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Action and darkness. Those are my specialties


The criminal organization known as akatsuki have completed their long acomplished goal of capturing the nine tailed beasts, already sealing the first seven. When attemping to seal the final two, however, something goes wrong, and the group is sent off their planet.

Waking up, they discover they have been transformed into colorful horses, yet they still posess there ninja abilities. Now travelling through the land, they begin a quest to find a way to return to their world. They are determined to get back, no matter who or what stands in their way.

This story depicts an alternate universe where the members of the akatsuki were not killed. Continuity and other factors from the origional timeline will be altered
For entertainment purposes.

Alternate Cover art

Special thanks to Thardoc for editing for me

Chapters (27)
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Comments ( 1029 )

Yeah! Finally out! :flutterrage:

This is going to be a great fic! Good luck Chaos_2012. Take the world man! :flutterrage:

1428482 thanks for the support. Good luck with your story as well. Hopefully we both get featured sometime :coolphoto:

Heck Yeah. Like I said already, Dream with the Sky if you want to Fly. :coolphoto:

one thing you should know is that the Akatsuki, Naruto and co. aren't ninjas they are Shinobi. Ninjas are assassins who are masters of ninjutsu and lived all over the place, where Shinobi were people who lived in hidden villages in the forest, on a mountain, by a mountain, ext. and who accounting to legend had different magical abilities and were hired by the Shogun to kill someone, take out an entire army or as extra security if the other shogun hired another Shinobi tribe to kill him. They did not live under the rule of the shogun but offered their services in exchange for being able to live were they did. The main difference between the two would be: a ninja kills you, they find the body. A Shinobi kills you, you never existed.

1429228 well, they go back and forth from being called either, so they can be considered the same thing in their world. In the naruto universe, the only really difference is between shinobi and samurai. I understand your point though.

hallo, heard you were looking for a prereader/editor I'd be happy to, have some credential type things if you want them lol. just a list of stories a currently edit.

either way this looks like a potentially good read.

uh... just a side note on the cover pic b4 I read this
deidara, sasori, the guy with 2 personalities (can't remember name) and, Pain's partner (can't remember her name) aren't portrayed accuaratly

1st off, unless this is some alternate reality in both the mlp AND naruto worlds
8 & 9 tails did fall that easily
or was tobi around when sasori was alive

1429302 ok, Thank you for your offer. I'll let you know when future chapters are coming

1429345 yeah, this was the best pic I could find, so..... Yeah haha.

And as for the alternate reality, yes. Many things are different. The akatsuki weren't killed off throughout the series like in the normal story. I'll explain more throughout the story

Walking over to Twilight, she draped a Wong over the young unicorns back,

what's a Wong? I think you meant wing.:moustache:

1429393 oops, that's iPhone typing for you

1429366 I have a friend on DA who has done some ponfied versions of the akatsuki
want a link?

1429499 sure. And the picture is just a base. I'm thinking of making Pain and zetsu a unicorn. Not sure.

Interesting. I assume you're using the latest version of Tobi? If so, this place (naming no names :pinkiehappy:) might actually revert his personality...

1429661 which version do you mean? The rinnegan form or the standard orange mask? because im using the standard

1429824 I was meaning more in him being Obito. (The reason I say "latest version" is that it was revealed only a couple of weeks ago...)

1430028 Im not sure yet. Could always work it in somehow. I will think about it :trixieshiftright:

This is awesome, I hope Tobi goes back to being a goofball later, I mean he was hilarious.:rainbowlaugh:

1430198 well, I'm not sure I would do that. Since he used it to hide his identity, there is no reason for him to do it here. But, who knows :duck:

So they're all earth ponies save for Deidara and Sasori?

1430926 that was the best picture I could find for the story. I'm thinking of changing some characters, like pain as a unicorn and konan a Pegasus as well

Out of all of the ponified bunch four of who would possibly be mare magnets(Maybe).

1431526 mare magnets? hmmm, i never though about having that aspect in here. possible brainstorming happening now :pinkiecrazy:

You know chick magnets and all that lol.

