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Kick about! Los Lobos! - Dirty Bit

Watch as a coyote and his cub finally meet with a pack of their own...

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Capitulo Tres

Capitulo Tres

School Days

Sparkler escorted the two unicorn fillies towards a red schoolhouse complete with a bell, a smile on her face "Well, here we are, girls. Ponyville Elementary. I should probably go inside and let Cheerilee know about Lilynette since Starrk's not around to do so."

Lilynette looked up at the school skeptically, then took a step back, earning the attention of Sparkler and Dinky. Sparkler offered a comforting smile "Don't worry, Lilynette. It may not seem so great at first, but I'm sure you might enjoy your time here at school."

Dinky smiled "Yeah! And besides, we get to go in as sisters!"

Lilynette remained silent, but gave a light huff as she trotted up next to Dinky, looking away. Sparkler giggled and escorted the fillies inside the schoolhouse. Down the halls, they finally reached the classroom where Cheerilee was preparing her lesson plans for today. She noticed the three unicorns and smiled "Good morning, Sparkler and Dinky!" The teacher looked down at Lilynette "And who might this little filly be?"

Lilynette gave a light glare and a quiet growl back. Sparkler noticed and smiled "Sorry about her, Ms. Cheerilee. She's obviously a new student to Ponyville Elementary, and her father's not around to introduce himself along with her properly. Her name's Lilynette Gingerback. She and his father are living with us at the moment."

Dinky smiled and chirped innocently "She's my new sister!"

Cheerilee noticed the look of dislike in Lilynette's eyes and frowned a little before smiling again "Is that right? Don't worry, Lilynette. You're in good hooves here at this school! You could probably get along well with some of the other students!" She looked at Lilynette's cutie mark and felt confused "Your cutie mark is actually very unique for a filly. I've never seen that kind of mark on anypony before..."

Lilynette puffed her cheeks as she glared at Cheerilee "Does that make me an outcast to you?" She snapped defensively.

Cheerilee gave a light gasp as she frowned "Absolutely not! I didn't mean anything hurtful about that statement at all, Lilynette. In fact, it's that what makes us all different that brings us closer together!" She smiled warmly at Lilynette "Being unique is a wonderful thing in life, especially if it makes other ponies happy." A bell rang on one of the schoolroom's walls, and the group of ponies turned to it as Cheerilee spoke "Looks like we better get ready for today! The students should be coming in any time now!"

Sparkler nodded "I'll leave it up to you then, Ms. Cheerilee! Thank you for your time." She looked down at Lilynette with a frown "Please behave yourself here. I know Starrk isn't around, but Ms. Cheerilee and Dinky will make sure you're happy."

Lilynette stared back at Sparkler with a frown "No promises." She then turned to see more colts and fillies trot in and talk to each other.

Sparkler noticed this and took it as a sign to leave "I better get going now. Bye, Dinky and Lilynette! Have a good day!" She trotted out the door as more students came in.

Lilynette looked at the children, including Dinky, taking their seats and went to join them, but was stopped by Cheerilee. She looked up at her while she smiled back "Not yet. We have to introduce you to the class first!" Lilynette stared at her teacher for a moment before looking over towards her new sister waving to her.

When the children took their seats, they all looked at Lilynette while she stood next to Cheerilee and began murmuring towards one another. An orange pegasus filly raised an eyebrow as she whispered inquisitively "Who's the new girl? She looks pretty tough for a unicorn..."

A yellow filly wearing a pink bow in her red mane tilted her head "She don' look all that happy t' see us neither..." She followed Lilynette's gaze over to Dinky in her seat and turned to her friends "Ya think she's got somethin' against Dinky?"

A white unicorn filly rested a hoof to her chin "Let's just wait and see. Maybe she's shy?"

Cheerilee cleared her throat and spoke "Good morning, class! Today we have a new student who will be joining us for the rest of the year! I hope that you all will make her feel welcome here!" She looked down at the red filly next to her "Why don't you tell the class more about yourself?" Cheerilee asked in an encouraging tone.

Lilynette looked up at Cheerilee and sighed as she turned to the class and held a serious look "My name is Lilynette Gingerback, and I live with my new sister Dinky!" The mentioned unicorn beamed at her words "I don't know anything about this place or the people inside of it other than my sister!"

There was a light fit of laughter from some of the students and Cheerilee held a stern look to those that have "Now, class! That's no way to respond to the new student!"

