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Kick about! Los Lobos! - Dirty Bit

Watch as a coyote and his cub finally meet with a pack of their own...

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Capitulo Ocho

Capitulo Ocho

A Wolf and Pony Show

Starrk was growing weary of having to hear the crusaders verbally assault him while he wanted to find another cloud and enjoy some sleep. It was bad enough they wanted to see him perform Sonido, namely Rainbow Dash, as if he would do so willingly. He gave Lilynette one more annoyed glare before looking back at the eager fillies "Look, kids, I can tell you're curious about me, but I'm very tired right now..."

Applebloom grinned "Can ya at least tell us about Hueco Mundo?"

Scootaloo chimed in "Or if you can do any cool stunts?" She asked in a bright tone.

Sweetie Belle followed suit "What about how you got your cutie mark?" Applebloom and Scootaloo instantly agreed to Sweetie Belle's question and all three fillies gathered in front of Starrk with wide grins.

Starrk looked away in uninterest "It's not even that good..."

Rainbow Dash quirked an eyebrow "Seriously!? What's so bad about being Number One? If anything, you're born lucky!!" She glided over and landed next to Starrk "Now that I think about it, I'm pretty curious about your story myself! Where did a pony like you manage to get a good cutie mark?"

Starrk inched away from Rainbow Dash "It was given to me for how strong I was..."

Rainbow Dash stared at the former espada blankly "How strong are you?" She asked in a skeptical tone with an expression to match.

Starrk already had trouble dealing with questions from the children, but he heaved a sigh as he trotted past Rainbow Dash "Strong enough, if that answers your question. Now if you'll excuse m-"

Rainbow Dash sped in front of Starrk with narrowed eyes "Not so fast! You might be fast, but I doubt you'd have enough strength behind that lazy frame of yours!" She spat in a challenging tone.

Lilynette growled and pointed a hoof at Rainbow Dash "You think Starrk's weak, huh? Then why don't YOU fight him, Ms. High and Mighty!?" She spoke up.

Rainbow Dash was annoyed at Lilynette's insult, but her idea was tempting. With a smile, she looked over at Starrk "I'd say she's onto something! What do you say, Starrk? You game?" She was only met with the former espada's trademark stare before he closed his eyes and rubbed his head with a quiet yawn. Somehow, he succeeded in antagonizing the cyan pegasus as she scowled "You think you're funny, huh!?"

Starrk looked back at Rainbow Dash "No...I wasn't even laughing at all..." He deadpanned while immune to her fierce glare.

Dinky watched with unease and turned to Lilynette "Lily, are you sure about Mr. Starrk fighting Rainbow Dash? I heard she beat up a lot of changelings!!"

Lilynette smirked at Dinky "You seen me fight, right? Wait til you see Starrk once he actually feels like fighting!" She stared before donning a quizzical glance "What are changelings?" She asked innocently.

Scootaloo held a prideful smile "Sorry, Lilynette, but while Starrk IS fast, I'd say Rainbow Dash has this fight in the bag!"

Lilynette sneered at Scootaloo "You haven't even seen him fight yet!!" She turned to Starrk and pointed a hoof again "Go on, Starrk! Kick her butt and show her why you're number one!!"

Rainbow Dash flared her wings and pawed at the ground "Come on! You wanna look good in front of your kid or what!?" She provoked, hoping it would work.

Starrk frowned "Do you honestly even want to go through with this? I don't really want to fight right now..."

Rainbow Dash grinned "If it'll make you feel better, this fight will be over quicker than both of us!! Come on already!! Show me what you got!!"

Starrk heaved an irritated sigh 'She's worse than Grimmjow...' "Last chance...Do you actually want to go through with this?" Rainbow Dash's answer came in the form of a pouncing stance, followed by a quick lunge towards the former espada, who was quick enough to move out of the way. He frowned deeply at the attempted attack "Aw, man..." He said to himself.

Rainbow Dash prepared for another charge, and Starrk reluctantly did the same. The CMC watched intently while Lilynette only stared with a bored glance like her superior. This was going to be a rough battle for both pegasi...


The two pegasi looked towards Dinky, who frowned at them "We can't fight in front of Mommy's house!"

Rainbow Dash got out of her stance with an embarrassed frown "Kid's got a point..." She looked at Starrk with a confident smirk "Alright then, we'll just take the fight to the skies!! We're both fast pegasi, right?"

Starrk only stared before he unfurled his wings and lazily ascended into the sky while Rainbow Dash sped upward, leaving a prismatic trail behind. The two hovered above the clouds and stared each other down; Rainbow Dash with confrontational vigor, whereas Starrk's unchanged boredom. The cyan pegasus scoffed "You must be something to just look like you're not even interested!!"