Neeeed moar:flutterrage: hehe good story so far cant wait for more of this :twilightsmile:

Liked and tracked :twilightsmile:
This story is gonna be so good cant wait!

gonna track this to see where it goes

1432097 thank you. Hopefully you'll enjoy :eeyup:

1432523 thanks. New chapter should come out next few days. Have to update other stories first

1433397 thanks. Any tips as the story goes also appreciated

As Hidan would say....

I saw the picture and I was like "OH MY GUURRDDD, THIS IS GONNA BE GUURRRDDD!!!!!!!!" :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::yay::yay:

1435264 haha. I can't wait to write more of Hidan, he is one of my favorite characters

1436710 glad you liked it. I will probably change the type of pony some akatsuki members are for
The pic. Not sure exactly.

Yes! :rainbowkiss:You got Itachi in there!:pinkiegasp: I flipping love you bro. :yay: And with Tobi and Pain in there too, this is gonna be fan-fuckingtastic! :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss: If you write this right I will flipping love you forever! :pinkiehappy: And with all 12 of them together they're amazing! But please. PLEASE! Remember that they're criminals, murderer's, and monsters. So DON'T make them all friendly and dandy with the Mane 6 and Celly and Luna.:ajbemused: Plus all 12 of them together can easily defeat them all. (By them i meant the ponies) It just gets on my nerves when OP characters get defeated by them! This is my face everytime. :ajbemused:....:ajbemused:. Just like that :ajbemused:. And I'm automatically put off. Please!!! :fluttercry:

1437065 haha I didn't plan on friendliness with the characters. Mabye one or two later in the story, but that is just an idea. Hidan and kakazu are definatly too crazy to be nice, and then we got Deidara who will blow everyone up :rainbowwild: haha. If you read the story 'art is a blast', your concern happened with Deidara, where the princess makes him learn the magic of friendship. It is good because it is funny how they interact with him, but in reality he would never agree
To that

1437143 Yeah, I could see maybe one or two in the future. And I'm anxious to see what they'll look like too :twilightsheepish: Especially Kisame, I wanna see how you would incorporate gills onto a pony :applejackconfused: Or would you even? But my main focus is on Pain Tobi and Itachi. Those three are on a whole different power level than the others. Plus I just like how they act :rainbowkiss:

Seeing this fanfic kind of reminds me of Fun with Akatsuki (The fan-made animated series.....also funny)

Am I expecting that version to Equestria or the real versions from the show?

"Walking over to Twilight, she draped a Wong over the young unicorns back"
.................:rainbowhuh: What kind of story is this!?

Tobi is cool until he goes all Madara then he is just an ass.
As for the "maremagnet" factor yep definatly Sasori, Itachi, HIdan, and Deidara
But you should have Kisame and the plant guy be the exact opposite and awkwardly cockblock the other guys. You know like trying to get laid with that one guy who is ugly as hell and really awkward as your wingman. :trollestia:

I'm expecting Pain to show the true meaning of pain to the citizens of canterlot with a little push :yay:
Also is the word to make the clay bombs explode katsu?

They are on the move:trixieshiftright:

Decided to change Pain and Konan's design from the pic

Yeah it's me. I don't know what kind of jutsu this is, but somehow we have become animals."

That's pretty much all I could find that was wrong, just add a quotation marks infront and its all good :3 And... No gills for Kisame?? :fluttercry: Jk, its ok. :pinkiehappy: And I like how its going so far, just add a little fighting, a little banter, and bada-bing-bada-boom you got an amazing story :yay::yay::rainbowkiss:

I can only imagine how Fluttershy would react meeting Hidan and Kakuzu :twilightoops:

1441147 just added gill slits:pinkiehappy: I'll try and fix the other mistakes later

1441168 I don't think even the stare would affect them

I feel inspired to make my own story like this. :trollestia:
Not that this one isn't good, (Actaully, I'm pretty sure it's better then what I could make. >.> :scootangel:)
It's just....
:flutterrage: SO GOOD!

Akatsuki must learn the magic of friendship to leave Equestria!:rainbowlaugh: Would be funny.

This sounds interesting. I shall have to track and read when I can.

1441209 haha thank you. Go on and make your own story. It's always good to get your own ideas out.

1441397 friendship? Kakazu? Hidan? Kisame? :rainbowhuh:

is the mane 6 gonna be in this??

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