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Just another zebracorn living in Ponyville. I wear a top hat! A small thing to know about me in terms of this site is this: I am a SUCKER for crossovers! Mainly those of the ones I'm familiar with.


After fading away in an unfortunate death, a lonely soul will once again split apart and finally be met with the company that it graciously desires. But will this particular company prove to be both tolerable and worth caring for? Stay tuned!

Evolutionary chain:
What-if scenario ====> Non-canon filler ====> Developed story

This story is in no way tied to Cuatro.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is copyright of Hasbro
Bleach is copyright of Tite Kubo/TV Tokyo

Special thanks for the new cover art goes to TheMadPuppeteer of deviantART

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Haven't read yet, but I assume it's the same side stories from Quatro. Instant fav regardles! Can't wait to see more of this.:pinkiehappy:

Wanna see Los Lobos.
Will they be alicorn in release or something else?

You have no idea how much that makes sense

Well since there's nothing new yet I'ma just gonna fav it and wait... Don't disappoint us! :pinkiecrazy:

First!!!! Btw dirty love how this evolved into a full blown story just shows you that a story can come from anywhere, even a filler chapter.

i was wondering when he would do this

This is relevant to my interests.
I will read it later.

As much as I appreciate the flow of Hollow in Equestria stories, can we at least get ONE good one where they DON'T turn into ponies?!

I love hearing Bender! :rainbowlaugh:

This is a pretty good story so far, great job

Rainbow Dash: Hey Starrk! Do you even lift?

Great chapter, nice to see that this will be becoming an independent story. Keep goin and stay golden^^

My Favourite Fracione VS my most despised filly?:rainbowderp:....PRAISE THE MOON!:pinkiecrazy:

Your filler is so good we had to have it as the main course!!!

Maybe you should cut back on the exclamation points. less of these '!'

Who is best soul Reaper captain?

Why Zaraki, of course! That dude is a freakin' monster. :flutterrage:

Aaaaaaaaaaaw yeah.
Glad I saw this or I would be a wet book.
By tears, in case you didn't get that.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: LOVED IT
I can imagine staark just instantly falling asleep on the cloud with no hesitation

Forgive me for my Homestuck-ery, but at first I thought the cover art was of Equius and Tavros. Which makes sense if they were to be sent to Equestria, due to their love of hoofbeasts.

But then I saw 'Los Lobos', and remembered that Lilynette nearly kills Diamond Tiara, so in the end, instant fave either way.

This is all just to good :rainbowkiss:

Cant wait to see some cover art for this

Will the los lobos chapters be put here and in quatro or just in here now?

2043641 The latter. What was once filler is now it's own story

I wouldn't be surprised if Starrk could block Lilynette's cero with one hoof.
But I do wonder if they can still perform their resureccion.

I wonder...are Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon going to be involved in this plot?

Comment posted by Vigriff deleted Jan 30th, 2013

Diamond Tiara's words:

2044834 That would be awesome to read about. Also if they can still are able use their resurrection would they become an alicorn and since Lilynette becomes his guns would she become his horn and since she is still aware and able to talk as a gun could she still to talk like that?

I bet he isn't that strong........... Hahahhhahhaahahahahhahahahahahahha, no he can probably lift up a few skyscrapers if he felt like it.

Is this story and your other story happening at the same time?

2045276 No. This is an entirely different story. As mentioned back in Cuatro, this story was once a what-if scenario turned into non-canon filler before becoming a story on its own.

Soon Rainbow Dash will get a taste of her own medicine. :trixieshiftleft:

Coyote Starrk, the Strongest Espada not being strong...lol


Unicorn Lilynette Gingerback + Pegasus Coyote Starrk = Alicorn Resurrección?

I hope, Starkk gets accused of being a pedo.

Stark: She isn't my filly.
Royal Guard: Oh, are you her guardian?
Stark: No.
Royal Guard: What relation do you have with her?
Stark: We used to be one.
Royal Guard: Alright sir, if you have no relation with her your going to have to come with me.....

So, if you accuse Stark of being a pedophile, would that make him a Fillyofile in Equestria?

"She and his father are living with us at the moment."

Stark and Lilly used to be of one body. Then they split into two, one female and one male. That's just impossible, you can't change sexes!!!
I always knew Lilly had a dick. Thank you author for clarifying the perceived misconception.

You know,I really prefer this to Cuatro.By a whole lot.For one,I find bored Starrk more entertaining and far more interesting than emo Ulquiorra(Thats why I stopped reading Cuatro,he bored me to death).Then there is also the fact that Stark doesnt have amensia,which the story that much more interesting for me.Here we are seeing Starkk in Equestria,while in Cuatro we somepony who somewhat looks and behaves like Ulquiorra is in Equestria.Amnesia is just too cliche for me to enjoy.I am not bashing on your writing,you are doing a wonderful job,but I feel that more can be done with this,not to mention it is beyond hilarious.
Starrk is Nr.1 after all.And so is this story.Looking foward to more.

2045714 But if Starrk's Resurrección was originally dual wielding pistols that shot ceros, and Lilynette's horn now shoots ceros=..... does that mean that Starrk's Resurrección is now a two horned alicorn? :trollestia:

But yeah... an alicorn resurrección sounds fitting.

It's colour not color

I don't get it.:rainbowhuh:

'This is awesome! I already have him on the ropes! All he's doing is dodging!'

You did not just do that. :trixieshiftleft:

And then Tom learned how to love.


It can be spelled both ways. Color is taught in the US and colour is typically taught, from what I understand, In the UK. Not to mention there are more than a couple spell checkers that correct colour as color.

2052539 it depends on whether you want to spell it how Canada and the UK do it or if you want to spell it wrong.


Sorry, it's just that here in Canada we're taught that color is incorrect and whenever someone makes a point of pointing it out I get a little overzealous with my corrections.

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