• Published 28th Oct 2018
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Thunder - The Zebra Hybrid

A human gets transported to Equestria with the powers of the Norse God of Thunder. Second installment to the Hybrid Universe.

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No Touching!!!


That's all he felt as Marcus laid back on the snowy ground, feeling the cold, sharp breeze of the blizzard on his skin. His bottom lip was busted and he could taste the iron flavor of blood inside his mouth. His body ached, protesting to attempt any kind of movement. He didn't care however as he clenched his fists and struggled to sit up. The human instantly took notice that he looked and felt like shit. A few ribs were definitely cracked, a sprained ankle, and not to mention that his armor that he was wearing was dented and scorched. He rolled on his stomach and brought himself to his knees as he looked toward the frozen wasteland that was in front of him. Marcus grit his teeth as he saw a silver object implanted in the snow in front of him.

Or more specifically a silver hammer. The same stupid hammer that got him in this predicament in the first place, if only he had listened to someone for once in his life, he would be at home eating cheese balls and getting fat on his couch. Fate, however decided to screw him over apparently and sent him to this cancerous world of technicolor ponies. It wasn't all bad though. He did meet somebody that managed to change his life forever, but now she was in danger and it was all his fault.

"Fl-Flurry..." stuttered Marcus as he face planted in the snow below him; his body started to fail due to his injuries and the cold environment starting to take affect on his body.

How did he get in this mess anyways?

Marcus groaned as the tour group he was in stopped again to marvel at another exhibit in the museum he was in. Three hours. Three DAMN HOURS of hearing the tour guide's stupid puns! Three hours of the some lady's kid crying as loud as they can be! And three hours of the couple making kissing noises at each other! He felt like he was going to snap at any second if this kept up. He should be at home right now, playing PS4, eating, shit, and then sleep. Only to repeat the same process the next day. Why was he here again?

"Yo Marcus, you paying attention?" said a voice beside him, to see his best friend and roommate Devon. He had a short black fade, reading glasses, light brown skin, a grey polo shirt, and black jeans. Which explains why he was here and not in the safety of his home. It turned out Devon had won two tickets to this very museum and who does he decide to bring? You guessed it...Marcus.

"Come on man," replied Marcus in a bored tone, "You already know the answer to that."

"Bruh why aren't you paying atttention?! Aren't you a little interested in this stuff?" Devon questioned as Marcus shrugged his shoulders.

"I guess so, I like a good history lesson. However I rather do it from the computer than waste my Saturday out of the house." answered Marcus as he let out a quick yawn.

"Come on Marcus, it ain't that bad."

"My man, the lady's baby has been crying since this tour started and I think the tour guide is coming on to me." Marcus shuddered as Devon just chuckled.

"Bruh, the tour guide is like in her sixties. I doubt she'll have time checking anyone out. Just suck it up and stop being a punk."

Marcus grumbled to himself as he continued to walk next to his friend in the tour group. He looked down at himself and noticed that he wasn't even dressed like the rest of the group, who were wearing mostly semi-formal clothes. Him however wore a simple graphic tee, Jean shorts, high-top sneakers, and a snapback. He had dark brown skin, brown eyes, and short black hair. To be quite honest, him and Devon stood out of the group like a pea in mash potatoes. So it's not like he can sneak away-

Wait...maybe he can? It's not like they were going to throw him out for not being with his scheduled tour. Devon was going to throw a fit, but he should be alright. Looking for the right moment Marcus quickly stepped away in a nearby hallway and watched his tour group shrink further in the distance. He let out a quiet cheer in victory and was about to head straight to the exit, until he noticed a sign hanging on the ceiling in the hallway he was in.

Norse Artifacts

Marcus wasn't an archaeologist or a brilliant historian, but he was always interested in Norse mythology and it's history, with Ancient Egypt being a close second.

"I guess I could spare a few minutes in here for a bit." Marcus says to himself as he makes his way down the hallway. He looked around in awe at what he was seeing; weapons and armor from Vikings, paintings of ships sailing the northern seas, and paintings of the Norse gods themselves. However what caught his eye was a lone hammer at the end of the hall. It wasn't just any hammer though, this was Mjlnoir, the hammer of the God of Thunder, Thor!

Well, it was a replica at least.

Marcus quickly made his way to the hammer and studied the details. The maul itself seemed to be a steel cube with the handle being covered in brown straps. Nordic symbols and lettering was engraved on each side of the hammer, but what really set him off was that he was...feeling something toward this hammer. Almost like...it was alive and calling out to him. Which can't be right since this was only a replica. Must be his low blood sugar making him think crazy again.

"Marcus! What the hell are you doing in here!" Devon shouted from behind, making Marcus almost jump out of his skin.

"Jesus, Devon!" exclaimed Marcus, "Almost gave me a heart attack! How did you even know where I was?"

"I followed you dipshit. I figured you would ditch the group the moment you had the chance. So being the good friend that I am I wanted to make sure you were alright."


"The tour guide tried to hit on you too did she?" said Marcus with a deadpan expression.

"Oh hell yeah she did. To be honest, she didn't look that bad for someone in their sixties. If I wasn't already taken-"

"Bruh! Too much info! I do not want to hear your fetish for older women." Marcus almost gagged at the random images that was now put in his head.

"It's not a fetish! It's just a preference!"

"My man, I've seen your porn history. It's a fetish."

Devon gave a light blush before punching Marcus in the shoulder, "Shut up dude! And how did you get in my laptop in the first place?"

"I have my ways," said Marcus with a prideful smirk, "anyways take a picture of me with this hammer."

"Thor's hammer? Why am I not even surprised dude just hold on a second, just let me get my- what are you doing!?"

Marcus looked to the his friend with a confused expression as he held the hammer, Mjolnir, in his hands. "What? It's just a prop?"

"Marcus put it down! Do you know that's an actual relic?"

Marcus only rolled his eyes, "Devon, do you expect me to believe that this is the actual Mjolnir, that could level mountains?"

"No! That would be ridiculous! I'm saying that the hammer could be over hundreds of years old!"

"Dude it'll be fine, just take a quick picture and we'll be out of here."

As Devon went in his bag to take out his camera, Marcus felt....weird while holding the hammer. It wasn't like a bad weird but more natural like he had held this hammer before, which was weird considering this is the first time he's holding it. He could've sworn he heard a light 'humm' when he picked it up. Now that he thought about it, why was it sitting out in the open anyways? Wouldn't something as valuable as this have more security?

He turned the hammer over in his hands feeling the weight of it, which wasn't light but at the same time wasn't heavy. He scoffed to himself, there was no way that this hammer could be the real deal. The stories about Thor and Mjolnir is just a bunch of mumbo jumbo; not to mention that the hammer looks way to clean and polished to be over hundreds of years old. Yeah, it was probably some prop made by some blacksmith or something.

"Marcus, you ready or what?" asked Devon snapping Marcus form his thoughts.

"Oh yeah, when ever you're ready." answered Marcus as Devon nodded before pointing the camera at his friend. However none of them noticed the light blue glow emitting from the hammer as the camera flash engulfed the room. Devon put the camera down and looked at the picture and groaned when the image was nothing but all white.

"Hey man, gonna have to take another one. I think the flash was to bright." said Devon as he looked up only to find his friend gone along with the hammer. In the spot of where he stood was a black scorch mark with fresh black smoke radiating form the spot. Devon's eyes widened as he looked around the room desperately trying to find his friend.


"Flurry! It's time to wake up! You don't want to be late don't you?"

The mare known as Flurry groaned in her bed as she placed a pillow over her head. The knocking then started to become more louder as the same voice called out to her again.

"Alright I'm up!" exclaimed Flurry as she threw the pillows and covers off of her, and across the room revealing the young pink alicorn. Flurry Heart had a pink coat, with wings and a horn, and a purple and pink mane and tail with a blue streak. She slowly stretched stretched her limbs and let out a long yawn before smacking her lips.

"Don't give me that tone young lady! Me and your father will be waiting in the dining room for breakfast. You don't want to be late on your special day" said the voice again before the sound of hooves could be heard leaving the door.

Flurry Heart, daughter of Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor, and soon to be ruler of the Crystal Empire slowly made her way to her bathroom. She hated having to wake up this early, especially since today is her birthday. She should be sleeping in or at least going somewhere fun.

Knowing her parents however, there was probably going to be another gathering at the palace with mostly high class stallions trying to hit on her. Then her dad will get involved, then the yelling, then fighting, and then some nobles getting sent to the hospital. It's been that way almost every year, at least they planned to have the paramedics on stand by this time.

The pink princess sighed as she placed a slab of toothpaste on her toothbrush and started to brush her teeth. She loved her parents really much, but she doesn't think being a princess was...well who she is. She can't stand the meetings she has to sit through with her parents and her patience is very thin sometimes. She only wants to one day leave the Crystal Empire and live on her own accord, without the responsibilities of running a kingdom. She wants to know what's beyond Equestria and what other species are like and maybe meet her special somepony and settle down to have a nice family.

She rinsed her mouth and spat in the sink before looking in the mirror, "Might as well get this day over with," she says to herself, "I wish nothing goes too bad."

Flurry leaves the bathroom and walks out of her room and made her way down the hallway. The guards and maids she passed bowed, causing her to sheepishly wave back. That was another reason why she didn't like being a princess, she is not really fond of the praise and the attention that she was getting. It was fun and cool at first but now it seemed that most ponies think that she doesn't have a life other than being a princess.

"I wonder if Mom and Auntie Twilight feel the same way?" Flurry mumbles to herself as she opened the doors to the dining hall to be greeted by her loving friends and family. There was of course her parents, sitting next to them was a purple alicorn and a teenage dragon, which she recognized as Auntie Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship and Cousin Spike. Sitting beside them were two more alicorns, one with bright white fur with a flowing rainbow mane and tail and another with dark blue fur with a flowing starry blue mane and tail. These two were rulers of all of Equestria, Auntie Celestia and Luna, Princesses of the Sun and Moon. Oh and Mr. Sunburst was there also, who was an orange unicorn with a red and orange mane and tail.

"Looks like the birthday girl finally woke up." called out her father as she sat down at the table. Flurry smiled as she walked to her father giving him a nuzzle before doing the same for her mother. She sat down in the empty seat in between her parents and gave a light yawn.

"I kind of wish I could've slept in a bit longer." Flurry says with a tired smile, "What time is it anyway?"

The ponies at the table looked at each other before Cadance spoke up, "Sweetie, it's noon."

"O-Oh..." said Flurry as a bit of red came on her cheeks, "I-I didn't notice it was that late."

"Flurry," started her dad, "You've been sleeping in late recently and it's not fitting of somepony of your status."

"Shining is right Flurry," added Cadance, "When you become a princess-"

And here they go again. Flurry let out a mental groan as both of her parents started to lecture to her about being a proper princess once again. A princess should always wake up bright and early. A princess should always smile. A princess should be a symbol of hope. A princess should always take a shower before bed! Alright, maybe that last one wasn't too bad since she has been getting a bit of a body odor lately, but did both of her parents realize how much she despised doing all those princess duties? She would tell them how she felt but the problem was however is that she doesn't want to let them down and hurt their feelings. All they are trying to do is help her and want her to be happy.

So she deals with all the princess things they assign her to do. It was all for them, but if there was just a single chance of her leaving the palace. No. The Crystal Empire entirely, and go explore the world like she wanted, even if for a little while then she would be grateful.

"Flurry," said Cadance gaining her attention, "Did you hear anything I said?"

"Y-Yeah!" lied Flurry, "You said-"


Flurry was cut off as the sudden shock wave shook the entire room, surprising the occupants. Flurry nearly fell out of her seat but she was quickly caught by her dad. The sound of screams form the crystal ponies could be heard from outside, as a few crystal guards burst through the doors making sure everyone was alright.

"What in Equestria's name was that?!" asked Luna as she was on full guard.

"I don't know, but we need to find out quickly and tend to anypony who needs support." replied Celestia as the same guards that entered the room saluted to Prince Shining Armor.

"Guards, what just happened?" asked Shining with a stern expression as Cadance was looking over Flurry, who had a annoyed expression due to her mothers overreacting.

"Two foreign objects crashed landed in the court yard of the palace my prince." said the guard, "We are unsure how both of them got past the shield, but we have a squad going there to access the situation as we speak."

"Good job," responded Shining Armor, "Tell the rest of the guard to focus on the panic while we go see what made this ruckus."

The crystal guards nodded before galloping out of the room, Flurry Heart couldn't contain her excitement. Finally something exciting was happening in the Empire for once! As she watched Twilight, Spike, Celestia, Luna,Sunburst and her father leave the room she was ready to follow until a magical grip grabbed her tail and forced her back.

"Where do you think you're going, Flurry." said her mother with her horn glowing a bright blue.

