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A New Flame - The Zebra Hybrid

A human named James is transported into Equestria with some surprising results. First installment of the Hybrid Universe[Displaced Story]

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Act 1 Finale: A New Reunion Final Part


I stay in a defensive stance as I glare at my darker self in front of me, the blue unicorn had been smart and had stepped off to the side, not wanting to get in the middle of what might happen. Malefor kept his glance on me as well, but it wasn't the same one back in Canterlot...no...he seemed almost calm. Something wasn't right, the blue unicorn was my first guess, why was she with him? Is she mind controlled? No Malefor can't do that..can he?

"What do you want?" I snarl as he gave me a stern gaze.

"Look, I'm going to keep this straight. I know that we aren't 'so fond' of each other at the moment, but we need to hurry back to the train station and fast." he said as I lifted a brow.

"And why's that?"

"Because if we stay here wasting time with the guards, Princess Luna would have already beaten us there."

My eyes widened, but how did she know where we were? It was then it hit me like a train, Twilight had told me that Luna gains a pony's location before she jumps from dream to dream. Which meant she knew I was in Manehattan for who knows how long, hell she probably knew I was in Thedas.

"H-How do you know this?" I question.

"We heard it from a group of guards when we arrived." said the blue unicorn mare.

"And who are you? I would expect Malefor was a lone wolf."

"I am known as Trixie, and she and Malefor have been traveling together."


I heard Malefor give out a silent sure, "Don't mind that, what's important now is that we get to the train station."

Should I really trust him? He did almost kill me in Canterlot, but he did also save me from the guards. None of this makes any sense, and it makes me want to pull out my hair if I still had some. But I can't take the chance of Luna making it to the train station and finding the others, she's probably expecting me to be there as well.

And I won't be there....shit....if I'm not there she'll probably use the others as leverage and try to lure me out. Not to mention Applejack and Rarity are with them as well.

"Fine," I say, "lead the way."

Malefor nods towards Trixie and she nods back and we start to quickly make our way down the street. I still didn't feel right about Malefor but something about him was...different. This wasn't the same dark dragon that almost killed me and the princesses back in Canterlot, what happened to him after we separated?

Wait a minute, "Hey, why are you here in Manehattan anyways?" I ask still running next to Malefor.

"It turns out that I'm now a leader of a dying race called changelings. Me and Trixie were supposed to drop by and meet one here so he can give us passage to the Crystal Empire, until the guards came." he answered.

"Crystal Empire? Why do you need to go there?"

"You heading there as well?" I nod, "Well, I'm supposed to reason with the rulers and see if the changelings can migrate there so they can survive."

"And how does that help them survive?"

"Changelings feed on love, and you know that the crystal heart has tones of it."

"Oh..I see, well if I guess we were going to run back into each other sooner or later. Me and some other dragons were going to talk to the rulers as well, and see if they can help us with the whole 'being wanted' thing."

Malefor gave me an unbelieving look, "And how are you going to convince them?"

"The two rulers, are Twilight's brother and sister-in-law. Plus we have Applejack and Rarity with us to back us up just in case things don't go as planned."

Malefor nodded as we kept on running through the streets, it looked like a a scene from those sci-fi movies with the dark rainy sky and the dark empty city. I gave a soft chuckle at the thought, I had to admit I sometimes miss back home, just me and my friends and family laughing and enjoying ourselves. But at the same time I wouldn't have met any of the girls or the dragons, or being reunited with Sam.

"Stop!" yelled Trixie as Malefor and I came to a skidding stop.

"What is it?" asked Malefor.

"Don't you hear that?"

I listen carefully, "Uhhh, no?" I answer.

"Trixie, we don't have time for this!" scolded Malefor.

"No listen to Trixie! Listen!"

Me and Malefor did as she said and kept an ear out. I was surprised to hear, besides the rain, the light sound of flapping. Crap...could be some pegasus guards.

"I hear it now, those are wings." said Malefor.

"It's probably a pegasi patrol." I conclude.

"No you idiot! There is only one, and it sounds much bigger to be a pegasi."

I tilt my head in confusion,"Then who else should it be? Sam and the others should be waiting at the train station now so.....shit."

"What" asked Trixie.

Malefor growled and got in a defensive stance, "It's Princess fucking Luna," he growled, "Trixie head on down to the train station! Me and Jame will hold her off!"

"B-but Trixie can't leave you two!"

"We'll be fine!" I shout back, "Just tell Applejack and Rarity at the train station to get going and I'll catch up later!"

"B-but" stuttered Trixie.

