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A New Flame - The Zebra Hybrid

A human named James is transported into Equestria with some surprising results. First installment of the Hybrid Universe[Displaced Story]

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Act 1: A New Lesson

Author's Note:

600 LIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiegasp:

Thank you so much you guys for the 600 likes! You guys are the best for supporting this story! I honestly didn't expect it to get this much popularity! Also sorry for the long wait and I hope this chapter is worth it.:twilightsmile:

Any ways enjoy that chapter!

The streets of Manehattan were exactly as I expected it to be, the sounds of business soaring through the air as ponies went about their day. The five of us walked the streets and surprisingly no one stopped and question the five mysterious figures in trench coats and hats. I still think it's amazing that these ponies are still standing.

It seems though they are still on the search for me and Malefor because every few minutes I would see royal pegasi fly through the air scanning the skies or royal unicorn and earth ponies patrolling the streets looking for anything out of the ordinary. Like I said it's amazing we weren't caught yet, I glance at Flashwing who was leading the group, as she was scanning the buildings.

Sam was beside her while Bash was on the other leaving me and Drobot in the back. "Hey Drobot." I say gaining his attention.

"Yes?" he answered back.

"Who is this 'special friend'? I noticed that you guys never mentioned her name."

"Like most of the majority of the population in Equestria she is a pony, but unlike others she is not the first to judge. She has always been there when we needed her every time we came here and she has not failed us yet."

"So there have been other times you came to Equestria?"

"Affirmative, it is our job to see what happens here and make sure it is not a threat to Thedas."

"Okay? So what's her name?"


"We're here!" cheered Flashwing cutting off Drobot. We now stood in front of a fancy, expensive looking apartment complex. Flashwing motioned us inside after making sure we weren't followed, the inside wasn't really that great as the outside though. It just looked like a regular hotel lobby. We walked up to the front counter where a fancy looking mare was looking over a list of names. The mare looked up and gave us a big grin.

"Hello, what may I help you with?" she asks.

"We're here to see 'the designer'." said Flashwing as the mare nodded in understanding.

"Oh, yes she's been waiting for you five to arrive for some time. Take the elevator to the seventh floor, room seven-two-seven."

"Thank you."

The five of us follow the mare's instructions and take the elevator to the seventh floor and got to the room, seven-two-seven. Flashwing tells us that it's safe to take of the jackets and hats and we did so. Sam then knocks on the door and after hearing hoofsteps come to the door it opens to reveal a white earth pony mare with a short blue mane and tail in a sailor type outfit.

"Flashwing! Cynder! You made it!" she exclaims pulling Flashwing and Sam into a hug.

"It's good to see you two Coco." replied Flashwing.

"Yeah, it's been too long." added Sam.

The mare looked to the other three of us and gave us a nice smile, "It's good to see you again too Bash and Drobot." the two dragons nodded as she spotted me she gasped and put a hoof to her mouth and stare at me with shock.

"Uhh, is something the matter?" I ask.

"Y-your the new dragon?" she asked hesitantly

"Yeah? I thought you guys said she was cool with us?"

"N-No it's not that, it's just that...you're the dragon from Ponyville and Canterlot. I...I just didn't expect the new dragon to be you."

"Don't worry, it's fine. That's kind of one of the reasons why we're here to clear this misunderstanding-"

"After your training of course." cut in Bash, "It would be useless if you go on dying on us while trying to clear your name."

"Well in that case, " added the white mare as she held out her hoof, "My name is Coco Pommel, I'm a fashion designer here in Manehattan, but when it comes to dragons I help them 'get around'."

I took the mare's hoof and shook it with a smile, "Nice to meet you Coco, my name's J-oof!" Sam elbows me in the side and shakes her head, "Uh..sorry..my names Spyro."

"In that case, why don't you five come in." recommended Coco as we nod in confirmation. As we walk in the first thing i notice was that the apartment looked so much like a hotel room! The bead room had two moderately sized beds where the girls will be sleeping while the living room had a pull out bed and a couch for me, Bash, and Drobot. I was about to ask why Bash and Flashwing couldn't sleep together but decided to leave it alone for it wasn't my place.

