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The Zebra Hybrid

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All Marcus had to do was stay with the group during the field trip. Follow the group through the museum, listen to the guide, and DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING! Too bad he isn't one for following rules and immediately grabs the handle of a mystical hammer on display. As a result he is now stranded on an unknown world with the powers of Thor, the God of Thunder.

Oh....and 'accidentally' kidnaps a pony princess. Yeah this isn't his day.

At least the hammer keeps him company....sometimes.


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The second installment of The Hybrid Multiverse. Reading previous installments is not required.

This is a displaced story
Featured 10/29/2018
Mjolnir is based off both the Marvel and Norse Mythology versions of Thor. There will be no foalcon! Flurry Heart is nineteen in this story.

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I have defeated the androids, brought peace in my timeline. Managed to stop the ones known as Babidi and Dabura from resurrecting Majin Buu with the help of Supreme Kai and Kibito Kai. I truly thought everything was finally at rest.....At peace.

Until the ponies came, it was okay at first but then the Bureaus started. Riots, and violence filled the streets, it only got worse from there when the leader of these ponies, Princess Celestia, ordered the conversion and extermination of the human race. Claimed that we were meant to be saved....purified.

It has been a few years since then and humanity is losing, either by the barrier growing larger destroying everything in its path or more humans being converted into mindless drones.

My name is Trunks Briefs and I am a human, saiyan, and humanity's last hope.


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Emerald Crescent has always been picked on in school due to his nationality of being half zebra and unicorn, but he pays no mind to it. He had a few friends but that never stopped the bullying and the abuse by the high class ponies in Canterlot. Having had enough he moves out of Canterlot and goes to Ponyville for a new life.

Will he be able to improve his life? Or will it just be a repeat of the past?


Hey guys this is my first OC story! This had been in my head for a while so I hope you all enjoy!

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Hey, my name is James and everything was going great for me. I had a nice job, great house, loving family and the bestest friends you could have, but it all changed when I went to comic-con dressed as the legendary purple dragon himself, Spyro.

There I was checking out the different booths when a man called 'The Merchant' came literally out of no where and tried to sell me a power crystal from the Spyro games. I hesitated at first, but the price was reasonable so I bought it, but right when I grabbed the crystal I started to feel dizzy and that's when everything went black.

Now here I am stuck on a strange world, not knowing if I am ever going to find a way back home. Did I mention that there are also technicolor ponies that may or may not try to kill me?

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The first installment of The Hybrid Multiverse

[Displaced Story]
(Under rewrite. Chapters will say remastered)
(Third-person and First-person Transitions)
All the characters and pictures belong to their respective owners please support the official release.

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Warning: Spoilers from DBZ Battle of Gods, Ressurection 'F', Super, Xenoverse 1&2 and The Equestria Girls Movies

Goku has failed to stop Lord Beerus from destroying Earth, but during the blast him and Vegeta are sent through a dimensional rip and are sent to the Equestria Girls universe. Now they must adapt to their new home and the people that live their as they go against their biggest challenge they have ever faced.....High school.

Will Goku and Vegeta protect their new home from anymore threats or will it end up being destroyed like their last home along with their friends and family.

Set after the events of DBZ:Battle of Gods and during Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

If a video is not working in any of the chapters let me know and I'll replace them.

I do not own MLP or DBZ

Saga 1: Battle of God's Saga

Saga 2: Man of Steel Saga

Saga 3: The Frieza Games Saga

Saga 4: Universe 6 Saga

Saga 5: Legend of the SSJ Rose Saga

Saga 6: Xenoverse Saga

Saga 7: Universe Survival Saga

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Death just fell in the well of souls to bring back his brother and spare his brother from oblivian. He is shocked to find himself in Equestia populated by beings the Kingdom of Man called ponies. While exploring this new land he discovers that humanity will not be revived until he finds all four rulers of this land and kill them to take thier crowns because together they make an incredible light that beams through all the realms cleansing them. If it does that, humanity will be reborn and the Horseman known as WAR will be spared.

As a warning there will be spoilers from the game so I highly suggest if you haven't beat or played Darksiders 1 or 2 you might want to do that to understand the story.

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