A portly opal unicorn colt with an orange mane and buck teeth raised his hoof and spoke "Ms. Cheerilee, since when does Dinky have a sister?"

A lanky yellow unicorn colt next to him nodded "Yeah! If she really was Dinky's sister, shouldn't she be a baby or something?"

Lilynette shot the two a glare "Do I look a baby to you!?" She snapped at the cringing colts.

Cheerilee held a hoof in front of Lilynette to calm her down "Snips and Snails, Lilynette isn't Dinky's actual sister! She's only staying with her for the time being. Now does anypony else have any questions before we begin?" An orange hoof was seen and Cheerilee smiled "Yes, Scootaloo?"

The one called Scootaloo held a curious glance "Lilynette, how did you get your cutie mark? It looks pretty cool!" She said with a respective smile.

Lilynette blinked, then turned to her cutie mark, then back at Scootaloo "I don't know...It just got there!"

While Scootaloo craned her head back in confusion, the rest of the class laughed at the response. Cheerilee frowned at this and turned to Lilynette "Um...Lilynette, why don't you take a seat next to your sister so we can begin today's lesson? I'm sure you'll be fine sitting next to her." She spoke in a comforting tone.

Lilynette looked at Cheerilee and nodded "Fine." She then trotted over and sat herself at a desk next to Dinky. She ignored the two fillies looking at her from behind as they sat in their own desks. One was a pink filly wearing a tiara while the other was a grey filly wearing glasses.

Cheerilee smiled and pulled out a book "Alright, class! Yesterday, for those of you that weren't here, we covered long division and we'll continue to practice more exercises before the math test next week! Now if everypony will take out their notes, we can go over what we've learned so far!"

Lilynette blinked at this, but felt a hoof at her shoulder as Dinky smiled and whispered "Here, sis! Read these!" She gave the red filly some sheets of paper containing numbers organized in proper division. Lilynette went over how the numbers were placed and hummed to herself before raising her hoof.

Cheerilee noticed Lilynette's action and smiled at her "Yes, Lilynette?"

The red filly looked over at Cheerilee and spoke "Is the test next week supposed to cover just division?" She asked obnoxiously.

Cheerilee answered despite Lilynette's tone "No, actually! It will cover addition, subtraction, and multiplication as well! We'll be sure to go over those as well for your sake!" Lilynetted nodded on comprehension and looked back at the paper while Cheerilee moved to the blackboard and picked up a piece of chalk with her mouth. She began jotting down three sets of division tables, then set the chalk down and turned to her students after she finished "Alright, let's start with these examples and make sure you all have a clear grasp of-" She noticed Lilynette raising her hoof and smiled "Yes, Lilynette?"

Lilynette frowned "You said we were going to cover addition, subtraction, and multiplication! All I see is division!" The two fillies behind Lilynette and Dinky snickered at the outburst.

Cheerilee frowned "I did say that, but right now we're doing division before we can review the other subjects as well. Please be patient, Lilynette!" She then turned to the rest of the class "Now let's go over your division, class!" Cheerilee pointed to the first problem she wrote down "Now, how do we solve 2568 divided by 8?" Once more, she noticed Lilynette raise her hoof and held a thin smile "Do you know the answer, Lilynette?"

Lilynette shook her head and spoke "No! I want to know when we get to move around instead of sitting all day!" There was more laughter from the two fillies behind her while Dinky frowned.

Cheerilee frowned at this "If you're referring to recess, that won't be for another couple of hours. I can see that you're eager to play with the other students, but you need to sit down and learn new things before you can!" She then turned to see a white hoof raised and smiled "Yes, Twist?"

The white filly with a curly red mane and glasses smiled "You sthtart out by dividing the firtht two digiths by 3 and subtracting twenty-five by twenty-four!" She spoke with a lisp in her voice.

Cheerilee nodded "Very good, Twist! You and Sweetie Belle can be the most enthusiastic students in the class!" She jotted down the first part of the answer with her chalk and turned to the class "Does anypony know what to do ne-" The teacher frowned and her ears drooped as she noticed the same red hoof from before lifted up "Yes, Lilynette?" She asked in a slightly strained tone.

Lilynette rose from her seat and answered innocently "I have to go to the bathroom! Where is it at?"

Cheerilee sighed as she turned to the door "Out the door to the left, and down the hall. You'll find two doors on the right. Be sure to take the hall pass with you!" She pointed a hoof to a small wooden stick.