"Trixie! I swear to god if you don't get your ass moving..!" warned Malefor as Trixie gave a hesitant nod and ran off down the street. Me and Malefor kept our defensive stances as we heard the beats of the wings grow louder and louder. It was pretty terrifying honestly, our suspicions were correct when the blue alicorn came down like a bullet landing on the now cracked concrete street.

"It seems we meet again dragons." she spat out as she charged her horn.

"Malefor if we survive this...I want some answers." I say as my body started to tense and adrenaline start to rise.

"Funny," he chuckled, "I was about to say the same about you."

Manehattan Train Station

"James should've been here by now." said a worried Applejack.

"Don't worry darling, I'm sure James can take care of himself...I hope." replied Rarity in an unsure tone.

The group was currently on the train that they had 'borrowed' from the conductor. Drobot and Cinder were flying above watching for any incoming guards or if the purple dragon showed. Bash was currently watching over the injured Flashwing as the two elements, Applejack and Rarity, waited with him in the cart.

"Tell me why." suddenly said Bash gaining the two ponies attention.

"Excuse me?" questioned Applejack.

"Tell me why you support James so much? This is all happening because of him, so why are you still here?"

Rarity gave the dino like dragon a sad look as she watched him pet the scales of the sleeping dragoness, "That's what friends do darling, no matter how many times they may make a mistake, you always be there to get them through it."

"Even if it means your own lives?"

Rarity paused not knowing what to say, which allowed Applejack to step in, "Hey, ah' know that yer' angry, and ah' know the feelin' trust me. But just have faith in James, 'cause that anger is just goin' to eat you up, and that's the truth."

Bash gave a look at the earth pony and unicorn and glanced back at Flashwing who stirred in her sleep. He let out a sigh and nodded before breaking eye contact and returning to his mate's side. At that moment Sam came running in the cart Bash immediately shot up from his spot as Rarity and Applejack did the same.

"What's wrong?" asked Bash.

"It seems we have a visitor." replied Sam.

"Visitor? Just what in the blazes does that mean!"

"It means that you should watch your tongue when Trixie enters!" replied Trixie as she walked in the cart beside Sam. Applejack's and Rarity's eyes widened at the show-mare's sudden arrival.

"Trixie!" exclaimed Rarity.

"What in tarnation are ya' doin' here!?"

"Is she a friend of yours?" asked Sam with a confused expression.

"More like..acquaintances."

"Fine, but that doesn't matter," Sam turned to Trixie, "You said you had information about James, what is it?"

This really caught the two mare's attention and Bash's as well. The earth elemental had to admit he was some what worried about the purple dragon's health. He had progressed fast with their training while here so a few pony guards shouldn't be a problem for him, but the way the unicorn named Trixie looked says otherwise.

"We need to get this train moving to the Crystal Empire as soon as possible. The one called James, and Malefor are holding off Princess Luna as we speak."

"Wait, Malefor and Princess Luna is here!" exclaimed Bash.

"There is no need to worry Trixie is sure that the two of them can handle Luna well."

"Malefor and James are working together!" added Sam.

"Yes, they have put aside their difference for once so they can help us escape."

"But we can't jut leave him!" cried Rarity.

"Trixie doesn't like as much as you do but James has stated its the only way for you to talk to the rulers of the Crystal Empire and fix this and he'll catch up whenever he can."

The group was silent for a few moments, Sam noticed the sad faces of Applejack and Rarity. She didn't know how much of the ponies he met cared for him. It made her kind of jealous that she wasn't the first one to find him, but at the same time she was going to have to thank the one called Fluttershy for saving his life. Also the other ponies the purple dragon had told her about.

Applejack was confused at the situation to say the least, she and the other girls had been informed of the situation back in Canterlot. SO it didn't make any sense how Malefor was working with the dragon that tried to kill him. And why was Princess Luna so opposed to dragons? She was okay with Spike just fine.

Rarity however was terrified for the purple drake, she had just gained a new 'brother' and now he might be taken away from her due to a stupid misunderstanding. She was trying her best not to run out the train station and try to help James but.....she knew that the only way to undo this was to go to the Crystal Empire.

The silence was broken when the sounds of spells and and blaster fire can be heard out side. Drobot came rushing in, "The guards have found out location. Has James arrived yet?" asked the tech-like dragon.

"We're leaveing without him." said Bash as he stood and quickly began to start the engine.

"Now hold on a minute!", stepped in Sam, "We haven't even agreed to this."

"We don't need to! If we stay here we're as good as dead, plus Flash needs medical help." snapped Bash, "Unicorn, you know any healing spells?"