I could tell everyone was exhausted from the trip as Sam and Flashwing instantly crashed on their bed in the other room. Bash had told me I should get some rest too, even though it was in the afternoon I would need to be at full strength to start my training for tomorrow. I had noticed that Drobot already claimed the couch, which left me and Bash to share the pop out bed, which the dino-like dragon already occupied and was already asleep.

I was about to join him until I felt a tap on my shoulder and I was met with Coco with a guilty expression on her face. "Hey Coco, what's wrong?" I ask with a hint of worry.

"Can I talk to you for a second." she asks solemnly.

"Sure?" I didn't like where this was going as I followed her in the kitchen.

"I-I don't know how to say this," she starts as I feel a wave of nervousness hit me, "I know that you're friends with Princess Twilight and the other elements."

"Okay? Doesn't everyone in Equestria know that by now?"

"But that's just it, I'm pretty close to them too," I stay quiet at this, "Mostly to Rarity, since we trade letters back and forth, but I just wanted you to know that they haven't given up on you and hope that you come back soon. They couldn't keep their search due to most of the cities and towns under constant surveillance and fear of risking your safety."

"R-Really? Oh no! What about Bolt?!"

Coco giggled, "Don't worry, he's staying with Fluttershy for the time being, but he's not the same without you."

"I figured that." I say softly with my head down.

"Oh, and before I forget," I bring my head back up at this, "In Rarity's most recent letter, she said that when you come back you should work things out with Twilight, Fluttershy, and a mare named Derpy. She also said that the crusaders and Dinky think you're on some kind of vacation so they won't sneak off trying to find you."

I chuckle at this, "I guess they really do miss me huh?"

Coco nods.

"I really wish things didn't have to go this way, but....it was worth seeing Sa- I mean Cynder again."

"Oh, so are you and Cynder mates?" asks Coco.

"What? No no no...well...I don't know actually, it's just we haven't seen each other in a while and I've just been having mixed feelings about not just here but others as well."

Coco's expression seems to understand to where I was hinting at as she nods and then gives me a surprise hug she pulls away as I give her a surprised look."What was that for?" I ask.

"You needed it. You're too stressed out and blaming yourself. Isn't it good enough that the ponies you met want you back safe?" I nod, "Good, and I'm sure you, Fluttershy, Twilight, Derpy, and Sam will figure something out. I don't know if dragons herd but it's a good place to start in my book."

I give Coco a smile as she smiles back, "Thanks, I needed that."

"It's no problem, if you ever want to talk again don't be afraid to ask." she says as I follow her out the kitchen and into the living room.

"Sure thing." she nods and walks into the bedroom as I climb on the pull out bed with Bash trying to keep my distance. Judging from the multiple snores him and Drobot were already resting. As I close my eyes I whisper one thing before dripping off into dream land.

"Don't worry girls, I'm almost home."

'The Badlands'

Malefor and Trixie sat silently in the wagon as the two changelings, Fade and Shift, were tugging it to their destination. It was challenging trying to get out of Appleloosa without being suspicious, but thanks to the changelings disguises and quick thinking they were able to leave the town before the other ponies got suspicious.

The dark dragon was now sitting on a chair and was gazing out the window thinking about what Fade and Shift had told him. Him leading a whole race that was doomed to extinction? He had to admit it was a bit tempting, but he had no idea how to lead others that was expecting the best of him. His mind then went over to a specific purple dragon, his other half. No doubt James is somehow figuring out a way to find him to finish what they started in Canterlot.

He growled as he thought about those damned Princesses, it just doesn't make any sense why would they attack James when he was trying to protect them? None of this made any sense, there has to be some explanation. Wait...was he actually worried for James? No that can't be it, yeah he's a dick to almost everyone he meets, but he's not evil....is he?

