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This story is a sequel to A Foal's First Words

Berry Punch has had a miserable day at the market. First there was sleet, then snow. She didn't make enough money to get Berry Pinch the Hearth's Warming gift she really wants, and begins to sink into depression. But Hearth's Warming isn't about money, it's about unity.

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Once I was past the turn-off to Sweet Apple Acres, the rode rose up to Carrot Top

You mean 'road'?

That was great! The feels make up for it being almost five months late.

It seems appropriate that I read this while drunk.

I should have wrote it drunk. Gotten in character.

Method writing?

If it's something I can experience for myself, I'll try to, just so I can describe it well.

Dammit. This is too bittersweet. Seeing Berry do all that for her daughter was really touching.

Good job. I really enjoyed this a lot.

For more cuteness overload, there is a third story, So It Begins, which takes place during the latter part of this story, and features Carrot Top and Noi.

Thanks for the recommendation. It has already been added to my "to read" list.

Didn't get 'round to reading this till now, but having filled up on CSI/OtPP/AGfC, I certainly don't regret having the required context.

Very sweet little story, as I've come to expect of your Ponyville one-shots, and once again a nice reminder that 'Below Decks' episodes are just as important as a writer's central canon. :heart:

Have you read A Foal's First Words? It's the prequel to this one. Also, as a pre-reader for A Gift from Celestia, you can no doubt see how these fit into my canon.


Yep!~ Enjoyed it for exactly the same reasons.

Fun fact:
When I was younger I did the exact same thing in Pinchy, well I only opened mine... but still.

Embarrassing fact:
I think I was 13 at the time.

We always took turns (although maybe not when I was too young to remember), with each family member opening one present, then having to wait until everyone else had opened one. Besides slowing down a child's greed, it rewarded guessing what presents were--a book could give me something to do until my turn came around again, for example, or a Lego set could be worked on. . . .

Funny thing is we still do it this way, and so it usually takes most of Christmas day to open presents.

5159197 That was what we usually did. Especially when my grandparents finally moved in upstairs.

That tradition lives on to this day... Usually it only took us a couple hours, we were a small family.


This story took my heart and roasted it on a spit. Warm and fuzzy doesn't begin to describe it.

Have a thumb-up and a gold star.

If you want some cuteness overload, So it Begins takes place concurrently with this story, and features Noi and Carrot Top. (It's also a Pony Planet-related story, but it's part of an anthology)

Millie came over and scooched into the booth, passing out small baskets of cookies to each of us, while I reached into my saddlebags and handed out bottles of clover wine.

Who's Millie?

“Featherweight took when he was taking pictures for the Foal Free Press” she said. “DT didn't want it for the paper, 'cause we looked too happy.”

took it

D'awwww! That was pure adorableness, wrapped around cheese, and decorated with adawabetus.

This was a nice little short fic. Definitely worth a fave and upvote.


Who's Millie?

Her most notable appearance in in Mysterious Mare Do Well, when she loses the baby carriage.

D'awwww! That was pure adorableness, wrapped around cheese, and decorated with adawabetus.


took it

Good catch! Fixed!


You're welcome, and that's the first time I heard that ponies name. Cool beans :scootangel:.

One thing you'll find in my stories is that I use a lot of BG ponies, the more obscure the better.


You need to use Holly Dash and Mango Dash. I do that ship. But yeah I think Mango Dash [Pegasi] being Holly Dash's filly [pegasi] is pretty cool. As well as them being cousin and niece to Dashie.


That's real commitment, but be careful.

I approve of this story, it is well written. Upvoted.


That's real commitment, but be careful.

So far the two things I've skipped are being tased, and getting wasted out of my mind on morphine. And I considered both.

"Write from what you know" is a good philosophy to have to a point. But sometimes it's perfectly acceptable to substitute the experiences of others, or things we have observed. I'm certainly not going to break the law or sustain bodily harm or like Aric, have sex with a pony, just for the sake of writing about it. There are definitely limits. :rainbowlaugh:

An argument I have heard in favor of writing from your own experiences is in consideration of how the experiences truly affect you emotionally. I've decided that this concern is limited anyhow, since people will have varying emotional reactions. As long as responses are consistent with a character's personality and a writer understands their subject matter, it usually works out fine. Readers are also willing to engage in a suspension of disbelief if they're really enjoying a story. These are just my opinions.

Well, yeah, there are certainly places where I have to take a leap into the unknown, or base what I expect off what I know. So like with the taser, I've been hit with 50,000 volts or so from an ignition coil, and that wasn't incapacitating, but it wasn't pleasant, either, and I can extrapolate from that. And for the morphine, I just talked to someone who had been given boatloads of it after shattering his thighbone.

And yeah, I'm not willing to really break the law or do something morally reprehensible for the sake of 'research,' nor will I do something blatantly dangerous. But there's a lot of little stuff I can try. Like holding a book in my mouth like a pony would to see how much saliva actually gets on the cover (not much, it turns out, if you're being careful). Or make spinach and cheese pancakes. Or try a bottle of Oberon.

I agree, there are plenty of small harmless things, and sometimes it's fun and interesting to learn more through experience. Every once in a while I try to push myself outside of my comfort zones. Being alive is one thing, but to truly live you need to go out into the world to see what experiences are waiting for you. As an author, it does wonders to broaden your horizons.

Indeed, you are a good mother Berry, never forget this.

She is. She tries very hard.

Agreed. She actually can be proud of herself.

Short and sweet. :twilightsmile:

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