Rarity hesitantly nodded, "I-I see what I can do, but I can't make any promises."

"That's good enough for me, Earth Pony get this train moving!"

"Ya' ain't gotta tell me twice." replied Applejack as she went to the conductor station, "Ya' best hold on! Because we're goin' for a ride!"

As she said this the train made a loud whistle echoing through the station and began to move before picking up speed. Bash looked to the window beside him and saw that they were now being chased by chariots. and pegasi. He growled in annoyance knowing it wasn't going to be this easy.

"Sam! Drobot! Get on top and take care of those chariots! I'll go through the carts and make sure they don't come from the sides." ordered Bash as the two elementals nodded and flew out the door of the cart. Bash took one look at Flashwing who started to sweat and noticed as the one known as Rarity trying her best to keep the wound at bay.

"This is going to be a helluva fight." commented Bash he he started to run through the carts."


James was thrown to the ground once again, causing the air to be knocked from his lungs. The lunar princess charged again but was knocked to the side by Malefor panting heavily. James slow got to his feet and sent a barrage of fire balls towards Luna, with Malefor doing the same, the balls of flame impacted the princess in a mixture of purple and orange causing smoke and debris to fill the streets.

Malefor and James' eyes both widened when they saw the lunar princess walk out of the smoke without even a scratch o her. How did she get this powerful? She wasn't this strong back at Canterlot when she AND Celestia faced off against Malefor.

"We're getting our asses kicked." panted James.

"I..I can see that. replied Malefor.

"You dragons are pathetic," spat out Luna, "Always relying attacking head on instead of strategy."

"I have a strategy bitch," growled Malefor, "attack!"

Malefor spread his wings as purple flames enveloped his horns and James doing the same with his orange flames around his horns. The both of them ran towards Luna horns first ready to bash the princess with their magical charge attack. Luna however flew up in the air dodging both of the dragons as they collided into a nearby carriage.

The lunar princess then fired a blue magical blast into Malefor's side shooting him across the ground in pain. She then charged James and rammed him through several buildings, not caring who was inside, and use her telekinetic grip to toss him in the concrete below creating a cloud of stone and dust.

Luna watched as the dust cleared and gritted her teeth when she saw the purple dragon with a flaming shield around him, the young dragon had definitely improved since Canterlot but that wasn't going to stop her from wiping him from existence. James spread his wings and flew up towards Luna as she did the same, he caught her off guard by engulfing him self in flames and teleporting behind the princess and and striking her backside sending her into a building.

He kept his guard out when Luna shot out the building and collided with his chest, James used his bubble breath to send a barrage of bubbles into the princess' face stunning her and loosening her hold on the dragon. James gained his distance in the air and watched as Luna now glared at him.

"Princess Luna!" exclaimed James, "We don't have to keep doing this."

Luna scoffed, "And what does that mean dragon."

"I have a name you know! You can't let the mistake of another from long ago cloud your judgement."

"It hasn't clouded my judgement! It's just opened my eyes to see that you dragons are all the same!"

"Even Spike?"

"Spike is different! He was raised under pony society hence him being pony based."

"Come on Luna! We both know that's not true! Stop this and nobody else has to get hurt!"

"The only thing that is going to get hurt is you and your counter-part dragon!"

James smirked, "I warned you."

Before Luna could retaliate she was knocked in her blind side by Malefor launching her to the ground below. Malefor shook his head from the impact and rubbed it in pain.

"Damn! What is she made of!" groaned Malefor.

"What the hell took you so long!" exclaimed James.

"Your Welcome for saving your life ass."

"Dragons. Always fighting among-st themselves and not focusing on the task in front of them." said the voice of Luna, Malefor then dodged an incoming carriage flying towards him as James did the same. At this rate the two dragons couldn't get close to get a strike or have enough time to shoo a blast of fire. Malefor figuring he had enough of dodging manged to take a risk and launching a mini black hole from his maw sucking up the projectiles before disappearing.

Malefor then converted into a show like form before charging Luna, who sent a magical blast at the shadow but only for it to sail right through it. The shadow of Malefor collided into the princess fazing through her and knocking her down. Malefor reformed behind her and sent a blast of purple flame at her. Luna quickly threw up a shield and fire d a powerful blast Malefor but a wall of earth formed in between them blocking the attack.

Luna looked behind her to see James and his claws in the concrete his eyes glowed a little as he summoned pillars of earth around the blue alicorn trapping her in a dome of earth. Malefor then flew high in the air, ignoring the pain in his wings and came up high over the city, the dark dragon then twisted his body and came downward like a purple comet and collided with the dome of earth in a purple explosion shaking the ground.

