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Kick about! Los Lobos! - Dirty Bit

Watch as a coyote and his cub finally meet with a pack of their own...

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Capitulo Cinco

Capitulo Cinco

Never Piss off an Arrancar

Cheerilee hummed to herself as she sorted out her collected worksheets and went over each one with a keen eye. She finally stopped on Lilynette's paper and examined how she managed to get better with her writing skills, though her answers were still written in a sloppy fashion. Aside from that, Cheerilee was more concerned on how she would handle trying to teach Lilynette with how she chooses to behave around others.

She has met many colts and fillies that would act in such a manner on their first day of school and managed to set them straight in a month's time tops, but Lilynette may prove to be a challenge. She remembered how the red filly was attached to Dinky, and chose to relax for now, knowing she could act more civilized around her sister 'I'm sure she'll make some friends around recess...'

Her relaxation was cut short when she heard a blood-curdling scream outside "Huh!? What's going on?" Before she could look out the window, her ears picked up the sound of rapid hoofbeats approach her classroom. Cheerilee turned to see a panicked Silver Spoon catch her breath as she made it to the door "Silver Spoon, what happened outside? Is somepony hurt?"

Silver Spoon's look of panic worsened as she stared at her teacher "L-Lilynette! It's Lilynette! Please come outside, Ms. Cheerilee!!"

Cheerilee stifled a gasp 'Oh no! I hope Lilynette hasn't hurt herself somehow...' She hopped from her desk and followed after Silver Spoon.

"Sis, stop!!" Dinky called out pleadingly as she watched what was going on with her friends.

Diamond Tiara screamed fearfully as she ran around the playground while being tailed by an overly-provoked Lilynette, who roared in anger as she slowly caught up towards her target. Upon seeing this, Diamond Tiara decided to use her classmates to her advantage by moving around them in a serpentine pattern while avoiding Lilynette.

The many colts and fillies quickly moved out of the way for each twist and turn the two would take in their trail, fearing for their own lives more than Diamond Tiara's after Lilynette's display with the tree. The red filly called out to her fleeing prey "Come back here so I can end you, you jerk!!!"

Diamond Tiara said nothing and only tried to go as fast as her pampered hooves could take her. It did not help knowing that she was running out of energy since she was not for running around. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the school's jungle gym to her left and how it could provide her a good sanctuary from the angered filly behind her. Her destination set, Diamond Tiara made a sharp turn and scurried towards the jungle gym, diving inside of it when she got close. She lost her tiara to one of the bars as she cleared her jump, but it was a small price to pay knowing she somehow antagonized a monster in disguise.

Lilynette growled at Diamond Tiara once she reached the jungle gym, and reared back onto her hind legs and reeled back her right forehoof as she gave the jungle gym a large jab and elicited a loud clang from the bars. The school ponies, Diamond Tiara included, cringed at the loud noise it caused, but they looked to see that Lilynette only caused a large dent to the jungle gym.

Diamond Tiara noticed this as she caught her breath, and felt her bravado return upon seeing Lilynette's failed attempt, even gaining the courage to taunt the red filly "Looks like you can't get me from here, huh? Too bad~!!" She closed her eyes and giggled teasingly.

It did not help her with how Lilynette grew more infuriated with her teasing. She punched at the bars again with the same hoof, and began repeating the process with building speed and more damage to the bars. Diamond Tiara saw this with a loud gasp as she backed away from more of Lilynette's onslaught. The red filly snarled as she continuously dented the bars "Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk!" With a final 'Jerk' she shattered the jungle gym, leaving only a pale Diamond Tiara sitting on her haunches with eyes the size of saucers. She quickly got up and ran with a scream, being pursued by Lilynette again.

Diamond Tiara moved past Snips and Snails, and they looked to see Lilynette angrily raze the ground under her hooves as she galloped towards them without hesitation "Get out of my way!!!" She bulldozed past the two colts, easily knocking them into the air as they screamed.

Scootaloo watched the scene in a mixture of awe and fear "I don't think we should ever make Lilynette angry while we're at school..." She said to her friends.