Starrk sweatdropped with an annoyed glance "That's because I'm not..." He deadpanned.

Rainbow Dash steamed from her nostrils "Alright! Game on!" She yelled a battlecry as she flew at Starrk with her incredible speed. Starrk only dodged out of her way like he had before and continued to do so with how persistent his opponent was. Rainbow Dash inwardly grinned as she continued her assault and tried to lay a hit on Starrk 'This is awesome! I already have him on the ropes! All he's doing is dodging!'

Starrk was not the least bit tired while he dodged each of Rainbow Dash's blows and thought back to how he was killed as an arrancar by Shunsui Kyoraku. He almost missed fighting him with how not only him being the strongest soul reaper he had fought, but how the two were alike in terms of fighting. The former espada was not even entertained or intimidated by Rainbow Dash's fighting. However, he had to give her points for effort and form. He distanced himself from the cyan pegasus with a small Sonido and spoke "I see this really isn't your first time fighting...I'm impressed with how you handle yourself in combat."

Rainbow Dash took a stance with a boastful grin "Can't you tell? I happen to be a blackbelt in karate!!" She gestured Starrk over towards her with a forehoof, to which he rolled his eyes.

Meanwhile, on the ground, the five fillies tried to watch the fight above them. Applebloom squinted her eyes as she tried to get a good view "Does anypony know who's winnin' up there? Ah can't see much of what's happenin'!"

Scootaloo smiled "I see Rainbow Dash is in her karate stance! I think she's gonna get serious with Mr. Starrk now!!"

Sweetie Belle looked around "Maybe we can find a set of binoculars and see what's happening."

Dinky looked at her friends "I think I have a pair in my house. I can go get them if you really want to see."

Lilynette chuckled "That won't be necessary, Dinky! This fight's gonna go by quickly..." She then frowned "Unless Starrk decides to take his time with this! All that strength and all he does is sleep!"

Applebloom turned to look at Lilynette "Is Mr. Starrk always this tired whenever he talks t' anypony he meets?"

Lilynette nodded, then pointed at herself "Which is why I have to wake him up every time! He needs me if he's gonna show his true power!"

Scootaloo grinned "You haven't even seen what Rainbow Dash can do! Just watch! She might even perform the Sonic Rainboom while she fights!!"

Lilynette blinked "What's a Sonic Rainboom?" She was met with a collective of gasps and dropped jaws. She shifted her glances between the dumbfounded fillies "What?" The red filly asked in irritation.

Rainbow Dash frowned at Starrk not responding to her gesture and snapped "What part of 'Come on' don't you get!?"

Starrk sighed and decided to glide towards Rainbow Dash with a forehoof ready to strike. Rainbow Dash tensed up and brought her forelegs up to block her face, only to hear the sound of booming static. She lowered her guard to see nopony in front of her, and was instantly met with a shot to her back, yelping in a mixture of surprise and pain as she was launched forward at bullet speed; She flew over most of Ponyville with the force of the blow sent to her.

The cyan pegasus finaly recovered and looked back to see a very distant Starrk hovering idly by with a forehoof stretched out. She gritted her teeth and growled before she sped back towards him with her forehooves stretched out "You're gonna pay for that!!"

Starrk watched as she closed the distance with her speed and only lowered himself under her the moment she was close and kicked Rainbow Dash upward with a hindleg before he recovered his flight pattern.

Rainbow Dash flew upward against her will for a moment before she recovered again 'Okay! This is just too weird! I'd expect this kind of strength from Princess Celestia!! Who IS he!?' Shaking off her curiousity, she bolted downward towards the former espada in hopes of actually hitting him.

Starrk anticipated this and moved out of the way, only to be met with another volley of hooves that he dodged unenthusiastically. He looked at the fire in Rainbow Dash's eyes while he fought 'She's pretty serious about this fight...But do I kill her or just wound her? Maybe if I just convince her to stop, I can finally get some sleep...' He stopped one of his oppenent's strikes with a hoof, and Rainbow Dash growled in frustration as she tried putting force into her hit while Starrk only kept her hoof firmly in place with minimal effort "Are you done yet? You know I'm not in the mood for fighting, and you've seen what I can do...Let's just be done with this pointless fight."

Rainbow Dash fumed at Starrk's words "No way am I giving up THAT easily!! It's gonna take more than a block and a couple of shots to change my mind!"

Starrk sighed before he slowly lifted up Rainbow Dash by her hoof, then tossed her down towards the ground in town like a meteorite. She crashed into the ground with a hole made from her impact, startling some of the ponyfolk. To Starrk's slight surprise, she managed to pull herself out of the hole she had made and leer up at the former espada before bolting back into the air.

