• Published 29th Jan 2013
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Kick about! Los Lobos! - Dirty Bit

Watch as a coyote and his cub finally meet with a pack of their own...

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Capitulo Siete

Capitulo Siete

Meet Coyote Starrk

Dinky and Lilynette made it to a clubhouse that was built upon a tree, set with a walkway to which they can reach the front door. The two fillies moved onto it and stood in front of the door, which Dinky rapped on twice "Hello?"

The door opened to reveal Scootaloo, who smiled at Dinky "Hey, Dinky!" She looked over at Lilynette and flinched "Uh, hey, Lilynette...How's it going?" She smiled awkwardly.

Lilynette rolled her eyes "It's alright, I guess..." She narrowed her eyes "Would've been loads better if I got that jerk in my grasp..." She muttered angrily.

Scootaloo chuckled "Yeah, Diamond Tiara can be the biggest jerk sometimes. So what brings you two here?"

Dinky grinned "Me and Lily were wondering if you and the others felt like playing today!"

Scootaloo blinked and shifted her eyes inside "Well, we'd love to, but we've got some crusader business inside!"

Dinky frowned "Oh, pretty please! We don't know what else to do!"

Lilynette huffed "She came all this way to see you, didn't she?" She gave Scootaloo an annoyed glance.

Scootaloo mulled over the decision of actually letting in two non-members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders into their headquarters, especially since one of them is very dangerous. She held up a hoof "Hold that thought!" She went back inside and shut the door.

Lilynette scowled "My friends, too, huh?"

Dinky turned to the red filly with an embarrassed smile "They're a little scared of what you did at school...That, and their club can be pretty top secret. I'm not a part of their club, but they told me that much!"

Lilynette tilted her head at Dinky "Why haven't you yet? With how you all are so close, I'd figured you'd be a member as well!"

Dinky scratched her head "It's complicated. I'm not exactly like them when it comes to pursuing my natural talent. I just listen to Mommy and wait for it to come naturally!" She smiled at Lilynette.

The red filly stared before looking back at her own pistol cutie mark "Natural talent..." She paused before she gasped "I get it now!"

Dinky blinked "Hm? Get what, sis?"

Lilynette turned to Dinky with a grin while pointing at her cutie mark "I know the reason for my cutie mark! It's because-"

The door opened to reveal all three of the crusaders, cutting off Lilynette as she and Dinky looked at them. Applebloom smiled at the visitors "Howdy! So ya feel like playin' today? We can stop our crusadin' fer a bit iffin' y'all are that bored!"

Sweetie Belle rolled her eyes with a wry smile "Trust me, I can relate!"

Dinky smiled at the three, then turned to Lilynette, who held a neutral expression. The red filly shrugged "Alright. So what should we do first then?"

Scootaloo grinned "Say, Lilynette! Before we go play, could we see your dad, maybe? He was pretty fast!!"

Dinky spoke up "Mr. Starrk is probably back at my house sleeping on the couch. I don't know if we should wake him up..."

Lilynette tilted her head "Why do you wanna see him anyway? He's too boring!"

Sweetie Belle frowned "Boring? But how else would he go so fast with his speed? Does he go through intense training?"

Lilynette looked away with a light huff "He's just born with it, alright? It's in his blood!"

The three crusaders chorused a 'Cool' after Lilynette's statement. Scootaloo grinned "Hey! Has he met Rainbow Dash, yet!? I'll bet they'll get along sooo well!!"

Applebloom smiled "Maybe we can get t' know 'im better! Why don't we mosey over t' Dinky's place?"

Dinky turned to Lilynette with a smile "Do you mind at all, sis?"

Lilynette sighed "Fine, we'll go see him! But don't say I didn't warn you when he'll bore you to death!" She turned and trotted off, with the four fillies following after her.

Rainbow Dash stared blankly as she hovered in the sky. Never had she found a pony sleep instantaneously other than Sweetie Belle; on a cloud, no less. Starrk proved to be most intriguing to the cyan pegasus with how he was supposedly as fast as her and the hardest sleeper she had ever seen. She decided to shrug it off and go back to her own cloud so she could catch some sleep herself.

As much as she wanted to, however, she somehow remained alert and awake. A part of her wondered if it had to do with Starrk and how he was new in town. She looked over at him sleeping soundly on his new bed for life, and scratched her head 'Maybe I can get some info out of him...Wonder where he's from...Or why he's living with Derpy, for that matter...'

Rainbow Dash rose from her cloud and glided over to Starrk's side, hovering next to him while he continued to sleep with his face buried in his cloud. She stared at him for a moment before giving him a light nudge with a forehoof "Hey, Starrk. You got a minute?" When she had no response, she nudged again "I know you wanna sleep and junk, but is it alright if we talked for a bit?"

She was slightly irritated to see he was not waking up and nudged harder "Hey! I'm talking to you! You better not be faking it!" Rainbow Dash narrowed her eyes as she stared at him sleeping and lifted him up by his shoulders to see his sleeping face. She shook him furiously "C'mon, Starrk! Wake up! Nopony can sleep THIS much so easily!!" The cyan pegasus was surprised to see Starrk give off no response whatsoever. Sighing in defeat, she dropped the former espada back onto his cloud and crossed her forelegs "You must really love napping over other things..." She muttered to herself.

Rainbow Dash heard hoofsteps on the ground below, and looked down to see Dinky, Lilynette, and the CMC approach Derpy's house "Huh? Wonder what they're doing..." She swooped down and landed next to them with a small smile "Hey, girls! What are you up to?"

Dinky looked up and smiled "Hi, Rainbow Dash! We were just on our way to see Mr. Starrk!"

Rainbow Dash snorted "Well, you won't find him in there, I'll tell you that much!" She pointed a hoof towards the sky "He's busy enjoying the fine texture of a cloud right now! I can't even wake him up!"

Lilynette looked up and grunted before she approached under the cloud Starrk was laying on and began to jump. Rainbow Dash and the fillies were surprised to see her jump straight up a good height, though she could not reach the sky. Her second and third tries only resulted in small extensions to her jumping height. Lilynette growled indignantly "He's lucky I don't have wings!!" She perked up "Unleeeess..." She looked up and her horn began to glow.

Dinky noticed and galloped towards Lilynette "Lily, no!!" She shrieked as the red filly stopped and turned to her sister "Please don't do that again!! We don't want to scare more ponies!" She frowned pleadingly.

Lilynette stared, then sighed in exasperation "What else can I do since I don't have any wings!?" She then looked around until she noticed Rainbow Dash hovering, then pointed at her "You! Can you fly me up there?"

Rainbow Dash arched an eyebrow "You wanna see him? What for?"

Lilynette huffed "To wake him up, of course! The others wanna see him so badly!"

The cyan pegasus laughed "I'd be pretty shocked to know you can wake him up easily!"

Dinky looked up at Rainbow Dash and answered innocently "But it's true! Lily can wake Starrk up without trying!"

Lilynette nodded and pointed at Dinky "You heard her! So just fly me up there!" She barked impatiently.

Rainbow Dash furrowed her brow at Lilynette's commanding tone, but decided to oblige, knowing the other fillies wanted to see Starrk. She carefully grabbed Lilynette and ascend up next to the former espada's cloud.

Lilynette stared until she turned her head to Rainbow Dash "Higher..."

Rainbow Dash blinked "What?"

The red filly frowned "Take me higher!"

Rainbow Dash stared, then reluctantly replied to her request as she hovered a few inches up "Better?"

Lilynette shook her head "More!"

Rainbow Dash frowned as she hovered up even more "How's this?"

Lilynette looked down at Starrk from where she was with Rainbow Dash "Perfect..." She spoke in a neutral tone as she broke herself out of the cyan pegasus' grip and leaped over above Starrk, then came down onto his back and somehow rammed him through the cloud while waking him up in the process, forcing the two towards the ground. They crashed into the dirt with a small tremor and a large cloud of dust.

Rainbow Dash widened her eyes at what had happened "Has she lost her mind!?!?" She shouted to herself as she swooped down towards the subsiding dust with the other fillies.

The group grew worried at what had happened, but it gave way to dumbstruck confusion when they heard grunts of pain and noticed Lilynette yanking back on Starrk's mane with her teeth while he laid in the cracked earth with the red filly on his back. The former espada was wide awake and gnashed his teeth with comical tears in his eyes while Lilynette continued to pull his mane "Cut it out, Lilynette!" Starrk grunted through his teeth.

Rainbow Dash and the crusaders traded glances while Dinky gave a tired sigh and an embarrassed frown upon seeing Starrk and Lilynette act out in front of her friends. Scootaloo looked over at the red filly and winced "Lilynette, I think you're hurting Mr. Starrk..."

Lilynette finally relented and hopped off of Starrk, looking at him rub his head "Good, you're up! My sister's friends wanted to see you!" She said, ignoring Starrk's minor pain.