For the first time ever, Applebloom actually felt concern for Diamond Tiara "That filly'll tear Diamond Tiara limb from limb unless Ms. Cheerilee comes out an' stops this!!" She looked up to see Snips and Snails scream before they landed next to her on the ground.

Sweetie Belle turned to Dinky "Lilynette's your sister, right? Can't you find some way to make her stop?"

Dinky watched Lilynette chase Diamond Tiara in fright "I-I don't know! I've never seen Lily THIS angry before!"

Diamond Tiara looked back to see that Lilynette was catching up to her again and tried to come up with a way to stop the red filly in her tracks. She noticed the sandbox up ahead in her trail and knew exactly what to do. When the pink filly reached the sandbox, she grabbed a small hoofful of sand and quickly tossed it into Lilynette's eyes when she drew close.

Lilynette reeled back with an irritated scream as she clenched her eyes and tried rubbing out the sand as Diamond Tiara scurried away. After brushing away the sand from her eyes, Lilynette gritted her teeth as she tried to focus on where her prey was running "You little coward..." She growled indignantly. Unbeknownst to Lilynette, her horn began to glow with a light green aura while she was glaring daggers at Diamond Tiara, much to the surprise of her classmates "If I was the arrancar I used to be, I'd kill you in a flash! Now I'm reduced to just running around on four legs trying to catch you!!" Her horn glew brighter as her vision focued more clearly.

Sweetie Belle gasped "Look at her horn! How's she doing that?"

Dinky and the other crusaders were equally dumbfounded at the sight of Lilynette's horn. Was Lilynette this good at magic before she came to Ponyville? Dinky heard two sets of hooves galloping from behind and looked back to see Cheerilee with Silver Spoon in tow. The teacher reached approached the group of fillies and looked over at Lilynette "What is going on out here!?"

Lilynette roared as her horn shot out a green magic beam that sounded like a deep whirring sound that rose and lowered in pitch. Diamond Tiara jumped out of the way with widened eyes as the beam consumed a large trail of the playground and extended into Ponyville.

Starrk continued following Derpy around unenthusiastically while she was busy delivering mail. The former espada wanted nothing more than to go back to her house and take a nap, but she still insisted for him to stay by her side.

The two pegasi reached a house that was decorated in sweets of all sorts. Starrk only blinked "Who lives in a house made of candy? Is this place that strange?"

Derpy giggled as she approached the mailbox "It's not made of candy, silly! It just looks that way! Sugarcube Corner is the place to buy some delicious sweets! They sells the best muffins!" She said as she fished out and placed an envelope inside of the mailbox next to the candy-coated establishment.

Starrk scratched his head with a bored expression "Hm...I suppose it's a good theme if they sell sweets..." He went to speak to Derpy, but found himself instantly bombarded by a pink blur after hearing the front door to Sugarcube Corner shoot open. The former espada laid on his back and shook his head with an annoyed grunt 'How could I not see that coming?' His expression shifted to that of confusion when he noticed two bright blue eyes and a large set of grinning teeth in front of him "Who are-"

He was instantly silenced when he was met with rambling that could easily compare to his own speed. The only things he could make out were the words 'Pinkie Pie', 'Pinkie Sense', 'New pony', and 'Party'. Other than that, all he could do was stare at the pink mare that had supposedly pinned him on the ground and chattered on in one breath.

Derpy noticed Starrk's predicament and smiled at the pink mare "Hi, Pinkie! I see you met my newest friend Starrk! Him and his daughter are staying with me right now!"

The one called Pinkie gasped "Really? That's just so great to hear! Maybe we can throw their 'Welcome to Ponyville' party at your house, if you like!!"

Derpy grinned "Sound's great!" She looked down at Starrk "Is that okay with you, Starrky?"

Starrk gave a small frown as he lightly shoved Pinkie off "I'm not exactly in the mood for a party right now. All I'd like to do is go take a nap..."

Pinkie got in Starrk's face, surprising the former espada "Not in the mood for a party? I'm sure that just your drowsiness talking, but not to worry!" She placed a hoof on her chest "THIS mare shall take her time off from work to throw you a party that'll wake you up in no time!!"

