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You really don't have to find true love. Not as long as you have good friends and family. I'm not saying be loveless. Just wait til you see the moment and take a chance. Trust me it will be worth it


My Birthday. · 9:07pm Nov 15th, 2021

So... It's my birthday today.... Yay lol!

I'm having a good time and I got some good gifts and I plan on getting a few more things.

You all have a good day today

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Thought I had already followed ya since I have a few of your stories. But now that has been fixed lol

Thanks for the follow

Hell yeah. That's the right attitude

Yea, I'm just shocked to see how many are pissed. It's funny to me when there are other stories that Sora is in it. I'm not concerned or anything. I know I did a stellar job on the first chapter. Always go out with a bang when an idea doesn't leave you.

I guess so. The fanboys were gonna be angy regardless. Just stick to your guns man. You can pull off another banger of a story

  • Viewing 322 - 331 of 331
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