James used his forearm to shield his face from the dust and debris that bounced off his purple scales. His purple irises scanning the smoke for any movement, but found none.

"Malefor you alive in there!," James called out, "Wait, I'm alive so of course he is."

Before James could go see if his ally was alright, something big collided into the dragon knocking him on his back. James groaned and looked to see what had hit him and saw the unconscious body of Malefor lying on his side, cuts and bruises on his body. James slowly crawled toward the unconscious dragon but was caught in a blue grip and was lifted in the air.

He struggled in the grip but could only watch helplessly as Luna emerged from the smoke her horn glowing, and with hardly a scratch on her, not counting the few bruises and frazzled mane and tail. James cried in pain as the blue aura around him began to scream causing his wounds to open up and blood to paint his scales.

"You have made a grave mistake dragon," said Luna darkly as her eyes began to glow white, "You have tricked the elements into believing you and your kind ways, even manipulating four poor fillies. You have threatened me and my sister and caused serious damage to Canterlot and this peaceful city and for that you are sentenced to death."

"Y-you c-crazy b-bitch, " spat out James, "W-Why cant y-y-you s-see th-that I'm on your s-side."

"Because you are not! And that goes for every other dragon I find! Even that Sam character, I'll make sure gets some special treatment."

James narrowed his eyes at that as something in him snapped, it felt just like that night back on earth. Him and Sam leaving the movies, the guy with the gun, him being helpless and reckless to stop the gunfire, to him crying in the hospital. He was NOT going to lose her again, not if he had anything to say about it!

James let out a primal roar knocking the princess of the moon off her hooves and breaking her hold on James, "I WON"T LET YOU!" screamed James as a fire like aura began to surround him. His horns started to glow and extend as did his height, soon his whole body was engulfed in a fiery ember.

Luna shield her eyes from the brightness of the flame, and the intense heat coming from the dragon. Once the temperature started to drop and the flames diminished and and the light dimmed, Luna's eyes widened eyes widened. She didn't see the same purple dragon from before, but a slightly taller drake with purple scales, with sharper wings and spines going across his back and tail, crimson eyes, and giant horns that curved to the back of his head and spoke in a low menacing voice that made chills run over her body.

"You won't lay a single fucking hoof, on the ones I care for!"

Train; Outside of Manehattan

Bash knocked another guard off the train with his clubbed tail watching the pony tumble across the ground. He was very lucky that Sam and Drobot were taking care of the guards on the roof while he handled them who tried to board the run away train on the sides. He stumbled as the train shook a little and growled when he saw more guards racing beside the train on chariots.

A chariot got close and deployed a squad of guards through one of the openings, Bash got in a defensive stance as the guards charged. Bash couldn't use any of his elemental magic because it might damage the train, so he would have to rely on his brute strength and durability. He grabbed a guard by the throat and slammed him on the ground. A nearby sword bounced off his tough scales causing Bash to throw the guard in his claw at the other knocking them both out the window.

Another guard lunged at him with a spear, but the dino dragon caught it in his strong jaws snapping it instantly before spinning and smashing his clubbed tail in the face of the guard knocking him on his back and unconscious. Bash walked up to the unconscious guard and picked him up by the breast plate and threw him out another window.

Before he could praise himself he was blasted back by a beam of magic, Bash grunted as he stood up and saw an unicorn guard wearing bright blue armor with a smug grin on his face.

"Come dragon! Let's see you handle a unicorn like me!" the unicorn guard said proudly.

"You won't be saying that after I crush you!" retorted Bash as he charged the unicorn who simply clicked his tongue and throwing up a shield and bouncing back Bash. The elemental was dazed for a few seconds before shaking his head and started to pound on the shield summoned by the guard but to no avail. He tried punching, ramming, and even a few swipes from his mighty clubbed tail but he couldn't even crack the dome of magic.

"Please," scoffed the unicorn as he sent out a small burst of magic knocking Bash away again, "My magic almost rivals the captain of the royal guard herself. So what do you thing you have a chance? You wouldn't want to end up like that white dragon do you."

Bash grit his teeth and let out a primal growl, how dare he mock Flashwing. The horns and spikes on the earth elemental started to glow as he tucked under himself and started to spin at incredible speeds. The unicorn saw this and instantly put more power in his shield, while Bash, now in the shape of a ball, shot towards down the aisle of the train and collided with the shield once more shattering it instantly causing the unicorn's nose start to bleed and head throbbing in pain.