Starrk only stared at Pinkie's obviously random statement "...What?"

Derpy grinned "It's just Pinkie Pie! She's the only mare that understands me most of the time!" After her words, Starrk grew a faint sense of worry from being around two seemingly crazy mares as he shifted his glances between the two.

Pinkie Pie then hopped in place "So what's your full name, Starrky? Or is that just your name?" She smiled at the former espada.

Starrk only gave a small huff "My name isn't 'Starrky'...It's just a pet name Derpy decided to go with. My full name is Coyote Starrk and-"

"Coyote? You mean like the kind that love to chase road runners around? Can you talk to them at all? My friend Fluttershy LOVES talking to animals, and I'm sure you and her could get along so well! But she's usually too shy to talk-"

That interruption was both unneeded and migraine-inducing for Starrk, and he held a hoof to his temple while the hyperactive mare continued to ramble on. Normally, he wouldn't mind a small chatterbox with how he spent his time with Lilynette, but this mare managed to nearly coax him into running off and keeping away from her. What managed to stop her was a large green beam that shot past Sugarcube Corner and managed to disappear shortly after.

Derpy stared with widened and straightened eyes, and Pinkie had her jaw held out. Starrk only stared with a knowing glance and a unamused frown 'Oh no...Lilynette...'

Cheerilee and her students stared in utter silence at how one small filly managed to cause so much damage on school grounds. While she noticed the scattered bars that was once a jungle gym, the giant beam caught her eyes.

Lilynette looked upon the damage she had done herself; how she scathed the ground and managed to catch the attention of several distant citizens. She stared up at her horn "My cero...I can still use it!!" Realizing she had her signature weapon as a hollow, she looked over at Diamond Tiara laying on the ground and instantly donned a dark grin as she pointed her horn at her.

Cheerilee recovered form her shock and called out with a stern glare "Lilynette Gingerback!!"

Lilynette ceased her attack to look over at Cheerilee "What!? I'm busy at the moment!" She snapped back.

Cheerilee trotted up to Lilynette and looked down at her "I can't believe you would actually do all of this! Just what were you trying to accomplish!?"

Lilynette pointed a hoof at Diamond Tiara "Trying to make this jerk pay for what she did to me!!"

Cheerilee's sternness softened as she replied "What did Diamond Tiara do to you to make you resort to such violence?"

Lilynette scowled "You mean other than making me look dumb and weak, and even challenging me to a fight only to run off like a coward!? She threw sand in my eyes!!!"

Cheerilee did not know what to make of the situation. One of her students apparently antagonized the newest student, leading her to destroy some of the playground and firing a magic beam that possibly extended deep into Ponyville. While it was Diamond Tiara's fault, she could not let so much collateral damage go unignored. It was tough to decide what action to take with the knowledge that one lone filly had caused so much chaos on her first day of school.

Her thoughts were cut short when a stallion blurred into existence behind Lilynette. Cheerilee was startled when she noticed Starrk staring back at her with a bored expression. She stared in silence for a moment before choosing to break the ice "A-And you are?"

Pinkie was found hopping into the playground and stopping next to Starrk "Just a new pony who's about to get a serious dose of party soon!!" She procliamed jubilantly, oblivious to the damage on the playground.

Starrk turned to Pinkie with a slight wince "I'm surprised you managed to come here before Derpy..."


Pinke, Cheerilee, and Starrk looked up to see Derpy fly towards the school with a look of distress on her face "Dinky, are you alright!?" She looked around for her daughter.

Dinky waved up at Derpy with a smile "I'm over here, Mommy! I'm fine!"

Derpy swooped down and scooped up Dinky in a hug "Thank Celestia you're safe! I don't know what would've happened if that huge blast hurt you somehow!"

Lilynette looked over at Dinky "I wasn't trying to hurt my sister, I was trying to hurt HER!" She pointed at a cowering Diamond Tiara. Outside of Ponyville Elementary, more ponies gathered and gossiped at the damage that had took place.

