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Favorite Ponies: AppleJack,Zecora,Octavia,Sunset Shimmer,Starlight Glimmer, andTrixieNurse Redheart

Favorite fillies and colts:Sweetie BelleandButton Mash

Favorite Princess: Luna

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Thunder Chapter 5 · 5:15am Jan 23rd, 2019

Hey guys chapter 5 of Thunder has been fixed and the full version is now published!

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Thanks for reading TTIGRAAP , glad you liked it!

Hey, thanks for adding "Just Go..." to your favorites, that means a lot to me.

Are you going to keep doing the eg battle of gods series I am starting to like it very much

Comment posted by BROLY MUI deleted Aug 30th, 2019

Will you continue the lone saiyan story? I really like that one!

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