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I am but a mortal that likes MLP. I have been to this site too much to not register.


A disturbing trend · 4:45am Jun 1st, 2012

Yay this is my first blog post! Ok on to business, as of 5 to 6 days ago i have been seeing a trend in fanfic(mainly clopfic/trollfic) description summaries and it is that they are inspired by flurry of wet dreams of a certain character or object of pony semblance usually lasting five months or days. This was first brought to my attention from a nice fic called A Genderbent Dream by Mil Spec Pony. By now it will have spread to most if not all fanfics. If not then i have successfully alerted the

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Thanks for adding Another Chance Beyond the Door to your favorites. I'm sure you enjoyed it so far.

Hey man, it was nicely done and effectively gave me the warm n fuzzys.

Thank you for adding The Legend Of Nicholas, and the sequel, Nicholas & The Crystal Star, to your favorites. Means a lot. :twilightsmile:

I liked the general back and for with the blade. The yelling out the moves names was a bit weird, but putting their descriptions in the end will definitely help to keep thing smooth with later chapters. Can't wait to see how ape shit crazy some of the mares will be! Keep on rocking the free world bro!

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