Starrk looked around at the many looks of fear and curiousity that loomed outside of school grounds. At one point, he couldn't care less on what they think, but he felt uncomfortable knowing that him and Lilynette drew unwanted attention to themselves.

He managed to spot Crafty Crate in the crowd looking at the scene himself "What the-..." He shifted his glance from the damage, to Lilynette, and to Starrk "Starrk, is THIS the kid you were talking about!?" He asked incredulously.

Starrk rolled his eyes at Crafty Crate's remark, then looked to see everypony in a state of unrest over what has happened. Derpy approached Starrk with Dinky in her hooves and frowned "Everypony isn't happy about this, Starrk! What do we do?"

Starrk shifted his eyes to Derpy "This isn't your problem. Don't worry about it..."

Dinky frowned as well "You're not mad at Lily, are you, Mr. Starrk?"

Starrk looked at Lilynette, then heaved a sigh as he closed his eyes and scratched his head "I'm not sure what to feel at this point, but if anything, I'm bothered by all of this..."

Pinkie appeared between Derpy and Starrk and grinned "Don't worry, you two! This wouldn't be the first time Ponyville had to deal with something big! I never thought it would be at Ponyville Elementary of all places!" She said in her chipper tone "We can make another jungle gym easy peasy lemon squeezy!!"

Derpy looked over at the scathed path caused by Lilynette's cero "But what about Lilynette? Something like this would get somepony in trouble!"

Pinkie stared as well and hummed in thought "Dunno about that! But like I said, you got nothing to worry about! I better get going now! See ya!" She zipped off in a pink blur. Starrk could've sworn she was headed towards Derpy's house.

In time, the crowd gradually died down as they went back to their normal routines, though they were still tensed by the small amount of destruction around a learning establishment. Starrk watched the last of the citizens leave before he decided to trot over and look down at Lilynette "Come on. We're going home..."

Lilynette snapped "What!? But I still have a score to settle!! And I wanna stay with my sister!! You can't just tell me to forget about this and come back with you!!"

Starrk furrowed his brow, and slowly raised a hoof before he gave a quick jab to Lilynette's forehead "Ow!" Cheerilee and Derpy were surprised to see the former espada harm his supposed daughter in front of them and the other students. Lilynette rubbed her head as she leered up at Starrk "That hurt, you know!!" Looking up at Starrk's narrowed eyes, she knew that he would do it again if she chose to lash out further. With a defeated groan, she looked away with a bitter expression "Fine! Let's go..."

Starrk looked over at Derpy "We'll see you back at your house..." He took Lilynette with one hoof, and the two blurred out of existence, startling everypony around them.

Cheerilee managed to maintain her composure and sighed "Every day, this town gets crazier..."

Derpy giggled "Ain't it grand?" She looked down at Dinky "Sorry, Dinky, but you'll have to spend the rest of the day without Lily." She spoke in a sad tone. Dinky only looked down with a frown.

Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo all traded glances before they trotted up to their teacher "You know, none of this wouldn't have happened if Diamond Tiara hadn't picked on Lilynette..." Scootaloo pointed out in a matter-of-fact tone.

Sweetie Belle looked around "Ms. Cheerilee, does this mean that school's over for today?"

Cheerilee was silent before she placed a hoof on her forehead 'It wouldn't help to teach after all of this...' She looked at her classmates and called out "Class is dismissed for the day, children! We'll cover history tomorrow!" As if Lilynette's rampage never happened, the colts and fillies cheered as they galloped off to their homes, save for a panicked Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Derpy flew back home to drop off Dinky before going back to her mail route.

Silver Spoon looked Diamond Tiara "I told you we should've left them alone..." She muttered.

Diamond Tiara glared at her friend "Sh-Shut up!" She snapped back, still shaken from what she had went through.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

You know, Diamond Tiara's evasive tactic would've been more acceptable if the sand came out of her pockets. Am I right? :derpytongue2:

I'll bet a good majority of you were disappointed, but fret not. I have plans for the later chapters...*slowly building maniacal laughter*

Hope you enjoy this chapter, folks! More to come! Peace! :twilightsmile: