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Warning: Spoilers from DBZ Battle of Gods, Ressurection 'F', Super, Xenoverse 1&2 and The Equestria Girls Movies

Goku has failed to stop Lord Beerus from destroying Earth, but during the blast him and Vegeta are sent through a dimensional rip and are sent to the Equestria Girls universe. Now they must adapt to their new home and the people that live their as they go against their biggest challenge they have ever faced.....High school.

Will Goku and Vegeta protect their new home from anymore threats or will it end up being destroyed like their last home along with their friends and family.

Set after the events of DBZ:Battle of Gods and during Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

If a video is not working in any of the chapters let me know and I'll replace them.

I do not own MLP or DBZ

Saga 1: Battle of God's Saga

Saga 2: Man of Steel Saga

Saga 3: The Frieza Games Saga

Saga 4: Universe 6 Saga

Saga 5: Legend of the SSJ Rose Saga

Saga 6: Xenoverse Saga

Saga 7: Universe Survival Saga

Chapters (34)
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EmeraldxRainbow Dash
EmeraldxPinkie Pie

why not all? :trixieshiftright:

Your story has been added to Equestrian Saiyans, the first group dedicated to DBZ crossovers! As the maker of this group, and author of my own DBZ crossover. I welcome you to DBZ writing!

Make Kami guide your pen in the story!

Goku has failed to stop Lord Bills


I love this so far. Although a part of me feels a bit put off by how you sent Goku and Vegeta to the EQG world but if it's a part of the plot then I'll overlook it.You could have at least have Goku and Vegeta, after many years in the Afterlife, fight Bills and get send over due to an accident but that's just me.

And look on the bright side, Sunset will look like a saint next to Vegeta given his past. I can't wait for when the two Saiyans meet the HuMane Five and Sunset.

Spoilers from DBZ Battle of the gods and Rainbow Rocks

Actually it is "Battle Of Gods" not "Battle Of The Gods."

hmmm... I'm curious as how is this going to develop so I'm just going to support you from the shadows...

I know that the way Twilight became a student there was similar, but this feels a bit rushed. Also, the way Vegeta just went along with it and it just rushes right to the point to where they start going to the school is a little too fast. Why not have them explore the area before becoming students? Some sort of thing that leads to that. Maybe have them explore and when they're spotted by a truant officer, Vegeta tries to start something when the officer treats him like what he appears to be and Goku urges him not to cause trouble in a new world and just go along with it.

Another thing. How did they know it was a new world? Besides the multicolored humans, EQG earth is almost identical in structure to real life earth. Frankly, a more believable reaction would be disbelief since the place that they are in looks like earth and they think that it somehow survived. However, when they see the multicolored humans, they both realize that this isn't the earth that they remember.

I'll track it just to see if you'll take my advice on having more buildup to certain events and better pacing.

5490221 I agree with you. This does seem like a interesting story

Yeah, an interesting cross-over, indeed. I can't imagine any scenario for this to keep on. So, it just adds to the misteriousness on it.

5490520 yeah it does. Well better wait for the next chapter and I guess I better get to work on my story as well:pinkiehappy:

Yeah, great idea. I'll just keep on reading a story that just come to my attention. good luck to that story of yours!:pinkiehappy:

5490643 thanks and have fun:pinkiehappy: and hey who know maybe we could work together someday:pinkiehappy:

Well, while I highly doubt it since I'm bad at writting. I do have interest on your 'someday'. :pinkiesmile:

5490731 :pinkiehappy: okay but that doesn't mean you are a bad writer you just need a little help is all.

oh dis is gonna be good tracking now. :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::moustache:

i don't even know what to do here......fave? track? i'm so confused

as for earth... the final seconds of this tells all.

Here we go guys! Get you chips, get your snacks cause the show's starting!

Technically, the first part of this is entirely copy pasted from the movie itself. Why did you do that?

Comment posted by The Zebra Hybrid deleted Jan 20th, 2015

It would be more iconic if Vegeta and Goku just went to stop the blast-vanished into it and then through the Mlp world. Because in all honesty that is exactly what happened to Bardock.

As it stands the way they ended up in the world is out of character and pushing Goku away wouldn't make any difference because as you can remember Saiyans can't breathe in space.

They also do recover quite quickly. Which is a little bad in itself. Give it more effort man! COME ON! It's already bad that the description is... underwhelming. I mean going from energy beam fights to teenage life? Slow down wtf!

All I have to say is... GIVE IT MORE TIME. Or else all the likes and favorites you are going to get are only going to be from fanboys that aren't going to tell you if this fic is wrong or anything.

5493143 In whatever badly-translated fansub you watched, perhaps. For those of us who actually know what we're talking about, it's Beerus. And his butler/teacher is Whis (as in Whiskey). Because Toriyama likes themed names.

Don't argue with me about this. I know what I'm talking about and you don't.

5493253 Now look, Beerus is the right name, but don't talk down to people like that. Kay man?

5493265 You're right on that. But the author wasn't being stuck up or anything.

For some odd reason I can't find this story in Equestrian Saiyans or Emerald Cresents profile, but I can find it on my news feed? What happened?

5493143 Have you figured out why this story is only showing up in the feed yet?

5496397 Yeah I had to resubmit it so it should be back up soon sorry for the delay.

5497086 It's still not registering under the tracking tab I just put it under.

5499967 And I can see it on my tracking stories tab!

5489822 And besides the proper English dub spelling is Birus, not Beerus.

are you making Vageta weeker or is he not trying?
because in episode 253, i kill no more, Gotenks flies around the Earth eight times. and then took a nap. and since it is further in the series vageta would be able to do it too.
also would discord be in this? because in other storys like this he is the janitor.

Well now this is intresting.

great chapter cant wait for more

You should make a better distinction between narration and a character's thoughts. It gets hard to read when you don't do that.

Just read the rest of the chapter. Things are progressing to quickly. The girls finding out that they are saiyans and them finding out about the anthro transformation thing came too quickly. We all like Goku and Vegeta's super speed, but applying that to story pacing is a bad idea.

I do need to ask, will flash sentry be in this story?

5525666 ok than just checking. :twilightsmile:

And if any one down votes this just because of that.......THERE WILL BE BLOOD!!!:scootangel::pinkiecrazy:

I agree with Keyblade Hero the story pace is going too fast. You could have stretch things out more, like having Goku or Vegeta see the Rainbooms practice and transform. Or have the girls see the two do something super human.


Hey sorry about that but I actually wanted to them to know early so it can tie up with important events later in the story.

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