"Are you alright?" suddenly asked Trixie snapping Malefor from his thoughts.

"Fine." growled Malefor as he kept his gaze out the window watching the wasteland before him.

"Trixie does not believe you. She knows that look."

Malefor turned his head and gazed at the blue unicorn, "If it makes you leave me alone, I'm just having second thoughts about this 'leading a whole civilization' thing."

"What makes you say that? If it was Trixie in your place, she would be honored to be recognized."

Malefor rolled his eyes, "Well as you can see I'm not 'Trixie'."

Trixie frowned at this, "Tell Trixie, why are you having second thoughts."

Malefor stayed silent and turned his head, until it clicked into the showmare's mind.

"You're afraid aren't you?"

The dark dragon stayed silent.

"Tell Trixie, why are you afraid?"

"I'm never afraid. Why would I be?" spat out Malefor.

"Trixie doesn't know, you tell her."

Malefor gazed at Trixie, why was she so nice all of a sudden? He gazed into lavender irises falling into a trance, he hadn't even noticed how beautiful they were until no-..Malefor shook his head from the thoughts, where did that come from. Malefor took a deep breath and gave in.

"It's not that I'm afraid for myself, I'm afraid for them. I have never been...important, where people depend on me. All I am is just a lost half of another being that makes mistakes everywhere he goes. People see me and the first thing they see is an ugly beast.....a monster. Maybe their right."

Malefor looked to the ground and clenched his eyes, he hadn't even noticed that a lone tear was falling down his cheek, that was until he felt something warm against him he opens his eyes to see Trixie giving him a surprise embrace. Malefor with a confused expression slowly pushed the mare away as she had a looked of disappointment on her face.

"Malefor...you are only a monster based on your actions. Trixie understands that now, she has seen another side of the changelings that she hasn't seen before. They need you Malefor."

The two stood silent, as they both looked at each other red irises gazing into lavender ones, they were snapped from their trance when the sound of a knock on the filled the wagon. They hadn't even noticed that they stopped, Malefor with one last gaze at the blue unicorn head towards the door and opened it as he was met with Fade and Shift.

"What is it? Why have we stopped?" asked Malefor.

"We made it to the hive, but we have to hurry Queen Chrysalis tends to be....impatient." stated Fade.

"Wait," stepped in Shift, "I suggest that the unicorn stays behind."

Malefor gave him a questionable look, "Why is that?"

"The other changelings might not be 'okay' with her arrival."

Malefor glanced back at Trixie, "It's okay Malefor Trixie can stay behind and look after the wagon."

"No." simply said Malefor before turning back to Shift, "She is as much of danger out here than being with us."

Trixie looked shocked at this, Malefor the dark dragon that didn't care about anything was worried about her? "But-" started Trixie only to close her mouth when Malefor sent her glare.

"Just stay close to me Trixie and you'll be fine." softly said Malefor as Trixie nodded.

Shift gave a worried glance to his sister as she nodded, "Fine," finally said Shift,"But if she does something stupid it's on you."

With that said the dragon and unicorn follow the two changelings out the wagon and was met , in front of them, a cave with lanterns lit inside and two changeling guards posted out front. What Malefor noticed was that these guards armor were some form of chitin, he had to admit if had a fight with these guards he would probably have less chances of winning than the Canterlot guard.

As the four approached one of the changelings held up it's hoof in a stopping manner. "Halt, Fade, Shift. We were told that you were only too acquire the dragon not....a unicorn." spat out the changeling as him and his companion advanced on Trixie

Before the two changelings could answer Malefor stepped in front of them, "She is with me." stated Malefor.

"No pony is to set hoof in this place, she either stays out here or put in the dungeons."

Malefor could feel the fear radiating off of Trixie as she hid behind him, "Like I said she stays with me," growled Malefor as purple flames began to spew from his mouth giving himself an intimidating look, "It wasn't a request and if one of you bugs lay a hoof on her, I'll make you beg to be extinct."