It was time for Starrk to end it, seeing as how he was already beyond tired of fighting again, and with an opponent who was typically weaker than him. He thought of an idea as Rainbow Dash approached and blurred out with his Sonido when she was in the sky. The cyan pegasus stopped and looked around, trying to figure out where Starrk was about to appear next, even turning herself around just in case he would attack from behind. Sadly, her efforts were for naught when she felt two forelgs grab her as Starrk held Rainbow Dash in a full nelson "Hey!!" She snarled as she began to flail around in her opponent's grasp.

Stark tightened his grip and ceased her movement as he spoke "Listen, you've already shown your full strength and I don't want to fight you anymore, so I'll make you a deal...If you stop now, I'll let go, but if not..." His eyebrows furrowed "I'll break your wings..."

Rainbow Dash's heart stopped when she heard those last words, and fear coursed through her body before her pride kicked back in "Forget it!! You can just take that deal of yours and shov-AGH!" She yelled in pain as Starrk tightened his grip further.

Starrk found Rainbow Dash's spirit to be impressive at first, but now he was in no mood for her to continue "You're not listening to me...Do you really value flying? You can keep your wings and be done with this. All you have to do is stop..."

Rainbow Dash tried to struggle as she snapped "You're bluffing!! Like you could honestly-" She stifled a pained groan as Starrk tightened his grip more. Her eyes shot open when she heard some cracks 'He wouldn't...'

Starrk noted his opponent's expression and tried once more to convince Rainbow Dash to stop "You see what I'm capable of. If you chose to be stubborn about this, you can just say farewell to your precious wings...I don't want to do this anymore, and for your sake, you'll do the same." Granted, it sounded harsh, but the former espada only wished that his words would hit home.

Rainbow Dash grunted as sweat poured from her head. Here she was, caught in a hold by a new pegasus in town, and was now being offered to admit defeat in a match. She could keep it up with how much energy she had left, but at the cost of her beloved wings, it was too much to bear. Her pride was only bested by her joy of being a pegasus. Rainbow Dash growled in a mixture of anger and frustration before she sighed hung her head with a sullen frown "Fine...You win..." She muttered in a defeated tone.

As promised, Starrk let go of Rainbow Dash and looked around for another cloud. Now he can finally go back to sleep. He was lucky to find one just over Derpy's house and glided over to land on it once again. The former espada yawned before he went back to bed.

Rainbow Dash watched Starrk from where she hovered with the bitter weight of defeat burdened on herself. She frowned in sadness at her loss before she gradually became infuriated with Starrk's tactic. Remembering her audience, she looked down at the group of fillies who appeared to be talking amongst themselves and contemplated on telling them about her defeat or saying otherwise. The cyan pegasus was not happy with Starrk and his reluctance of fighting, and she wanted to at least go out with some dignity. A sound of humming graced her ears, and she looked behind to see Derpy flying with an empty mailbag "Huh? Hey, Derpy! What are you doing home?"

Derpy smiled "I'm off work right now! So I decided to come back to see how everything was going!" She looked over and noticed Starrk sleeping on the cloud, then chuckled to herself "Looks like Starrky's found a new place to sleep..."

Rainbow Dash scoffed "He should be so lucky. Where he came from, he would have never slept on one to begin with!" She glided towards Starrk and inched her head towards his ear "You hear me, Starrk!? You're welcome!!" She shouted angrily without hesitation, not expecting the former espada to wake up.

Derpy frowned "I don't think he likes that, Rainbow Dash..."

Rainbow Dash groaned "What does it matter anyways? All he does is sleep, and somehow he manages to stay in shape! Who is he?"

Derpy's eyes circled in different directions "Something called an arrancar, I think." She looked down and smiled at the group of fillies "I'm gonna go down and say hello to my little muffin before I actually eat some! Wanna join me for lunch?"

Rainbow Dash leered at Starrk "No thanks...I just ate..." She said without looking at Derpy.

Derpy, oblivious to the cyan pegasus' irritation, shrugged "Suit yourself!" She said as she swooped down to the group of fillies "Hey, girls!" She greeted brightly.

Dinky noticed and grinned "Mommy!" She galloped over and leaped at Derpy, the two sharing a hug.

Scootaloo looked up at Rainbow Dash hovering next to a sleeping Starrk "Wait, we were so busy explaining a Sonic Rainboom to Lilynette, we didn't even pay any attention to the fight!!" She stomped a hoof "Darn it!"

Lilynette huffed "Well, how was I supposed to know about some move I never heard of! Besides, we all knew that Starrk won!"

