Equestria Girls: Battle of Gods

by The Zebra Hybrid

Saga 3: The Return of the Saiyans

The Frieza Games Saga

Crystal Prep

Twilight opened the door to Principal Cinch's office and was met with a dark room only being partially lit by a lone lamp from the ceiling. The purple skinned girl slowly walked in as she saw Dean Cadence to the side motioning her to politely pick up the pace, which she did. She walked up to the lone desk in the middle of the room and sat in the chair on the other side. The opened door creaked and was closed by a man with a physic figure, pale white skin, blue hair, and a purple sweater with a white button up shirt and tie underneath.

"Shining Armor?" questioned Twilight confused why her brother was here of all places, "Why is my brother here?"

"As an alumni," started Dean Cadence, "Principal Cinch thought he could provide some unique perspective."

"Perspective on what?"

"Why the Friendship Games, of course." said a woman with a posture voice as she turned around in her chair across from Twilight. She had light blue skin, red glasses, a mole on her left cheek, pearl ear rings, and a dark blue suit. This was Principal Cinch.

"You competed in the games did you not, Shining Armor?" asked Principal Cinch gaining the boys attention.

"Ahem," coughed Shining, "I did."

"And do you happen to recall who won?"

Shining chuckled, "Crystal Prep did. We always win."

"We always win." repeated the principal as she stood from her chair and walked around the desk, making Twilight feel even more nervous.

"Why did you ask to see me?" She hesitantly asked.

"Twilight I'll be honest," said Cinch as she eyed over a trophy case of Crystal Prep's last winnings at the Friendship Games, "It doesn't matter whether or nor Crystal Prep wins or loses. The important thing is that we are expected to win because Crystal Prep has a reputation. And it is that reputation.....MY reputation that is responsible for everything we have here. For everything you've done here, and you've done quite a lot haven't you?"

"I-I don't know, I guess?"

"Oh don't be modest," Principal Cinch sat back down in her chair, "You're the best student this school has ever seen. What I can't understand is why my best student wouldn't want to compete."

"In the Friendship Games?"

"Look Twily," stepped in Shining Armor, "I know it's not really your thing, but representing the school is kind of a big deal. Plus they could really use your help."

"It seems Canterlot High is undergoing something of a Renaissance." stated Principal Cinch, "Test scores are up. Grades, even athletics are on the rise. You see they are developing somewhat of a reputation. This. Cannot. HAPPEN."

"Principal Cinch, I can't possibly participate in the games! My work here is very-"

"Ahh, yes. Your work. Cadence could you and Shining Armor find my contact sheet for the Everton Independent Study Program?"

"Of course." answered Cadence as Shining opened the door for as she left the the room, with him following behind and shutting the door behind him.

"I understand you've applied?" said Cinch with a sinister grin, "You see, one of the advantages of having a reputation is the certain amount of influence in such things. So...let me offer you a deal. In return in contributing your agile mind to these games, I will use my reputation to guarantee your application is approved. Of course I suppose I could also have it....denied. What do you thin I should do?"

Twilight gave a nervous look, she really wanted to be accepted in the Independent Study Program, but at the same time she had no interest to compete in the Friendship Games. She looked back at Principal Cinch who was starting to grow impatient causing Twilight to give out a sigh and nod.

"Alright, I'll compete."

Crystal Prep Parking Lot

Twilight opened the front doors of Crystal Prep spotting the buses that would take her and the other students to Canterlot High. She had decided to bring the device with her, which was currently around her neck to see if she could try to capture any more of that strange energy. Spike was also inside her backpack doing his job at keeping quiet so no one would notice him. She then noticed that she didn't know which bus she was going to get on, luckily she noticed Cadence standing by one of the buses.

"Dean Cadence, do you know where I'm supposed to go." asked Twilight as Cadence seemed to be checking something on a clipboard.

"Not now Twilight," answered Cadence before walking off, "Just wait here for now."

"You could try waiting at the end of the line." said a girl behind Twilight gaining her attention. She had cream colored skin ,pink hair with blue highlights, and and magenta colored eyes.

"Excuse me? What did you say?" asked Twilight, a bit confused and hurt as to why this girl was acting so rude.

"Just as someone as smart as you should definitely go first." said the girl in a now sweet voice, but Twilight caught on to the sarcasm.

"I...I didn't meant to...I was just asking!"

"This is the right bus Twilight," suddenly said Dean Cadence, "Go ahead."

"But...I didn't mean to cut in front." tried to explain twilight but Dean Cadence was already walking to another bus.

"Well it's too late now." said the same girl as Twilight looked down a walked on the bus, but was surprised by a girl yelling in her face. She had large blue hair that looked like it had seen better days, light skin, goggles on top of her head and orange eyes.

"Are we gonna win!" she shouted.


"Wrong answer! Try again. Are we gonna win?!"

Twilight hesitantly continued to walk, "Uhm....I guess. It's just....I heard CHS is doing so well now....with their reputation...and, i mean, it's not better than ours, of course, but we can't let them do it. You know? Win. I mean. Right?" nervously explained Twilight as the other students on the bus gave her strange looks.

"You might wanna take a seat kid," said the bus driver. as Twilight walked through the bus as almost every student with a free seat was blocking her from sitting down causing her to head to the back of the bus. As she sat down next to a familiar girl with light blue skin and silver hair which made her give a light smile.

"Hi Sugarcoat." greeted Twilight.

"That was a really bad speech. You should consider not speaking in public." she answered as Twilight's expression softened once again as she unzipped her bag and started to pet Spike.

"Well Spike at least I have you with me." she said as Spike whined and motioned his head to the girl beside who was bobbing her head to the music in her headphones. The girls seemed to notice Twilight's gaze and gave a bright smile.

