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From The Gates - Dirty Bit

6 old creatures, 1 new life for each of them. Will they manage?

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Chapter 36

Chapter 36


It was morning as Spike rose up from his bed and stretched himself "Man, what a night that was! Now to enjoy some breakfast and maybe see what Rarity's up to..." He looked around to see that Twilight's bed and the guest bed were both vacant and assumed that both Twilight and Greed woke up before him "Huh, that's weird..." He muttered to himself as he scratched his head. Normally, the laender bookworm would wake him up as well, but this was a new day for Spike. He then hopped out of his bed and waddled down the stairs with a yawn.

When he went into the kitchen from the library's main lobby, Spike saw neither hide nor hair of both unicorns anywhere while he grabbed himself some gems. He decided to call out for them "Twilight?" The purple dragon looked around "Greed?" Still no answer. He nibbled on a fine piece of jade while he looked high and low 'Okay, she didn't leave any notes, so I know she hasn't left here...' He went into the lobby and turned to see Owlowiscious on his perch and Peewee in his nest "Hey, you two! Do you know where Twilight and Greed are?"

Owlowiscious only hooted in response to Spike "Who?"

Spike turned to the owl "Twilight, your owner, and Greed, our guest?"


Spike repeated in a more impatient tone "The only two unicorns that live here?"


Spike groaned and waved a claw "Forget it!" He turned to Peewee, who beamed at his new owner "Peewee, can you help a dragon out?"

Peewee chirped and feebly pointed one of his small wings towards the basement door. Spike noticed and smiled at the hatchling phoenix "Thanks, Peewee!" He then waddled to the door and opened it up. He noticed that the machines downstairs were still intact from the basement entrance. The purple dragon then went down the stairs and looked around "Twilight? Greed? Where are y-" He stopped in his tracks and he faceclawed at what he had witnessed.

Twilight was sleeping soundly on the basement floor next to Greed, both of them snoring lightly and their sides touching. In her sleep, Twilight nuzzled Greed's right cheek and the avaricious pony leaned his head towards Twilight's left cheek shortly after.

Spike waddled over with an apathetic expression on his face as he nudged at Twilight's right side and poked at Greed's forehead.

Twilight was the first to stir from her slumber as she moaned and rubbed her eyes to take notice of her assistant "Spike?" She mumbled tiredly "What are you doing down here?"

Spike raised an eyebrow "I can ask you the same thing!"

Twilight rubbed her eyes again as she stifled a yawn "What are you talking about?" She spoke again in her tired tone. The lavender bookworm slowly turned to her left to see Greed right next to her, and she gave a fully-awake yelp as she rose and drew herself back quickly with her face turning crimson.

Greed groaned and stretched himself as he got up "What's going on?" He cracked his neck and looked around "Huh...we're still down here, hm?" He turned to his right to see Twilight stare at him with wide eyes and a red face. Greed rubbed his eyes and ignored how the lavender bookworm was feeling "Morning, Twi...Got what you needed?"

Spike was confused and shifted his glances between the unicorns until he drew himself to a conclusion "Wait...you guys didn't..." he winced "...did you?"

Twilight's blush deepened at the purple dragon's question "S-Spike!! What in Celestia's name gave you the idea that we were-..." She grunted and growled in frustration and glared at Spike despite her obvious blush "Where did your idea even come from!?"

Spike avoided Twilight's gaze while he fidgeted his claws "I, uhh...sort of looked at some of the romantic novels on the bookshelves some time ago. It started out as an idea to woo Rarity, but I kind of got addicted to what each book had in store for me..."

Twilight was able to contain her embarrasment as she sighed to herself "It's good to know that you've decided to take up reading, but I'm disappointed with you for what you thought about me and Greed!" She gave her assistant a stern glare.

Spike shot back "Well it wasn't my fault I found you two snuggled together in the middle of the basement! Which reminds me..." He held up his claws "What were you two even doing down here?"

Greed stretched his limbs again as he spoke up "Nothing that upsets you, kiddo. Twi here just wanted more information on my spell is all. We pulled an all-nighter with a large study session."

Spike beside the two unicorns and noticed a small pile of books "Well, that explains the books down here. This place was as clean as a whistle when I went through it the other day..." He then looked back at the others "So you studied more about Greed's Ultimate Shield form?"