The two changelings with fear not on their faces slowly backed up, "A-alright you may proceed."

Fade and Shift motioned Trixie and Malefor to follow them in the low lit cave. The blue unicorn couldn't help but stare at the dark dragon as they walked, why was Malefor protecting her all of a sudden? Ever since they left Appleloosa he had acted different, she shook the thoughts from her head as she followed the dragon's advice fro before and stayed as close to him as possible with her coat touching his scales. She almost felt her cheeks warming up from the touch and she swore she saw him shift uncomfortably as well as they walked deeper and deeper into the changeling hive not expecting what awaits them.


I awoke slowly from a sudden shake of my body, I slowly open them to see Bash standing over me with an impatient look on his face, I look to the clock and noticed that it was four o'clock in the afternoon. I lifted my self up off of the make shift bed and noticed that Drobot was gone and judging from the silence the girls probably went out.

I let out a big yawn and looked at Bash, "Hey Bash, what's up?"

"What's up is that it's time for your training." said Bash with a snort.

"But I thought you said we were training tomorrow?"

"It is tomorrow."

I looked at him with shock eyes, "Damn! Did I really sleep that long!?"

"Yes, now hurry up and meet me on the roof."

With that said Bash turned and left out the door leaving me sitting on the bed. Was I really that tired from yesterday? And if I was why didn't no one try to wake me? I guess it doesn't matter now. I get off the bed and head to the bathroom for a quick shower, i didn't have a toothbrush so I just put some toothpaste on my finger and swished it around in my mouth.

"Now I just need to meet Bash.....wait, did he just say roof?"

Why Bash wanted to train me on the roof was beyond me, I spotted the dragon looking over the edge of the building gazing over the loud city of Manehattan. I still chuckle at the name, but it seemed that Bash heard me and turned around with an annoyed look on his face. "Why do I have the feeling I'm going to get my ass kicked...again." I whisper solemnly.

"Took you long enough." said Bash as I walked up to him, "The way your training will go I'll teach you how to actually fight at close range, then Flashwing we'll teach you how to use your abilities, Drobot will teach you the basics in flying, and finally Sam will teach you how to reach your full potential. Any questions."

I shake my head.

"Good now step forward with your right fore arm." he demanded as I do so like an idiot as Bash takes me by surprise and flings me over his head and smashes me in the ground. I groan in pain I I slowly get o my feet glaring at the now smirking elemental.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR!" I scream rubbing my now sore back.

Bash laughed, "Take this as your first lesson with me. Never take your eyes of your opponent. Plus it's time I toughen your scales up. Now come at me with all you got and remember no abilities."

"Fine if that's how your bitch-ass wants to play!" I charge and lean my head down ready to ram into the earth elemental, only for him to side step out the way and tip me up making me land flat on my face. I growl in anger and use my wings to my advantage and shoot my self towards him I throw a punch which he simply dodges. I turn and try to smack him with my tail only for him to grab it with his mouth and squeeze causing me to yelp in pain as he spun me around and sent me flying through the air.

I catch myself in mid-air as I look to my now bleeding tail, I wince as it now starts to sting but ignore it I shoot off again toward Bash who just stands there waiting for my attack. At the last second I fly around to his back hoping to catch him off guard but was met with a fist to the snout. I was now sent skidding across the roof of the building and stopped right at the edge. It's a miracle that the royal guard hasn't spotted....wait a minute.

"Why are we up here!" I scream out to Bash.

"What do you mean?" he answers back.

"The royal pegasi are patrolling the skies tight now! So why in the hell are we on the roof!"

"Calm down, the pegasi are not a problem. They don't patrol the skies this time of day."

"What? That's stupid! You're just fucking with me."

"Trust me, I thought the same thing."

Before I could answer again I felt the air escape my lungs as I rock the size of a basket ball collided with my gut. I hunched over and sent a glare at Bash. I land face first on the ground as Bash is laughing at my pain. "Fucking bitch! I though you said no powers!" I yell slowly getting to my feet.