"Dude! You gotta hear this!" said the girl and as she took off the headphones and put over Twilight's ears. Twilight flinched at how loud the music was and could literally feel her ear drums vibrating as the bus drove out of the parking lot toward Canterlot High.

Canterlot High

Goku and Vegeta both stepped out of the statue and took in the familiar surroundings of Canterlot High, It seemed like they repaired the damage pretty well after their fight with Superman a couple months ago. Luckily the students were on break so none of them got caught in the crossfire. The two saiyans then looked down at their forms and noticed that their clothes had changed as well since the last time they were here.

Goku wore a bright orange gi with, a blue sash, wrist bands and boots. Vegeta on the other hand was in his usual saiyan armor but had a grey suit underneath instead of the usual blue.

"Why are our clothes different?" asked Goku slightly confused.

"Doesn't matter," said Vegeta, "Come on, the girls are waiting for us inside."

"Maybe we should go see Principal Celestia and Luna, to tell him we're here."

"They'll be fine, we'll run into them sooner or later." Vegeta then crossed his arms and started to head for the school.

Goku shrugged and placed his arms behind his head and followed the saiyan prince, not noticing the buses from Crystal Prep pull up in front of the school as the two walked through the front doors. They took in the nostalgic surroundings of the school and made their way over to the band room. With almost every student giving them a friendly greeting.

"Hey Goku!" said one student.

"Vegeta! How's it hangin'?" said another.

"Love the new look you two!" complimented another student.

Goku happily greeted them back as Vegeta held his same stern expression as they made their way though the hall. The two saiyans didn't expect to be this popular around the school, but after saving it a few times and being friends to a Princess of Friendship, it was understandable. Vegeta thoughts drifted back to Equestria, he had been searching for Starlight for most since she escaped, but it seemed she knew how to lower her energy so finding her was next to impossible. Hell even Whis couldn't locate her position, he soon though let it go knowing that he could be training and getting stronger rather than finding a coward.

Goku and Vegeta had finally made it to the door to hear the familiar sounds of the girls voices coming through. The two saiyans walked through the doors gaining of the attention of the seven girls in the room.

"Hey! How have you guys been doing!" called out Goku with his usual innocent grin.

"GOKU! VEGETA!" screamed out the girls as they all embraced the saiyans in a group hug for a few moments before breaking off.

"It's nice that you two finally came." said Sunset.

"And miss a tournament?! There is no way I'm missing something exciting!" replied Goku.

"Tournament? Ya' mean the Friendship Games?" asked Applejack.

"Of course," stepped in Vegeta, "Now where do we sign up for these friendship games."

The girls shifted around nervously which caught the two saiyans attention, "What?" asked Goku.

"Well..um...you can't really participate." whispered Fluttershy.

"What! Why!?" exclaimed a disappointing Goku.

"Because according to Principle Luna, we don't want to be called out for cheating." explained Rainbow Dash.

Goku pouted as he looked to the ground. He was so excited about participating but now he can't join because of his abilities? There has got to be something he could do in the games.

"This is totally not fair!" whined Goku.

"I'll have to agree with Kakarot," said Vegeta, "Us joining these games were part of the reason we came back here."

"Sorry guys." apologized Sunset, "That's what Principle Luna said, you can go talk to her or Principle Celestia to see if she changes her mind."

Goku pouted as Vegeta scowled, "Enough of this negative energy!" suddenly said Rarity, "Time to get you boys out of those clothes."

The two saiyans looked down at what they were wearing and gave the purple haired girl a confusing look. What was wrong with the clothes they were wearing now? Rarity however was already in action as she zoomed around the two teenage saiyans with a yellow tape measure getting their sizes.

"What's wrong with our clothes?" asked Goku.

"Come on Goku," started Rarity, "You and Vegeta are not going to wear these types of clothes at a school event."

"I'm sure an event is more than just fashion." replied Vegeta.

"Yeah, thank Rarity but you really don't have too. By the way you don't want to be exhausted before the games." added Goku.

"Pfft," waved off Rarity, "Don't be silly darling. Putting an effort in making clothes is what I live for! And spending time on my friends fills me with energy!"

Goku and Vegeta suddenly felt her power shoot up and covered their eyes with the rest of the girls as Rarity was encased in a bright white light. White furry ears materialized on top of her head as her purple hair grew longer in a tail like shape. The girls and Goku looked in awe at her transformation as Vegeta just looked unimpressed at the feat.

"And magic too I guess," said Sunset.

Rarity then descended back down her transformation fading and her face looking quite tired. Goku and Vegeta felt her energy drop like a rock, but something about this felt familiar but they just couldn't place it. Goku quickly moved and caught Rarity before she hit the ground as she was completely exhausted of power.

"Now that you mention it Goku," blushed Rarity as she was being held in the muscular teens arms, "I think I could use a tiny break."

"Don't say I didn't warn you!" laughed Goku as the doors to the room opened to reveal a familiar purple skinned girl, with her hair in a bun and glasses.

"Twilight!" exclaimed the girls.

"Oof!" grunted Rarity in pain as Goku suddenly dropped her. Twilight gave the group a confusing look until she was lifted off her feet by Goku in a tight embrace. The girl from Crystal Prep let out a blush as the teenage boy put her down with a warm smile on his face. Twilight couldn't place but she suddenly felt her whole body heat up when he did that. Not to mention that he was jacked and fairly hands- what was she thinking? She had to focus.

"What are you doing here Twilight? I thought you said you weren't coming? And when did you wear glasses? And why are you wearing that uniform?" said Goku.

Twilight fixed her glasses and coughed in her hand before answering something that made him and the others more confused, "My uniform? It's from Crystal Prep, I'm sorry but how does everyone at this school know who I am? Who are you people?"