"Um," said Flurry with a confused expression, "I'm going to help dad and the others?"

Cadence shook her head, "No you're not. You're going to stay here until it's safe."

Flurry's jaw dropped, "What!? No way!"

"Yes, you are!" retorted Cadance, "We don't know who or what we're dealing with yet. So in the mean time you're staying here!"

Flurry rolled her eyes and groaned, "I'm not a little foal anymore Mom! Isn't this supposed to be what a princess does anyways? Protecting her subjects?"

Cadance's expression softened and sighed, "I-I guess you're right. I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you are growing up and not the same little foal I held in my grasp."

Now Flurry felt a pang of guilt in her chest, "Mom, I know you and Dad want to keep me safe but I can handle my self. Also I don't think whatever is down there can beat five alicorns, a dragon, and two powerful unicorns."

The princess of love giggled before nodding, "Alright sweetie, just promise me you'll be careful."

"Don't worry, I will."

Everything hurts.

Again he asks himself, why in God's name did he decide to go with Devon on that stupid trip! He could've opened his eyes if he wanted to but with his head still spinning and his muscles aching he couldn't. Wait a second, speaking of Devon why isn't he helping him right now? Can't he see that he is CLEARLY not fine right now! The floor that he was laying on didn't make things better either, he could've sworn the floors in the museum was a smooth marble but it feels like he was laying on a construction site. It seemed that his senses was coming back to him as he started to hear muffled voices around him. Maybe Devon really did call some help, but then why was he still laid out on the floor? It was then the voices started to become more clearer.

"What is it?"

"It looks like a minotaur. But where are it's horns?"

"It doesn't really have that much hair either."

What the heck are these people talking about?

"From what I'm seeing; this is a human, but he doesn't look like the ones through the mirror though."

"Flurry, don't get too close!"

"It's kind of ugly."

It was then Marcus' eyes shot open as he shot up, hearing the surprised gasps around him, "Who the hell you calling ugly!" he exclaimed as his vision began to focus, he was about to give these people a piece of his mind until the words caught in his throat. He was in a crater, a big crater as a matter of fact, with what looked like shards of broken crystal and rock. Well that explains why the floor felt so rough, but it was clear that he wasn't in the museum anymore. However his new surroundings wasn't the thing that surprised him, but the 'people' around him.

"I must've hit my head harder than I thought, when Devon took that picture." mumbled Marcus as standing before and around him were none other than..ponies....girly, magical ponies and dragon. Yeah, he must be dreaming and knocked out in the museum right now. Then again if he was dreaming why was he in so much pain?

Marcus glanced at the audience around him and got a good look at these ponies. Some had dark coats, silver armor, and helmets, that reminded him of the Romans. However the other seven ponies and lizard was what caught his attention the most. These didn't resemble the ponies from what he remembered. They had smaller snouts, large eyes, and what looked like softer hooves. The dragon that was with them kind of reminded him of Spyro, if he walked on two legs and had a purple and green color scheme.

He managed to stand to his feet and looked to his right to find his hat, but it was hanging on something that he thought he would never see.


As crazy as it sounded to Marcus, he had to admit that he wasn't on Earth anymore. Let alone this being a dream, and all this was because of that divine hammer. Not really paying attention to the ponies around him he walked toward the hammer and grabbed his hat that was on top of it before placing it on top of his head. He then started to have the same feeling he was having back in the museum when he first saw the hammer. He was about to reach out for it until...

"Hold it!"

One of the ponies, specifically the white unicorn, called out to him. Wait...unicorn....talking? He stopped and looked at the unicorn stallion.

"You can talk!?" exclaimed Marcus.

"Of course, I can talk. But it doesn't seem you're in the position to be asking questions." replied the stallion in an authoritative tone.

"Wha...huh..." stuttered Marcus not knowing what to say. His mind was still trying to process what the hell was going on and how he got in this situation.

"Dad, I think you're making him uncomfortable." said the smaller pink unicorn...pegasus...thing, which was now right in front of him giving him the brightest of smiles.

"Hi! My name is Flurry Heart. What's your name?"

And just like that, Marcus' eyes rolled to the back of his skull and he fell backward hitting the crystal ground.

Author's Note:

AND BOOM! Here goes the first chapter of THUNDER! This idea just popped in my mind one day and I just had to write it down.

I hope you guys enjoyed! I'll get the next chapter up in about a week or so!