Rainbow Dash could not believe how Lilynette was able to wake Starrk up like that, or even act that way around him, but decided to go with it since he finally woke up "Me, too, actually! I kinda wanted to know where you came from! Or where your kid chose to act like that!"

Starrk groaned as he picked himself up and stretched, then looked up to see where his cloud once rested. He gave a frown of genuine despondency before looking down to leer at Lilynette, who grinned with feigned innocence.

Sweetie Belle approached Starrk with a concerned frown "Are you okay, Mr. Starrk? That looked like it hurt..."

Starrk rubbed his head with a composed frown "I'll be fine. This is actually normal for me..." He looked over at Lilynette "But how could you have reached me from the sky?" He heard an awkward chuckle and looked to see Rainbow Dash grin sheepishly as she hovered in the air.

Applebloom trotted up in front of Starrk "We're mighty sorry t' get ya up like this, Mr. Starrk! We jus' wanted t' know more 'bout ya an' how yer so fast!!"

Scootaloo came up next to Applebloom with a wide grin "Yeah! Have you and Rainbow Dash decided to race yet?"

Rainbow Dash heard the words from Scootaloo's mouth and her ego instantly kicked in as she snickered "Cute thought, squirt! I don't think he'd want me flying circles around him!" She spouted arrogantly.

Lilynette looked up at Rainbow Dash with a scowl before turning to Starrk "Are you seriously gonna take that!? Show her who's boss!!"

Starrk stared at Lilynette before he heaved an annoyed sigh "I'm not in the mood to race. I've already have a new job to deal with by tomorrow..."

Rainbow Dash looked at Starrk "New job? Where are you working at?"

Starrk looked away with a frown "I have a job as a mail pony with Derpy's recommendation...It was easy with my Sonido."

The cyan pegasus landed next to Starrk "I've been meaning to ask about that! What's your connection with Derpy? Were you two distant friends or something?"

Starrk looked at Rainbow Dash "No. Me and Lilynette are just guests under her roof." He pointed at Dinky "This one fancies Lilynette as her adoptive sister..." The purple filly smiled brightly.

Rainbow Dash tilted her head "So, where are you and your kid from exactly? I'd say Cloudsdale, but I doubt it knowing Lilynette's a unicorn..."

Starrk blinked "There's a city named Cloudsdale?"

Rainbow Dash stared until she slowly craned her head back with a suspicious glance "Yeeeeah..."

Sweetie Belle piped up "Oh, if you're wondering where they're from, Lilynette said she was from Hueco Mundo! Wherever that is..." She looked down in thought.

Starrk nodded "You heard right. Though I doubt anyone here has ever heard of it..."

Scootaloo frowned "I'll say! Where's that even at in Equestria if you actually came from there?"

Rainbow Dash pointed a hoof "The better question is how you make it seem like you're teleporting without magic! Nopony can be that fast but me! What is Sonido, anyways?"

Lilynette huffed "It's a special ability that can only be used by arrancar! Since Starrk is an espada...Or used to be anyways..." She muttered before continuing "He can use it with relative ease!"

Rainbow Dash winced "What the hay's an espada? Some kind of title where you're from?" Starrk gave a curt nod. The cyan pegasus rubbed her chin with a hoof before she spoke "Use your Sonido! I wanna see how fast you can actually go!"

Starrk stared before he sighed, then blurred out of existence. Soon after, Rainbow Dash and the fillies began seeing several appearing and fading images of Starrk overhead at the fastest pace imaginable, all of which were donning the same expression of calm boredom as usual. Rainbow Dash, for her part, was stupified. It was insane to think it was actually possible unless Starrk were some kind of alicorn in disguise. The images had faded, and the former espada reappeared where he last stood "Are you happy?" He asked sarcastically.

Everypony had their jaw hang open, save for Lilynette, who held a smug smile after Starrk's performance. Rainbow Dash shook off her shock and stared at Starrk "How do you do that!?!" She blurted out incredulously.

Lilynette smirked as she pointed at Starrk's cutie mark "In case you haven't noticed, Starrk happens to be Number One!" She ignored Starrk looking up with an unamused frown at the red filly's boasting.

The CMC noticed the mark themselves and awed at how a stallion's cutie mark happened to be the best number according to most ponies. The began bombarding Starrk vigorously with questions while hopping about.

Dinky giggled "Looks like Mr. Starrk is getting popular!"

Rainbow Dash crossed her forelegs, looking away as she tried to hide her jealousy "Yeah, I'll bet..." She muttered 'He might be fast, but I'll bet he isn't even strong!'

To be continued...

Author's Note:

To Rainbow Dash's thoughts...

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