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Who I Like On The Show

Favorite Ponies: AppleJack,Zecora,Octavia,Sunset Shimmer,Starlight Glimmer, andTrixieNurse Redheart

Favorite fillies and colts:Sweetie BelleandButton Mash

Favorite Princess: Luna

Favorite Villans:DiscordandThe Dazzlings


Thunder Chapter 5 · 5:15am Jan 23rd, 2019

Hey guys chapter 5 of Thunder has been fixed and the full version is now published!

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My Waifus

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[Adult story embed hidden]

Thank you for the Favorite!

Thanks a ton for the fav on my Godzilla vs Kong crossover! Hope you enjoy! :twilightsmile:

Hidyho! How are you?:)

And maybe you have other plans with other stories and that's why you paused the story and took a break, but it was a lot, it's been 4 years since you uploaded a chapter of the story and you left it at the best moment in a moment of surprise, and I miss seeing more of your stories, maybe you have your personal or family problems, I hope you come back and if you decide not to continue with the story of Equestria Girls the battle of the gods, then at least finish the Frieza saga and give it a happy ending.

Hello, I just wanted to ask you: What happened to the Equestria Girls Battle of Gods story? Are you going to continue it or cancel it? . If you no longer want to continue with the story, that's fine, I understand your decision and we cannot force you to do something against your will or harass you, only if you are going to finish this story, then at least the saga of the Frieza games ends, nothing else. since I understand that it is difficult for you to make a Xenoverse saga that is a dragon ball video game and it is complicated or to make the black Goku saga fit with Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree and make a saga of a universal tournament .

  • Viewing 225 - 229 of 229
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