Twilight's blush faded completely and nodded with a smile "Yes, and I'm pleased with the results! I think I may have it all figured out in so little time! All I need to do is find a proper moment to test it out today..."

Greed gave a loud yawn that drew the attention of Twilight and Spike "Whatever floats your boat. I'm getting hungry right now...Was anything made upstairs?"

Spike turned to Greed "No, considering neither of you were up here to begin with! All I had were some gems!"

Greed perked up "Wait! Did you say gems!? Where do you stash them?" He looked at Spike with an invigorated smile.

Twilight turned to Greed in confusion "What's gotten you so interested about gems, Greed? Were they valuable where you're from?"

Greed donned a toothy grin "Oh, hell yeah! And a good fortune to boot! So where do you keep them, huh?" He asked Spike again with the same enthusiasm.

Spike got defensive despite Greed's sudden interest "Hold it, buddy! I know you're greedy and stuff, but I'm not gonna give up my gems for you! They belong to me!"

Greed paused for a moment before he chuckled "You got spunk, kid! Maybe you're not so bad after all!"

Spike grunted "I'm not a kid! And I kind of went through the same phase of being greedy." He looked down "It wasn't really fun..." He spoke in a morose tone.

Greed raised an eyebrow "Just how is it not fun? It's what I live for!"

Twilight looked at Greed "Greed, you don't understand, do you? Dragons like Spike grow exponentially in size and ferocity whenever they have a tendency to hoard whatever they claim for themselves! He nearly devastated all of Ponyville when he went on an avaricious rampage!"

Greed kept his expression, but mixed it with curiousity and interest as he directed it towards Spike "Really...How big are we talking?"

Twilight was more confused at Greed's question "Have you not even seen the size of an adult dragon before?"

Greed shot Twilight a deadpan stare "With the question I'm asking, I'm sure the answer's right there." Twilight looked away in embarrasment.

Spike looked up at Greed "I'd say I was pretty big. As big as a mountain, I guess..."

Greed smirked "That big, huh? Not bad..." His stomach then growled "Well, enough with the questions. Let's eat!"

Twilight smiled at Spike "Spike, do you think you could-"

Spike waved a claw as he waddled upstairs "I know, I'm on it. I think I'll make us some pancakes today!" When he reached the door, he looked down at the two unicorns "Well, you coming or what?"

Twilight and Greed looked at each other before they followed Spike up the stairs.

The sun shined over the sky and was then hidden by passing clouds as they casted a vast shadow over the grounds below. In time, the sunlight gradually shined in place of the shadow and made its way towards where Father chose to rest.

When the sunlight had passed over the pale alicorn's head, his eyes opened up narrowed with ambition "It's time..." He slowly rose up onto his feet and stared forward at Canterlot while it rested behind the large magic barrier created yesterday "We shall become one once more, God...and this time..." He unfurled his wings as he glared "I will not be distracted..." Father took flight towards Canterlot without a moment to lose.

Around the castle walls, guards stood at their posts with spears in hoof as they surveilled the city below them. They were relieved to know that everypony in Canterlot were willing to listen to Luna's warning about the changelings and chose to seclude themselves into their homes. One of the guards looked up and his stone-faced resolve faltered when he caught a foreign sight flying towards the shield "Hey! Up there! What is that?"

Some of the other guards around the one that spoke looked up to where he did to see Father nearing the shield without pause. The pale alicorn examined the shield and scoffed "A trifle...It is good to know that it can be easily handled..." His horn glowed with a threatening red aura and shot a small beam that connected with the shield to open a gap for Father to fly through.

The guards noted this action as a threat and the pegasi that witnessed the pale alicorn's arrival flew up towards him with their spears at the ready. Father watched them and chuckled "Adorable..." His horn began to crackle with red static.

In the castle's infirmary, one of the royal nurses unwrapped the bandages around Wrath's right wing "There you are, Captain Wrath! You're right wing should be just fine now! Just be sure not to cause yourself any more pain like last time." She gave the furious pony a compassionate smile.

Wrath returned it with one of his own "Much appreciated, madam. I'll be sure to keep that in mind. It actually healed at a good time, knowing the heightened security the city has been placed under. We cannot be too careful for any danger that would choose to reveal itself..."