Lilynette smiled and trotted away, grabbing the stick with her teeth as she went out the door. As Dinky watched her leave, she noticed that the red filly looked angry, causing her to frown. She then raised her hoof for her teacher to see "Ms. Cheerilee! I have to go to the bathroom, too! Can I go, please?" She looked at Cheerilee with pleading eyes that held a hidden meaning.

Cheerilee noticed the look in her eyes and smiled compassionately at Dinky "Of course you can, Dinky. Try not to be too long, okay?"

Dinky smiled and nodded "I won't!" She said as she trotted away.

Scootaloo watched her leave and turned to her friends "Hey, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle. You think Lilynette might be a bit slow upstairs?" She whispered.

Sweetie Belle frowned "I don't think so, but she is pretty obnoxious most of the time..."

Applebloom smirked at Scootaloo "Remind ya of somepony, Scoots?" She whispered in a teasing tone.

Scootaloo flinched and glared "H-Hey! That's beside the point! Maybe we can know more about her if we talk to Dinky at recess!"

Cheerilee frowned "Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo! Please don't talk during the lecture! Now can somepony tell me what needs to be done next?"

Lilynette trotted down the halls and scowled as she thought to herself 'This place sucks! It's totally different from Hueco Mundo and the only one I actually find tolerable other than Starrk is my new sister! I wish Starrk were here right now...' She turned to her right and noticed two wooden doors; one that said 'Colts' and another that said 'Fillies'. Shifting her gaze between the two, she decided to go through the latter door when she remembered being called a 'silly filly' by Derpy this morning.

Inside of the bathroom, Lilynette looked at the stalls available and chose the first one, closing the door behind her. She had trouble sitting herself on the toilet as she grumbled 'This was a whole lot easier when I WASN'T a pony...I still don't know how me and Starrk even got here...' She thought to herself as she finally found a comfortable position. Afterwards, she released herself with a satisfied sigh as she sat down. When she finished, she went to get up from her sitting position.


Lilynette perked up and looked around despite being surrounded by four walls "Dinky?" She replied after recognizing the voice.

Outside of the stall, Dinky smiled when she heard her new sister speak "Yep, that's me!" She then frowned at the first stall "Are you okay in there?"

From inside, Lilynette puffed her cheeks in anger "No, I'm not! I already hate everyone there! I'm beginning to think that Cheerilee is lying to me when she said I was in good hooves!"

Dinky felt saddened after Lilynette's rant "But Ms. Cheerilee never lies! And you've only been in school for ten minutes! I'm sure it'll all be different once we go outside for recess!" She said with a comforting smile.

Lilynette scoffed "And how do I know that they all won't start laughing again or insult me!? If anything, I'll kill them all, starting with those two stupid boys!"

Dinky held an embarrassed smile "You really don't have to kill them or anypony else. Snips and Snails always act like that around most ponies. They're not all that smart sometimes..." She then took a step forward "And you can forget about everypony laughing at you. I was laughed at when I was a new student at school, and they accepted me later on! I even made some friends!"

Lilynette frowned "But you've been here longer than me! I don't even know what a cutie mark is!"

Dinky frowned "That doesn't mean I won't help you with school and knowing what a cutie mark is! That's what sisters do!" She smiled "Come on out and let's go back to class!"

Lilynette huffed "What if I don't want to?" She spoke in a bitter tone with an expression to match.

Dinky opened the stall so the two unicorn fillies looked at each other "But I want to be in class with my sister." Lilynette stared at Dinky "Sparkler's not there, and you're the same age as me!"

Lilynette growled "Arrancar don't age!"

Dinky blinked "Huh?"

Lilynette stared 'Oh, right...They don't know...' She then sighed as she flushed the toiled and held a light glare at Dinky "Fine, I'll go back, but only because you're my new sister! I don't care about everyone else!"

Dinky smiled and nuzzled Lilynette lightly "Thanks, sis! Let's go now! We don't wanna keep Ms. Cheerilee waiting!" After Lilynette washed her hooves, the two unicorn fillies made their way back to the classroom. Lilynette was still reluctant, albeit comforted by her new sister while trotting back.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

Can anyone else try and remember any other heartfelt conversations in a bathroom? I think there's a few, but I'm not certain.

Anyways, she made it this far, but how long until she snaps? Who knows? Peace! :twilightsmile: