonna be honest here. You really pissed me off when you left with a smile on your face."

Wrath couldn't help himself as he smiled "Oh? Like this?"

Greed saw this and glared "Don't you start with me, Wrath! It's bad enough we have to stay here for the time being, but God forbid you'll choose to get me riled up like this!"

The furious pony chuckled "Don't worry, I'm above that sort of thing. I never expected it would leave such an impact on you. And besides..." He glared his uncovered eye and spoke in a grave tone "It's not like I can kill you again..."

Greed grinned despite Wrath's sudden mood shift "Is that a challenge? Cuz I'll happily oblige! It'll definitely kill time and save myself the trouble of boredom in this place!"

One of the guards called to the cell Greed and Wrath were in "Quiet in there!"

Greed sneered at the guard that spoke "Oh right, I forgot they're around..." He sat back down and growled "So much for curbing boredom."

Wrath nodded and sat himself down as well "For once in your life, you'v managed to make a wise choice in waiting..."

Greed growled and looked away "Fuck you, Wrath..."

Lust was gently petting Gluttony's head while he rested at her side. She sighed to herself 'This place is no doubt very different to the world we were familiar with. If that isn't enough we've ended up as the same kind we conversed with no too long ago, and they seem more prepared and wise than that of those humans...That Celestia indeed sounded serious when she claimed she could send us all back to Tartartus. I wonder if I'm able to convince her to think otherwise...'


The lascivious mare snapped out of her thought and turned to see Gluttony looking concerned "You don't look happy at all, Lust? Is it because we're staying here?"

Lust closed her eyes "I never expected all of us to just make it this far in our current form. And to answer your second question, I'm not sure about thinking badly towards this new world we reside in. It seems...magical."

Gluttony smiled "Well, yes! Those two princesses looked very magical! I wonder if they'll taste as good as they look!"

Lust chuckled to herself at the voracious pony's innocence. She adored how childish Gluttony chose to act and how she played a motherly role despite the two being brother and sister. The lascivious mare continued petting Gluttony's head "I'm sure they taste decadent, but you musn't do that to them. Depending on what happens tomorrow, maybe I'll let you..."

Gluttony flashed a hopeful grin "Maybe is close to yes, right!?"

Lust shook her head "Maybe is just maybe, Gluttony. Remember that..."

The voracious pony looked down and pouted "Oh, but I'm so hungry...that delicious stick from before wasn't enough!"

Lust smirked "Nothing is ever enough for you or Greed. Speaking of, I wonder how he's holding up, being in the same cage as Wrath once again." She couldn't help but stifle a giggle at the thought of the two feuding and duking it out in their cell.

Gluttony stared outside of his cell and noticed a guard monitoring them with diligent eyes and spear in hoof. He drooled a little and whimpered childishly as his stomach growled.

Lust gave Gluttony a motherly nuzzle to snap him out of his hunger daze "Just wait, Gluttony. Maybe they'll be nice enough to offer you dinner..."

The voracious pony perked up and smiled "Okay!" He then obediently sat on his haunches and waited patiently for his food to arrive. If Gluttony had a tail, he would be wagging it like an eager puppy.

Envy moaned while sprawled on the cold floor. Every minute, the jealous pony felt worse and could not wonder why exactly. It growled to itself "This sucks! We're trapped in this place and I feel like I've battled a group of demons before I came here."

Sloth groaned to himself "I want to go to sleep...Waking up is a pain..."

The jealous pony gritted its teeth "For once, I agree with you. I really hate feeling like this and not knowing why!"

Sloth did not reply to Envy as he found himself sound asleep as it gave a light snore. The indolent pony was happy to know it could at least sleep for a good moment before having to wake up again.

Envy scoffed at Sloth as he sleeped "Of course it's that easy for you..."

Outside of the cell, two night guards stood watch over the drowsy pair. One was male, and the other female. What was more is that they shared a relationship during their service under Luna. The male guard raised an eyebrow at the pegasus complaining on the ground "Pretty weird pony right there, don't you think?"

The female guard nodded "Yeah. Hard to believe that one along from the others came from Tartarus...That's too weird, actually. You think they'll be sent back the next day?"

The male shrugged "Wouldn't be surprised. Princess Luna would've done it in a heartbeat! But you know how merciful Celestia can be..." He then forgot about his duty for a moment as he smirked at the female "Say, got any plans for the next time we have time off? Cuz I know this excellent restaurant in Canterlot..."

The female guard gave the male guard a light push and smiled "We're on duty, you idiot. Now's not the time to be thinking like that..."

The male guard chuckled "Well, why don't I just talk? Nothing else to do here, and those two aren't much of a problem right now."

Envy gritted its teeth and glared weakly 'Not much of a problem!? That bastard is SO lucky I'm feeling this way...'

The male continued "Have I ever told you how much I love you?" He shifted closer to the female's side with a warm smile.

The female pushed him away again "Only about several times, and it's kind of annoying, really. You need to step up your game." While it sounded harsh, the female guard shared a warm smile of her own.

The male gave a mock shrug "Maybe I'm not trying hard enough. But don't worry, I still have tomorrow to tell you again." The two shared a small laugh despite being on duty.

This almost disgusted Envy with how they acted as it glared disdainfully at them 'Oh, get a room...' For some reason, a certain force compelled Envy to keep its eyes on the couple as they shared their moment. As much as it disgusted the jealous pony, it couldn't look away. It almost felt invigorating just to stare at them. For Envy, it wasn't long until it felt a swell of energy return to its body. The jealous pony lifted itself up on all fours and examined itself in bemusement "Huh? I feel great...What is this?"

The two guard noticed Envy getting up and the male guard glared "Hey, don't get any idea on breaking out of here!"

Envy sneered at the male guard "You're not worth the effort anyways...Go make out with your girlfriend or something!" The jealous pony felt great to insult someone else with a decent amount of energy.

The female guard's eyes narrowed "Watch what you say. You wouldn't want to have trouble come your way before tomorrow!" She then smiled at her coltfriend "Besides, I'm sure he can handle you easily..."

Envy glared at the pair "Wanna bet!? Open the door and let's go a few rounds so I can kick your sorry ass!!"

The female guard scoffed "Pipe down. Maybe you should rest like your large friend over there."

Envy growled "Maybe YOU should rest..." It then trotted to Sloth's side and leaned on his back as he glared at the couple outside as they chuckled to themselves 'Bunch of idiots...I dunno what Wrath's thinking, but if we get the raw end of the deal, I'm cracking skulls...' Envy wanted to simply transform into one of the guards and dupe them into freeing it and Sloth, but then remembered what Celestia had said. One part of Envy felt defiant, but the other couldn't help but feel a small pang of fear. As it glared at the couple, it felt more energy come its way. This left the jealous pony confused 'What the hell??'

Greed sat for long enough and felt like laying on the cold floor as he thought to himself. He couldn't help but think about how he died as a homunculus...

"Greed! Why do you turn on your father!?"

"Call it a delayed rebellious phase, daddy, sir! With the carbonizing ability you gave me, I'll turn us into the weakest most fragile carbon there is!"

"Crafty devil!"

He could already feel that same time where he was yanked away from his Father...

"Away with you, fool!" *snap*

And now he remembered how he faded away, and seeing the looks on the faces of Ed and Ling. He smiled to himself when he pictured the vivid images of their sadness. But then his smile faded when he remembered his last words.

"Goodbye...Friends of the Soul..."

The avaricious pony was silent, and he grunted to himself as he gritted his teeth in frustration. But the frustration faded when he decided it was best to sleep it off.


End of Chapter 7