Scootaloo jerked her head over to Lilynette "No way! Rainbow Dash wouldn't go down so easily in a fight, even if Mr. Starrk is that fast!"

Before the two could argue, Sweetie Belle cut in "Couldn't we just ask them?"

Applebloom looked up at Starrk sleeping "Ah don't think we'll get an answer from Mr. Starrk any time soon..."

Derpy blinked "Wait...What did I miss?"

Dinky looked up at her mother "Rainbow Dash challenged Mr. Starrk to a fight. We didn't see much of it since we talked to Lilynette about the Sonic Rainboom."

Derpy looked up at Rainbow Dash glaring at Starrk before she flew off "Ah, that makes sense..." She rubbed her chin "Starrky's probably hungry after all that action..." The mailmare thought out loud before she grinned "I'll go try and wake him up!" She flew up towards the sleeping pegasus and examined him "Hmm...How would I wake a stallion up? Oh! I know! I saw this in a movie once!" She approached Starrk and carefully flipped him onto his back where she could see her face "Okay, he's in the right spot, now all I gotta do is..." She closed her eyes and took a deep gasp of breath before she brought her head down and locked lips with the former espada.

Starrk laid there, and his eyes slowly lidded open, before they shot out wide as dinner plates upon feeling Derpy's lips with his own "MMMMPH!"

He flailed all four of his legs before he pushed away Derpy in a panic. Surprisingly, the mailmare was not phased by the hit as she grinned triumphantly "Hey! It worked!! Wanna join me for some food, Starrky?"

Starrk repeatedly spat from his lips before furiously rubbing them with a forehoof. He then looked over at Derpy "Why did you do that!?" He blurted out in confusion, ignoring Derpy's offer.

Derpy chuckled "Well, I didn't wanna use Lilynette, seeing as how she can wake you up by hurting you! So, you wanna come inside?"

Starrk grunted and looked away "No...I already had to deal with Rainbow Dash. I don't think going in your house would help me out..."

Derpy frowned "Awww..." She paused, then instantly brightened with a grin "Lightbulb!!"

Starrk looked back at Derpy with an annoyed frown "...What is it?" He asked cautiously.

Derpy inched into Starrk's face, with the former espada instantly craning his head back with a wince "We could take our children and get some ice cream!! This would be the perfect time for Dinky and Lily to bond!" Her eyes circled in different directions.

Starrk looked down at the fillies below. Lilynette and Scootaloo were found arguing, with Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Dinky urging them to stop. He sighed "Anything to take my mind off of all this..."

Derpy clopped her forehooves together "Goodie! Let's go!" She swooped down eagerly towards the fillies to pick up Dinky.

Starrk followed with a disgusted groan. That kiss came out of left field, and he did not enjoy it for a second. When they both landed, He noticed Lilynette arguing and trotted over to her, striking her head with a jab "Ow! Hey!" The red fily snapped as she rubbed her head and glared at Starrk.

Scootaloo looked up at the former espada "Oh, hey, Mr. Starrk! Can you tell us who won in that fight up there?"

Starrk shifted his glance to Scootaloo "No one did. We just ended it..."

Scootaloo blinked "So it was a tie?" She looked over at Lilynette "Maybe they're both equally strong!"

Lilynette scowled "Or maybe Starrk convinced her that she didn't have a chance! OW!" She felt another hoof to her head.

Derpy picked up Dinky "I hope you're hungry, muffin! Cuz' we're going out for ice cream with Starrky and Lily!"

Dinky gasped then beamed cheerfully "Yay!"

Scootaloo groaned "Lucky! I could use some ice cream myself right now!"

Derpy looked at the crusaders "I can buy you some, too, if you want!"

Sweetie Belle grinned "Really!? Thank you, Derpy!!"

Applebloom cheered "Alright! We get some ice cream!"

Lilynette tilted her head "Is it that good?" Once again, the fillies turned to Lilynette in dumbfounded shock.

Derpy tussled Lilynette's mane "Looks like you'll see for yourself soon enough! C'mon, everypony! To Sugarcube Corner!!" The fillies, save for Lilynette, cheered and followed Derpy as they went off. As he trotted, Starrk grimaced when he still tasted the mailmare from his worst wake-up call yet.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

Lilynette called Rainbow Dash - a multicolored pegasus - Ms. High and Mighty! Get it? :pinkiehappy:

Also, were you surprised on how Derpy managed to pull a Disney and actually succeed?

Meh, screw it. Looks like Lilynette's not the only one with a supposed enemy :derpytongue2:

Hope you enjoy this chapter! Peace! :twilightsmile: