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You really don't have to find true love. Not as long as you have good friends and family. I'm not saying be loveless. Just wait til you see the moment and take a chance. Trust me it will be worth it


My Birthday. · 9:07pm Nov 15th, 2021

So... It's my birthday today.... Yay lol!

I'm having a good time and I got some good gifts and I plan on getting a few more things.

You all have a good day today

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Thanks for the follow

Thanks for adding Spike's Omnitrix into your folder.

Thanks for the compliment. Also Just had to cuz Kung Fu Panda is one of my fave movie series.

Thanks for adding Kung-Fu Equestria 3 to your Good Stories List
Also absolutely adore the profile pic

No problem. Great chapter by the way and love that it's a modern Assassin and not past lives stuff. I don't mind that at all just more glad it's the now Assassin and now back then.

Thanks for adding the Creed

That's what a Ronin does. We're drifters.

Your good. Just out of nowhere on this site.

I apologize if I'm intruding on anything

  • Viewing 309 - 318 of 318
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