Bash then bit into the neck of the unicorn as blood began to fill his mouth and his ears picking up the screaming from the magic user. Bash growled and with a sickening snap broke the unicorns neck and tossed him aside. He panted and knelt down, the last attack had taken a lot out of him, he watched as the rain continued to pelt the window he didn't see any more chariots by the train anymore but judging from the thuds coming from above him Sam and Drobot still had a ways to go.

He gave one last look at the body of the unicorn before spitting and returning back to the front and check on Flashwing.

Sam fired another blast of purple electricity from her mouth shocking a group of pegasi as Drobot shot beams of energy from his wings and eyes engulfing the flying chariots in fire and smoke making them crash into the ground. The mechanical elemental then spread his winds launching two saw like discs towards the last two flying chariots splitting both of them in to.

The discs returned back to his wings and he nodded toward Sam as she did back. "All threats have been neutralized." he said

"Good then lest head back down with the others." said Sam, but was stopped as Drobot put a claw on her shoulder.

"James will be fine, there is no need to worry."

"I..." started Sam before gaining a sorrowful but understanding look, "Alright."

Drobot gave a slight smile before returning back in the cart below, followed shortly by Sam.

"Please come back."


"W-What is this sorcery!" demanded Luna.

James sent her a cold glare, "I tried to reason with you, bur you won't listen. You've gone too far now, you've hurt one of my friend s and if I don't stop you you'll hurt more!"

"I-It won't matter how much power you gain! You still won't be a match for me!"

"We'll see about that."

The alicorn and dragon then both charged and collide in a magical explosion shaking the area. Luna lunged her horn intending to stab the drake but James caught it with his claws and spun her around and sending her flying. The princess recovered in mid air, but was to slow to dodge the head butt to the gut. The air left the princesses lungs as she was then blasted with a ball of fire and sent to the ground.

Jame landed keeping his hard gaze on the princess who now had burn marks on her fur. She gritted her teeth as her eyes glowed a bright white as hurricane like winds surrounded her, the rain began to fall more fierce and thunder and lightning began to roar. She let out a mighty scream as she put everything in her horn and unleashed it in a mighty magical attack.

James just stared and ignited his massive horns and charged the beam literally head on. The princesses eyes widened when she actually say the purple dragon holding her blast against her. Luna put more of her magic in her attack hoping to end the struggle, but James slowly stepped forward holding the blast in his horns.

James then increased the fire like magic in his horns and started to push forward like a comet canceling out Luna's attack and colliding in her in a flaming explosion.

Then everything became quiet.

The rain had stopped.

And the thunder becoming silent.

The clouds parted showing the night sky and the full moon.

The nearby ponies of Manehattan had started coming out of the buildings gathering around the crater stilled filled with dust. Curious on what happened between their princess and the purple dragon. Once the smoke cleared it revealed princess Luna on her stomach with burnt marks and bruises on her body. Some her feathers on her wings had been singed preventing any flight. James stood there with a pitiful look at the beaten princess, who tried to stand back on her hooves but to fall back down.

He walked up to Luna as she sent him a hateful glare,"Do it dragon...finish me." she said closing her eyes.

James expression softened when he actually saw tears in her eyes, he looked around him and saw the ponies gazing at him with fearful expressions. He glanced back at Luna and all the anger from before had been replaced with guilt.

"C-Come on, d-do it!" sobbed Luna.

"No." simply answered James as Luna's eyes widened.


"Because I'm proving you wrong. I'm not the monster you labeled me as. And hopefully after this you can see that."

Them princess of the moon then laid her head on the ground and shut her eyes, passing out from exhaustion. James then started to here the booing from the ponies around him and throwing what they could find.

"Get out of here monster!"

"Leave our princess alone!"

"We hope you burn!"

James ignored the ponies' threats and glanced around finding Malefor still unconscious to the side, he walked over to him not caring what trash or rock hit him for it didn't even phase him. He picked up the darker version of himself and slung him over his back before turning back to the crowd, he noticed Coco standing among-st them with a sad look on her face.

James flashed her a small smile before he and Malefor was engulfed in flames and disappeared from the area. Leaving behind a scorch mark and a beaten princess.


Author's Note:

And That's the end of the first Act!:pinkiehappy:

The second second act should come here sooner than this chapter! I hope you guys been enjoying this story!

What will happen to James and Malefor now? And will Princess Luna change her ways?

Comment on what you think of the chapter down below! It always motivates me to keep on writing!

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