The infirmary windows reflected a lethal red as the sound of crackling electricity loudly echoed outside of the castle walls and earned the attention of Wrath and the nurse. A guard then galloped into the infirmary and noticed Wrath as he called out to him "Captain! A strange alicorn has breeched the walls! We need assistance!"

Wrath grunted and gave a curt nod as he galloped out with the guard and left the paranoid nurse by herself.

The remaining guards outside stared up with indescribable fear and bemusement in their eyes. They watched as Father licked his lips as his body was coated with red static. The pale alicorn would gladly turn the rest of the guards in his sight into Philosopher's stones, but he had higher priorities to deal with. He looked around and noticed what appeared to be the throne room up on one of the higher towers. Father grinned to himself and flew upward.

He reached one of the vacant windows and glided through it to land inside the center of the throne room, much to the surprise of Celestia and Luna. The pale alicorn turned to the regal sisters with a wicked smile "At last..." He uttered with darkened joy.

Celestia and Luna rose up from their thrones and stared down their intruder while he slowly approached them "After all this time, we finally meet again..."

Celestia kept a defensive stare on Father "I'm unaware of your presence or your intentions and I do not exactly recall meeting you sometime in my life. Who are you?" She asked in a commanding tone.

Father gave a dark chuckle "Oh, I am most hurt from your statement...Surely you remember me from our time at Amestris...We were one in the same and were the most perfect being to ever exist!"

Celestia stopped her glance for a moment to think on Father's words.

"A country called Amestris. Have you heard of it?"

"No, I cannot say I have. Where is this Amestris?"

"From another world..."

The solar princess stopped her thought to speak "Have you emerged from the Gates of Tartarus as well?"

Father responded "Was that the name of the dreadful place that I woke up in? The monsters there were most hospitable..." He gave a smile "I heard word that my children have escaped from there as well. Am I correct?"

Celestia glared "Before I answer your question, I expect a firm answer! Tell me who you are and why you stormed my kingdom!"

Father huffed and hung his head down with closed eyes "How callous...You really have wiped me away from memory..." He spoke in a bitter tone. The pale alicorn then smiled as he rose his head back up at Celestia "No matter, I shall re-introduce myself since we are together once more!" He held up a hoof to his chest as he kept his smile "I go by many names...Dwarf in the Flask...Homunculus...but I prefer the name Father." His smile widened "And along with my children, I seek you, God! For the longest time we've been separated, but now we shall become one again!!"

Celestia gasped 'Homunculus...' Her gaze was now one of fury "So you're the one who was responsible for the upbringing of your children!?"

Father nodded "Yes...and I already miss them. I want them to witness this glorious moment..." He trotted forward towards Celestia "Come, God...Come and become one with me again!!" He grunted in pain as he felt a blue beam push himself back a few feet. His chest was singed, but it gradually mended while it crackled with red static.

Father turned to see the perpetrator with a glowing blue horn and a look of anger and resolve on her face as she bellowed in fury "THOU SHALT NOT HAVE OUR SISTER FOR THINE OWN PERSONAL GAIN! PREPARE THYSELF FOR A DEVIL OF A SKIRMISH!!" Celestia stood beside Luna with a glowing horn of her own as they both focused two beams on Father, one bright yellow and the other the same blue one that struck him before.

Father scoffed as he awaited the dual beams. Instead of hitting him, it collided brutally with a magical red shield that revealed itself in front of the pale alicorn. The two regal sisters did not relent on their beam while Father stood idly by "Must you waste your energy on me when I will claim it once again?" He grunted as he focused his shield to expand and push back Celestia and Luna, throwing off their beams and sending them into the wall behind them. He canceled out his shield as he went to trot over.

"Stop right there!!"

Father hummed in question as he looked back towards the entrance to see a group of ponies including Wrath, Shining Armor, Cadence, and some guards, all of which glared at the pale alicorn with pure disdain for his actions. Father examined the group until his eyes fell on Wrath, causing him to smile when he recognized his familiar features "So the sentry was telling the truth...You do reside here in Canterlot, Wrath..."

Shining Armor widened his eyes as he turned to Wrath "You know him!?"

Wrath begrudgingly confessed while his uncovered eye was locked on Father "He's...the patriarch of the family I was brought into..."

Shining Armor could not contain his shock as he directed his gaze back towards the pale alicorn glaring back with his red eyes as he smiled wickedly "Your father?" He whispered.

End of Chapter 36