"I said for you not to use any powers, not me." scoffed Bash.

"Oh, fu-" I didn't finish my statement as a pillar of rock shot up from under me, bu thanks to my instincts and adrenaline coursing through my vines at the moment I was able to move out the way at the last possible second. I watched as Bash kept stomping on the ground making pillars rise up at my location as I kept on dodging and weaving.

"You can't keep this up forever!" I heard Bash yell.

He was right I can't keep doing this forever and judging by the damage I already took and me almost out breath I was done for. That was until I gave a glance at the pillars of earth on the roof and gave a sly smirk. At one last attempt I avoid another pillar and jump in front of Bash, he stomps the ground again confirming my suspicions summoning another pillar, to his surprise I ride the pillar up and use the momentum in my limbs and wings to shoot my self toward the earth elemental.

My head collided with his side as he was sent tumbling across the roof and skidded to a stop, I land softly breathing heavily and mostly bruised, I noticed that most of my scales had fallen off and blood took it's place. I watched as Bash stood up with barely a scratch on him, he gave me a smile and nod as he got in an offensive stance as I got in a defensive one.

I charge first with a determination to win, if I am able to get one hit in I can do it again.

I moaned in pain as I was laying on top of Bash's back who gave a light chuckle as we headed back down to Coco Pommel's apartment. I was covered in bruises and had minor bleeding, while the earth elemental just had a scratch on his cheek. "You did good today," said Bash, "I have to admit I didn't expect me to come back like this."

"W-well serves you right asshole," I spat out, "Hey aren't the ponies going to ya' know freak if they see us like this?"

"Oh, don't worry. The ponies in this apartment complex are cool with us, but after Coco moved in they stopped new arrivals because we were afraid that it would blow our cover here."

"How many times have you guys been here?"

"A couple, usually come here for observation, but it's rare to actually get some action."

We stop in front of the door as Bash knocked as we were met with Drobot who had a blank look on his face once he saw us. Which reminds me does he ever take that armor off? And if so when because so far he has always been wearing it even when he goes to sleep. I put the thoughts behind me as I give the elemental a wave.

"What happened to James?" he asked.

"Hehe, boy tool more than he could chew." replied Bash.

"You do realize that Sam will be worried about his condition."

"Bah! Don't worry about it and besides once he heals up tomorrow he'll have stronger scales, which will make him stronger as well."

Drobot looked from me to Bash with a annoyed expression, "Affirmative." was all Drobot said before letting us inside. The girls who were having a conversation in the kitchen and gasped at my beaten body. Sam and Coco helped me off of Bash's back as the earth elemental was dragged by the horns by Flashwing to the other room for a 'talk'. And from the look on her face he was not going to enjoy it.

"You got beat up pretty bad did you." said Sam as she and Coco placed me on the couch.

"Eh, not the first time." I say with a smile.

"Just be more careful next time though, we just saved you and I don't want your ass almost dying on me again."

"Fine, fine." I wave a claw at her as I look in to her green eyes. She let's out a cute giggle and kisses me on the head, Coco smiles at us and walks off into the other room with Sam probably going to see what Flashwing is doing to Bash. I turn slowly to see Drobot sitting in the chair gazing out the window of the apartment.

"Hey Drobot." I call out.

"Yes?" he answered back.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Go on."

"Do you believe in second chances?"

Drobot gives me a confused look, "Why would you ask that?"

I lean my head back on the pillow, "It's nothing just wanted your opinion."

He gives me a blank stare before answering, "I believe that second chances are earned, not given."

"Oh, that's good to know, well I'm going to get some rest."

"Agreed, I should shut down as well."

I curled up on the couch and closed my eyes as I thought of the question I just asked Drobot. He was the smartest and most logical one of the group so I wanted a straight answer. Because my mind was on a certain blue princess, and if what Twilight said was true about Luna then I'll be seeing her tonight.

"If she even comes for that matter." I whisper to myself as I let sleep take over me.

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