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You really don't have to find true love. Not as long as you have good friends and family. I'm not saying be loveless. Just wait til you see the moment and take a chance. Trust me it will be worth it


My Birthday. · 9:07pm Nov 15th, 2021

So... It's my birthday today.... Yay lol!

I'm having a good time and I got some good gifts and I plan on getting a few more things.

You all have a good day today

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Already did pal. Did it right after ya told me it was posted.

Thanks for adding my Yugioh story to your shelves. Hope you'll enjoy it and give it a like to help the story to grow.

Thank you for adding 'The Legend of Broly' to your folder.:pinkiehappy:

One more thing I enjoy doing, I plant easter eggs and hilarious references in the story.

Thanks for the heads ups. will look forward to it

Also, there is a chapter with a link to a follow-up story that does take place. A side story within Spike the Fairy. You'll see it when you get to that said chapter. I won't say which cause that'll be spoiling it.

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